Times Tables Rock Stars

As a school we have just launched TT Rock Stars to help children become more fluent in their times tables. The children love it and we are currently ranked second in the area! To log on go to to play. If you loose your log in don't worry, their class teacher can print you out another one. 

Picture 1

Mouldy Old Cornflakes...

As part of our English topic, we are studying character descriptions from The Twits. We read Mr Twit's description with his "maggoty old cheese, slimy tails of sardines and mouldy old cornflakes" all stuck in his beard. We created out own beards and presented our new vocabulary to the class. 

Sleeping Beauty

On Friday the 28th of September we had our exciting year 3 sleep over. We played games, danced, had fish and chips and watched movies with hot chocolate. The children were exhausted by the time we got to bed and extremely well behaved at bed time. Well done to all those children- you followed the boundaries so we could all have an amazing time. 

Wednesday 3rd October

Today we learnt about the importance of elections and how we can contribute to our school by voting for members of the school governors. We voted in silence to make sure it is fair, then counted the votes. We voted for one boy and one girl to be our young school governor representatives. We decided to surprise them with a round of applause as they came into the classroom that morning!

Stone Age Bone Age!

As part of our topic of the Stone Age, we are looking at rocks and soil in science. To start our topic we went out and identified different local stones, soil and rock. We found a wide variety at school, although the most common was flint. 

What a day!
We have only come back to school after the weekend to find out that something had wrecked our classroom! We looked through the clues and using co ordinates plotted and recorded where we found them. After that we dissected some poo that had been left to find out what they've eaten and we think it must be somebody who was a hunter gatherer. We also uncovered some microliths using our archaeologist tools. We think there must have been a tardis or portal that has been sending creatures back from prehistoric times, the Stone Age and the Iron Age. 
Welcome Back!
Welcome back for the new school year. A huge thank you for all the effort from the children and parents in creating this wonderful display of the children's chosen country. The year 3 team were overwhelmed by how fabulous it looked when it was all displayed. Well done!