This term our History project is to learn all about the Romans. We have looked at the spread of the Roman Empire and began to understand why the Romans were so successful. Soon we will be looking at the impact of the Romans on Britain and why they decided to settle here. We have been lucky this term as we had a special visitor in to show us a range of Roman artefacts, we also are arranging a visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace. 


Our visitor (Brooke's dad) came into to explain all about the Romans. He brought in a wide range of artefacts which the children loved. Mr Havey also played a trick on Miss King and Miss Oastler which the children found hilarious.  If you are intrigued please feel free to ask the children to explain. We then played a game of Chinese Whispers to demonstrate how History changes as it is passed down. Although, Willow class were very good at this and only dropped one word. Miss King was very impressed with their listening skills. 


We can't wait to find out more about the Romans and will update the website as we do so.