During this week Ash Class have been learning about the ways of the Ancient Egyptians.

They have made their own Death masks of King Tut, and the sarcophagus which was the tomb around the corpse which protected them for eternity.

Canopic jars of the Gods. these were made from paper mache and clay. The boys designed their own gods and what body part they would like be protected. Canopic jars were, Jars of the 4 sons of Horus, which had their own heads. The jars protected the body parts of the Pharoph, the only organ not added to jars was the heart as they believed these would keep them alive in the after life.


The boys in Ash Class this week have been set a challenge of designing and making their own Robots. 


The first part of the week, they designed their Robots in pairs, using sugar paper and chalk, labeling each special part of their Robots.  The next stage was to then, make their Robots out of recycled rubbish, which we collected from home. They worked individually on the making of their Robots and came up with the most amazing ideas, and each Robot made was unique.

Once they had finished making their Robots, other items were put out in class such as Lego and straws for them to see if they could make their amazing Robots with other items.

This term the children had been looking at 'Spring' and what happens in this season.At the end of  long term, Ash class were treated to a trip to Staunton Farm. 

We went to feed the new born animals. look at their habitats and if the young are taken care of by their parents.


The whole of Ash Class enjoyed feeding the animals, playing together in the park and final treat ice cream in the cafe.

On the 5th of March the year 5's and 6's took part in a careers day, they had an amazing opportunity to experience filling out application forms for a job of their choice. During their interviews they talked about their aspirations and how to achieve them. 


They gained feedback on how to improve and reach their goals.  Here are their application forms and a snippet of feedback give.

Careers Day.

7th March 2019

We are all really proud of being the first children, to receive the new swimming certificates for completing 25 metres of the pool, as well as retrieving items from the bottom of the pool.


22nd March 2019

After a very eventful week in Ash class, looking at Spring and what occurs during this season, they have built their own garden, where they are growing herbs and vegetables, which we hope to use within our cooking later on in the term.




It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Ash class! 

The children have been busy making Christmas decorations from salt dough. They have also made picture frames and snow globes.



Can you guess who this is dressed up in an air ambulance uniform?


7th December 2018

A huge thank you to parents who came to our Christmas decoration morning.  The children really enjoyed making our tree in Ash class look amazing.



Fence Fit

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