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What a  busy term we have had so far! 



The children worked incredibly hard up to and during sats week. We knew that the tests would be tough but as always, our children made us proud with their determination and perseverance. We are looking forward to getting the results back at the beginning of July as we know every single child worked their socks off and tried their hardest. We are so proud of them!



Straight after SATs came Bikeability week for the majority of the children in Year 6. This exciting week gave the children the opportunity to learn all about how to be safe on their bikes and how to ride their bikes on the road. The two experts who ran the Bikeability week said how hard the children worked, how well they listened and they were both impressed by the progress they all made.



We just wanted to take this opportunity to say well done to the children that were picked to sit the science SATs tests a couple of weeks ago. At first some of them felt very apprehensive and nervous about sitting yet another SATs test! But, as always, they took it in their stride and did Bidbury proud! So we wanted to say a well done to Max, Chloe, Jamie, Luke and Josh!



Bidbury had an action packed and exciting day on Euro Day this year! Many of the children played in the football tournament and showed excellent team spirit, wonderful enthusiasm and great determination. Who knew that we had so many talented footballers in the school?! The children who did not take part in the football enjoyed a fun day filled with art, crafts and research. They also took the time to make and decorate banners so they could cheer on their favourite football team in the afternoon. Thank you to Mr Land for organising such a fun day! We all loved it!



The children of Bidbury Junior School enjoyed two days of bird learning fun! The day was jam-packed with lots of different and creative activities for all children to take part in. Year 6 enjoyed researching facts about the ibis and caracara bird. They then gathered all of their exciting facts and made beautiful information posters which will be shared with the rest of the school during the bird learning assembly. Year 6 also produced stunning art work! Every child is hoping that their artistic skills will be showcased in the hall, on the bird learning display board.



Year 6 still have lots of events to look forward to!

As you probably know, they have been working exceptionally hard on the end of year production which they are performing on Wednesday 13th July at 2pm and 6pm. You can buy tickets at our school office. It really is a performance to remember and we cannot wait to share the children's hard work and acting skills with you all!

We also have our exciting London trip on Thursday 30th June! The children are lucky enough to be visiting The Natural History Museum and are then off for a trip on The London Eye. We can't work out who is more excited, the children or the teachers! The children need to wear school uniform and sensible footwear. They are allowed to bring cameras (no phones) and will need to bring two lunches as we will be back at about 6:30pm.

Monday 18th July brings two exciting events! The end of Year 6 assembly will be on in the afternoon and family members are more than welcome to join us in celebrating the end of Year 6 with the children and teachers. It is also the Year 6 party which involves LOTS AND LOTS of exciting things (including the infamous water fight!) 


Please don't hesitate to call the school if you have any questions about any school events that are coming up!


Bye for now


Mrs Heath and Miss Le Lion :)



Report by Mollie, Millie, Jack, Mason,Noah,George and Helen


In Year 6 we have been studying healthy eating and balanced diets. To help us with creating our healthy meal, we researched food groups and proportions so we knew exactly how much of each food group we needed. For example, you need 1/3 fruit and vegetables  and 1/3 carbohydrates. In this report, you will read about the preparation, eating and evaluating for the healthy meal that we cooked for our family members.


Next, we watched videos showing how to stay hygienic when preparing food and thought of different meal ideas. However, we had no time to create 41 different dishes to inhale so we decided that everyone would make a salad as the main course.


Firstly, we all decided to create a salad as there was no time to cook after a long day in London the day before. The teachers kindly offered to buy most of the food so our parents would not have to spend too much money on us.


To make sure that we did not spread germs, we watched a hygiene video on how to wash our hands correctly and thoroughly. Then we created beautiful and interesting menus and steps to success in the ICT suite. We did this so our parents knew what they were eating and so we knew how to make our meals correctly. Also, we were curious to know what our family members thought about our handmade meals so we made evaluation sheets for them to fill in and answer our questions. 


On the day, we recapped the hygiene rules while the teachers and staff set up the wing so we could collect the food we needed. Group by group, we went to collect our food. Then we sliced up our ingredients and placed them on a serving plate. We did the same for our desserts.


Shortly after lunch, the year 6 pupils shared their meals with their loved parents or guardians. When they had finished eating their dish they started evaluating their child's salad and dessert and we went home with a full stomach.


This experience was very exciting, fun and will hopefully help year 6 in the future with cooking (the dishes were all very amazing!) We can prove this as the parents who came in have commented on how delightful it was to come and eat their children's food. Well done Year 6!