Gaynor Pates

Name: Gaynor Pates

Role: Local Authority Governor

Date Appointed: July 11, 2017

Term of Office: 4 years

Business, Personal & Pecuniary Interests: None declared

Meetings attended in previous year: 7/8

Best part of being a Governor at Bidbury: Always being inspired by the tireless work and enthusiasm of the staff, and all the children!

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Food: Chips!

Favourite T.V Programme: George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

Favourite Place: Home smiley

Favourite Song: So many! My favourite of 2017 is Symphony by Clean Bandit

Favourite Film: The Chain – British comedy interweaving stories of seven households caught up in a property chain on moving day…

Favourite Book: Cheaper by the Dozen by Frank Gilbreth, Jr. and his daughter, Ernestine

Something about me that

no one knows (until now!!): I’ve ridden in the driver’s cab through the channel tunnel on a Eurostar train.