Learning together at Bidbury

At the end of our first full week of balancing in-school and home learning, we are once again overwhelmed by the engagement from you all Bidbury families. These percentages show the number of children who have completed learning either in school, via Google Classrooms or completed home learning packs provided.


Year 3: 96%

Year 4: 90%

Year 5: 98%

Year 6: 97%


Incredible work Team Bidbury!!!


We know it isn't easy. Many of you will be balancing a number of children using different systems and software, never mind just coping in a pandemic. Please remember some days will be epic and others will be a massive challenge. We are here for you to celebrate the good days and here to support you in the not so great. 


As teachers, we trained for four years to be where we are today, Nobody is expecting you to know all of the content or have all the answers. We just ask you to do the best you can given your own individual circumstances. 


As ever we are just a phone call, email or Facebook message away!