Oliver Jones

Name: Oliver Jones

Role: Parent Governor

Date Appointed: May 15 2019

Term of Office: 4 years

Business, Personal & Pecuniary Interests: None declared

Meetings attended in previous year: 6/7

Best part of being a Governor at Bidbury: Supporting & challenging a superb teaching & support team which enables us to watch the school grow.

Favourite Colour: Red - of course!

Favourite Food: Probably anything I don't cook and everything my wife cooks! But if I had to pick one...Sunday Roast.

Favourite T.V Programme: Only Fools & Horses.

Favourite Place: Perth, Western Australia.

Favourite Song: Wonderwall - Oasis.

Favourite Film: Forest Gump.

Favourite Book: Leading - Alex Ferguson.

Something about me that

no one knows (until now!!): Away from being a busy dad & teacher, I play a lot of sport and enjoy charity work.