Online Safety

Online Safety Workshop

⭐️This Friday the 2nd October @ 8PM, there will be an 'Online Parent Workshop'. The numbers have been increased from 100 tickets to 150. ⭐️


If you are interested in taking part in this workshop then please follow the link below to claim your free ticket.

Controlling devices with ease

Cyber Safety & Safeguarding expert Lee Haywood has kindly sent us this information to share with you all, on how we can keep safe online and control your childrens devices with ease.

Below is two free parental control tools which is a step-by-step guide to help control devices with ease. 




In addition OSUK is producing a brand new website, for parents, children and professionals with an intended release of September 2020. The site already has hundreds of pages of information and will be a library for anyone to refer to when they need help.


This month we have two new FACT Sheets for you;


Call of Duty: Warzone à A free to play version of Call of Duty that was released in January, with a playability similar to Fortnite (Battle Royale).

Life 360 à A social media, private messaging app aimed at parents and their children. The feature being misused within is that you must share your current location with whoever you talk to. This is being exploited by groomers who are inviting people to add them on Life 360.

Please take a look below at the information provided.