Paul Millington

Name: Paul Millington

Role: Co-opted Governor - Numeracy Link Governor

Date Appointed: March 24, 2015

Term of Office: 4 years

Business, Personal & Pecuniary Interests: None declared

Meetings attended in previous year: 7/7

Best part of being a Governor At Bidbury: Helping improve the education of children in my local community

Favourite Colour: Yellow

Favourite Food: Roast chicken on the rotisserie with all the trimmings - does it get any better than that?

Favourite T.V Programme: US version of House of Cards – he's so bad he's good!

Favourite Place: Stockholm

Favourite Song: Beneath Your Beautiful, by Emily Sande and Labrinth – dangerously close to perfect!

Favourite Film: Gosford Park – the best collection of British acting you'll ever see in one place.

Favourite Book: Jingo by Terry Pratchett

Something about me that

no one knows (until now!!): I was hit by a bus aged twelve and have never been quite the same since...