Parent Questionnaire Results

After analysing the parent questionnaire responses we found that:

-Most people either walk or drive. Driving is mostly down to having to go to commitments (such as work) work straight from school.

-It is divided over whether there is a problem with the car park or not.

-Everyone feels safe coming to school.

-Not everyone agreed that people park considerately.

-Walk to school week encourages our children to walk.

-There has been some times when dangerous driving has occurred.


Another outcome from the questionnaire is that there seems to be a want for a school crossing patrol officer on the busy roads. We will be asking you to help us identify which road/s this is. 


Junior Road Safety Officers.

During our celebration of learning today, some of you may have seen our amazing Junior Road Safety Officers with their stand. They were handing out questionnaires asking for your feedback on the parking and transport at school. 


Thank you to everyone for your feedback and keep a look out for more JRSO activities!