Sports Events

Cricket with Willow class

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Willow enjoying their PE lesson with chance to shine, who are coming in and teaching year 3 and 4 cricket every Friday. The children really enjoyed the first week and can't wait for their lesson this Friday.

Welcome back


We hope that you all had a lovely break and feel nice and rested. We can't wait to start PE this term. We will be forcing on Gymnastics and Racket Sports. This will help the children increased flexibility, Improves motor skill development, Improves strength and many more.

PE this Term

This term we have been focusing on athletics and cricket in there year groups. We really love how much the children have enjoyed running, jumping, throw and catching. A couple of children have asked to join the local team which is amazing :) 


Here is some local clubs that you might be interested in joining.


Havant CC


Havant AC

After school Hockey club


Wednesday's Daily Challenge 03.02.21

Tuesday's Daily Challenge 02.03.21

Monday's Daily Challenge 01.03.21

We all know keeping active has many benefits. Improving our mental health, keeping us fit and energized to tackle whatever the day brings. We are so very proud of you all at Bidbury and would love it if you could have a go at completing some of these daily challenges! Send us photos and we can share your challenge achievements. Lets get moving Bidbury !!  

Sports Personality of the Year


Who do you think is going to win this years sports personality? Who do you think should win it?

The nominees are cricketer Stuart Broad, jockey Hollie Doyle, boxer Tyson Fury, Formula 1's Lewis Hamilton, footballer Jordan Henderson and snooker star Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Daily Workouts for Children and parents


We all know how important it is to stay fit and active. In these strange times it is becoming increasingly more difficult to stay on track with your fitness (parents and children). So Mr Marsh has started designing some daily workouts that children and parents can do together or the children on their own. 


We would love to see as many people take part in these sessions as possible. If you give one a go let us know and we would love the share it with everyone :) 

COVID 19 update - Swimming


Sadly due to the new national restrictions that are being put into place from the 5th November, we are no longer able to go swimming. We will be following the government guidance and will start up again as soon as its safe to do so.

Skip to be Fit


The result from Skip to be fit are in. Everyone did amazing and we are so proud of them all. Some children and staff were aching for a couple of days after. See below table for the results!

Year 3






Year total


Year 4



Horse Chestnut


Year 5





Year 6







Whole School total 64,378 surprise


Well done to everyone who took part and sponsored someone on this great event! laugh

Bidbury sponsored skip


On Monday 12th October, alongside our #helloyellow day we will be participating in a sponsored skip. The children will be paired up with someone from their year group and will take it in turns to log the amount of skips each child can do. This is a great opportunity for the whole school to raise some money and participate in some outside fun. Lets get skipping Bidbury!!

Year 3 Tennis

Year 3 have been focusing on tennis in their PE lessons. We have seen a huge improvement in everyone and love how well the children work together. We started with throwing and catching, improving the childrens co-ordination. We've started using the rackets and practising forehand and backhand shots. 

Hockey club

Year 5 and one year 4 class are learning about hockey in their PE lessons. If anyone would like the opportunity to go to a hockey after school club please see the post below.


Healthy Snacks


We are trying to encourage healthy food in our school and with everything that is happening in the world, now is the best time to start. We are only letting children eat fruit  at break time and encourage adults to promote this with their young people. If you would like any support with healthy food ideas please contact the office. Mr Marsh will be able to give you suggestions on foods that are healthy nutritious and affordable.

Lunch and break time


Our lunch and break times have developed lots over the last couple of years. We have children, trying new sports/equipment and getting to do things that they may not have the opportunity outside of school. Its unbelievable how fast the children pick up new skills smiley



Year 6 are now doing zumba for the next 8 weeks, and already enjoying it. Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — to help improve cardiovascular fitness.




I love seeing how disciplined and great the children are in karate. Karate is the perfect practice for getting the most out of life physically and mentally. The various self-defense techniques that you'll learn will help you develop physical strength and keep you body fit and flexible. Karate isn’t just for learning self-defense, it’s also great for your overall health and well being.

The nursery have started climbing and using the equipment. Holding different positions like; straight, tuck, star etc, on and around the equipment. This will make them feel more confident when using the apparatus.

Pre School

Parent fitness


Parent fitness has been amazing from the start of the year. We have had lots of new parents starting and we having lots of fun. We have a great workout that is suitable for everyone. If your interested in coming but would like to talk to someone, find Mr Marsh and ask any questions.

Its so important that children are active and try sports. I think this poster really sums it up.