Sports Events

PE this Term

This term we have been focusing on athletics and cricket in there year groups. We really love how much the children have enjoyed running, jumping, throw and catching. A couple of children have asked to join the local team which is amazing :) 


Here is some local clubs that you might be interested in joining.


Havant CC


Havant AC

After school Hockey club


Wednesday's Daily Challenge 03.02.21

Tuesday's Daily Challenge 02.03.21

Monday's Daily Challenge 01.03.21

We all know keeping active has many benefits. Improving our mental health, keeping us fit and energized to tackle whatever the day brings. We are so very proud of you all at Bidbury and would love it if you could have a go at completing some of these daily challenges! Send us photos and we can share your challenge achievements. Lets get moving Bidbury !!  

Sports Personality of the Year


Who do you think is going to win this years sports personality? Who do you think should win it?

The nominees are cricketer Stuart Broad, jockey Hollie Doyle, boxer Tyson Fury, Formula 1's Lewis Hamilton, footballer Jordan Henderson and snooker star Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Daily Workouts for Children and parents


We all know how important it is to stay fit and active. In these strange times it is becoming increasingly more difficult to stay on track with your fitness (parents and children). So Mr Marsh has started designing some daily workouts that children and parents can do together or the children on their own. 


We would love to see as many people take part in these sessions as possible. If you give one a go let us know and we would love the share it with everyone :) 

COVID 19 update - Swimming


Sadly due to the new national restrictions that are being put into place from the 5th November, we are no longer able to go swimming. We will be following the government guidance and will start up again as soon as its safe to do so.

Skip to be Fit


The result from Skip to be fit are in. Everyone did amazing and we are so proud of them all. Some children and staff were aching for a couple of days after. See below table for the results!

Year 3






Year total


Year 4



Horse Chestnut


Year 5





Year 6







Whole School total 64,378 surprise


Well done to everyone who took part and sponsored someone on this great event! laugh

Bidbury sponsored skip


On Monday 12th October, alongside our #helloyellow day we will be participating in a sponsored skip. The children will be paired up with someone from their year group and will take it in turns to log the amount of skips each child can do. This is a great opportunity for the whole school to raise some money and participate in some outside fun. Lets get skipping Bidbury!!

Year 3 Tennis

Year 3 have been focusing on tennis in their PE lessons. We have seen a huge improvement in everyone and love how well the children work together. We started with throwing and catching, improving the childrens co-ordination. We've started using the rackets and practising forehand and backhand shots. 

Hockey club

Year 5 and one year 4 class are learning about hockey in their PE lessons. If anyone would like the opportunity to go to a hockey after school club please see the post below.


Healthy Snacks


We are trying to encourage healthy food in our school and with everything that is happening in the world, now is the best time to start. We are only letting children eat fruit  at break time and encourage adults to promote this with their young people. If you would like any support with healthy food ideas please contact the office. Mr Marsh will be able to give you suggestions on foods that are healthy nutritious and affordable.

Welcome back everyone


We are so excited about having the children in school and can't wait to start teaching PE. We also can't wait to see all the children playing with their friends everyday and having fun. We have lots of amazing things planned for the children to take part in. :D

Swimming Gala Y3/4


Swimming gala for year 3 and 4 was amazing and Bidbury came 3rd place laugh We are so proud of the girls and boys how took part. This really shows the hard work and constancy that is being show within their lessons at school. The determination in each child to compete, was shown in their enthusiasm and excitement.


Rugby tournament


Rugby tournament went amazing with all the children having great fun and trying their hardest. The year 5/6 team came 6 place out of 10. After winning 1,drawing 2 and losing 1. The year 3/4 team came 4th place just missing out on 3rd place by one point. surprise 

Mr Marsh and Mrs Rock was super proud of how well both teams did.



Havant hockey club are putting on this free event that anyone can go to. It will be a good day with lots of things to do. 

Lunch and break time


Our lunch and break times have developed lots over the last couple of years. We have children, trying new sports/equipment and getting to do things that they may not have the opportunity outside of school. Its unbelievable how fast the children pick up new skills smiley



Year 6 are now doing zumba for the next 8 weeks, and already enjoying it. Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — to help improve cardiovascular fitness.




I love seeing how disciplined and great the children are in karate. Karate is the perfect practice for getting the most out of life physically and mentally. The various self-defense techniques that you'll learn will help you develop physical strength and keep you body fit and flexible. Karate isn’t just for learning self-defense, it’s also great for your overall health and well being.

The nursery have started climbing and using the equipment. Holding different positions like; straight, tuck, star etc, on and around the equipment. This will make them feel more confident when using the apparatus.

Pre School

Parent fitness


Parent fitness has been amazing from the start of the year. We have had lots of new parents starting and we having lots of fun. We have a great workout that is suitable for everyone. If your interested in coming but would like to talk to someone, find Mr Marsh and ask any questions.

Its so important that children are active and try sports. I think this poster really sums it up.

After school clubs


We have had a great term when it comes to after school clubs. We have had lots of children try new things, enjoy playing with old and new friends. We will be adding new after school clubs next week with lots to choose from. You will be able to take part in Netball, Atheletics, Table Tennis and Mr Marsh will be running a Badminton club. Some of these clubs link in with the School Games Events Calender. So we will be competing with different schools. We also have lots of other clubs the children can try.

Pre School


Mr Marsh has been taking PE lessons with the lovely pre school. We have been playing ball and target games. The little ones love to run around and we can't wait for the next session after Christmas break.

New after school club


We are adding a after school club for the girls Football team, this is so we can improve are skills for the next time we face a different school. This club will be run on a Tuesday, starting Tuesday 12th November  ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️

Girls Football Game


We are so proud of our girls football team! They played their first game against a well organised Copnor School! Coming back from 2-0 at half time to 3-2 until the very last second when they conceded a goal taking the game to penalties and eventually losing! The girls played incredibly well in front of a large audience who watched on in great anticipation the whole game! ⚽️ Well done to Copnor on their win!

Football - Hants U11 County Cup


We played the first football match of the year against Beacon View. As a team we played well. We passed the ball around well but we struggled with finishing. Sadly we lost the game but the children were happy with the way they played. We will be practising a lot in the football after school club, at break and lunch too. 



The children have also been focusing on Athletics in their PE lessons. We have talked about running different distances and how you need to vary your pace to keep your energy. We have practised running short and long distances and seen how it effects their bodies. 

Continuing gymnastics


We are continuing with gymnastics in our PE lesson. We are taking our balancing from the ground to the apparatus. The children are trying different shapes on the equipment and finding different ways of travelling around the equipment.


Year 3 gymnastics


Year 3 our focusing on solo and partner balances this week. They love working with each other and I love seeing them working as a team to improve movment and developing their strength.

Swimming with Year 6


We are back swimming and this time with year 6. This year we have decided to do the whole year group in one morning. This is better for the children as it's more consistent and the children will have double the lessons than last year. Year 6 love going swimming and its great seeing them improve.

Welcome back with Gymnastics


Everyone is settled back into school amazingly and we are kicking off the year with gymnastics. This week we are focusing on balance and the children have been really resilient. We are looking forward to developing these skills throughout the term.

Sports day 2019


Another fantastic Sport day at Bidbury Junior School. We had the non-competitive morning where children went round a carousel in their house teams doing all the different events. E.g. Egg and Spoon, Shuttle Run, Off To The Beach and many more.


Then we had all the parents joining in with our parent vs staff races, parent vs parent, parents with children races, as well as our big tug of war. 


After lunch all the years stayed on the field and cheered on the competitive races. Everyone took part in the races with the 1st and 2nd place going through to the final. 3rd and 4th then went on to the relay race. 


Everyone one had a great day and we can't wait for sports day next year!


Thank you to everyone who was able to join us on the day.

GOLD in School Games Mark award in 2018/19


We've got GOLD! Massive well done to everyone who helped push forward PE this year. As a school we have gone from not having a School Games Mark. Skipping Bronze and silver heading straight to the top. 

Sports Day Preparation


Sports day is at the front of everyone's mind. We have been finding the children that are the fastest in the year and we have been racing the whole year together. The top 6 will be racing at sports day. We have been practicing the morning stations in well-being lessons and getting them ready for the fun of Sport day.

Cricket Tournament Year 5/6


What an amazing cricket tournament! Bidbury played four games won two and lost two :) They all loved it and found a new love for cricket. Lots of sixes and fours! Can’t wait for the cricket league coming up. 

Year 3/4 football tournament


This week it was out for a football tournament. We took a mix of children that play football for clubs and children who don’t play for clubs and just wanted to give it a try. They all had a great time and we even won a couple of games :) Well done all that played and helped. 

Tag Rugby Tournament

Year 3 and 4 were out again this week with a tag rugby tournament. We haven't had much practice as a team but all the boys and girls were really resilient and worked so hard. They all really loved playing and can't wait to go out again.

Mini Red Tennis

Some of our year 3 and 4's went to Denmead Tennis Club to compete in a mini tennis tournament. We took 2 teams and in each team we had 4 played (mixed with 2 boys and 2 girls). The teams worked together to get point by winning their matches. Everyone had a great time and we can't wait to do it again.


Zumba is now in year 6 :) They are enjoying the fast paced activity and performing the routines.

Netball Tournament Year 5 and 6

The Netball team had an tournament with other local schools. They did an amazing job and won two games and draw one. They loved playing as a team and can't wait to play again soon.

Multi Ball Skills Event

We took some children to a Multi Balls Skills event. They practised lots of ball skills and target games. They all loved the time out and enjoyed competing against other schools.

Inter Schools Badminton Tournament

Just before half term we took 10 children out to represent our school in a Badminton Tournament. All the children had fun and we played schools from the local area. We haven't been playing Badminton long but it was the same for all the other schools. They were very resilience and made the school proud.

See the source image

Multi skill day at South Downs College

Table Tennis Tournament

Last week we took a group of mixed year 5 and year 6 children to a table tennis tournament in Admiral Lord Nelson School Portsmouth. All the children did their best up against some very tough competition. Everyone played against someone from a different school and had great fun.


Golden Cone Trip to the Park

The race is back on for the end of term PE trip. Last term Willow class were the winners and spent the morning at Bidbury Park last Tuesday as their reward. They had an amazing time going on the swings, going down the slid and playing together. They had such a great time they didn't want to come back to school.



It was the first week of year 5 (Rowan) going swimming. This week we sorted the groups into the correct abilities and tested to see who was able to swim 25 metres. They used different types of strokes, including front crawl and back crawl. We also tested to see who could do a mushroom float and star float. We look forward to talking Oak, this coming week.