School uniform

  • Black or grey trousers, shorts, knee length shorts, skirt or pinafore dress  
  • White polo shirt, shirt or blouse
  • Red and white gingham dress
  • Red jumper, cardigan or fleece with/without logo 
  • Black shoes or plain black trainers (with black soles and no coloured logos or laces).  Sandals may be worn in summer but these must have closed toes, a back and solid sole
  • Plain black, grey, white or red socks or tights
  • No heels, boots, jellies or flip-flop style shoes. 

PE uniform

  • Plain black shorts (no logos)
  • A plain white t-shirt or a plain t-shirt in their house colour
  • Plain black, grey, white or red socks 
  • In winter, children may wear plain black tracksuits/sweatshirts/jogging bottoms (no logos).
  • Plain, black trainers or plimsolls (with black soles and no coloured logos or laces).



Children may wear a watch and a small pair of plain, stud earrings.  Earrings should be removed or taped over for PE lessons.  No other jewellery is allowed.


Nail Varnish

No nail varnish. Children will be asked to by their class teachers to remove it for the following day.  A text will be sent to reinforce this message.



  • Please ensure that long hair is tied back. 
  • Small, plain hair bands, scrunchies, clips, ribbons, bobbles or beads may be worn in the school colours of red, black or white.  No large hair accessories. 
  • Children's hair should not be permed, dyed or highlighted.  
  • No synthetic hair extensions including clip ins, artifical braids or semi-permanent extensions.
  • No lines, shapes or carvings shaved into the hair. 
  • Shaved or partly shaved hair must be at least grade 2 in length.


  • The way our hair is worn may be culturally significant.  All hair in its natural form, or worn in a culturally traditional way, is appropriate at Bidbury.  This includes natural Afro hairstyles (including cornrows, locs, afros, twists, braids and bantu knots).  bobbles or beads may be worn in the school colours of red, black or white. Bobbles, bands or beads may be worn in the school colours of red, black or white.
  • For medical reasons, children may choose or need to wear wigs or hair coverings.


Please note: Children who are not wearing correct school or PE uniform will be lent spare items.  We will contact you and expect the child to be in correct uniform the following day.


Please ensure that all uniform and coats are clearly marked with your child’s name as this makes it much easier to return lost items.

School uniform can be purchased from most supermarkets or from Skoolkit. http://www.skoolkit.co.uk/


Our closest Skoolkit branch is:

31 Meridian Centre,
Elm Lane,