What do people say about Bidbury Junior School?

Bidbury questionnaire for Parents

During the national lockdown, we understand that some of the parents and children found it tricky and challenging when having to home school their children. It has been an unusual year for us all and we understand that adapting to new rules and guidelines can be tough. However, the children in our school make us immensely proud with how resilient they've been through it all.

We sent out a survey online and social media page to reflect on parents comments about how they found home learning and the support as a school in lockdown.

Here are some of the answers that we received from various questions we asked parents...

Parents answers-

"Bidbury have been unsung heroes. The school have always gone above and beyond but pushed even further for their families during lockdown".

"It has been a challenge when at home. I am no teacher. You all deserve so much more. We truly appreciate you".

"Bidbury Junior school has been very supportive and always there to answer any questions that may arise regarding my son."


"Thank you for all the support in school and online which has been greatly appreciated by our whole family".

"SLT have been great, always welcoming and approachable, respond to enquires in timely manner".





On 24th May 2019 we held our "Celebration of learning" afternoon, were we invited parents to come and view the work the children had completed for that half term. Here is what our parents had to say:

On 23rd May 2019, we held our 4th Careers Day. Students had to guess the job of external employers by asking them questions in a 5 minute slot. Here is what the employers had to say at the end of the day:


" I have found today to be very well organised and efficient and I have felt very welcomed. The children have been very well behaved and respectful, asked great questions and shown a genuine interest. Overall, I would say it as been a pleasure (if exhausting!). Thank you for having me!"

Willmott Dixon Construction


"I think the event went really well and it is a great way to raise the students aspirations, and awareness of different types of jobs. My job was quite difficult to guess and I noticed that throughout the event, their eyes really opened."


"The students were very keen and enthusiastic to ask questions and listen to the answers. They all wanted to participate and worked will in their groups, and had some imaginative answers! Overall a good event, well organised and lovely students, who made me laugh with some of the questions!” 
Taylor Wimpey Southern Counties


"The day has been brilliant! The children have been so enthusiastic and have asked some great questions and been creative. They didn’t ask the regular questions, they thought outside the box and were determined to get the correct job and try to beat the score of the group before! All the children were kind and polite and made me feel welcome. They also supported each other and encouraged each other to take guesses and ask questions!”
Mayfair Homecare


“The children were a delight to meet. They asked very clever questions and were a credit to the school. I was amazed at the behaviour of the children throughout as they were engaged and well prepared for our visit. As an employer locally, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I know the children really enjoyed meeting us!”


"I attending "Guess my job". The young people were impeccably behaved, courteous and enthusiastic!"
Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service


"Today has been a good insight to school children. They have been enthusiastic and have come up with good and funny guesses. Has been and enjoyable day! Very polite and friendly kids." 

On Thursday 9th May 2019, we had a visit from the South West Team Manager of the National School Breakfast Club. Here is what they thought of our breakfast provision:

"Thanks for meeting with me in the week – it was lovely to see your breakfast club in action and it was clear that you’ve got everything running like clockwork!  It was nice to see the pupils socialising and eating together in such a nice environment before school and in such a warm and friendly atmosphere too.  I loved that pupils are able to opt for quieter activities in another room once they’ve eaten or they can stay for the dancing – great to see such an enthusiastic staff member too!!"

On 9th May 2019, we had a visit from a Resource Consultant from Academics. Here is what they had to say about our school:

"Bidbury Junior School is a warm school with a very kind hearted approach. The ethos of the school is grounded on positivity and with every class being named after a tree there is a real focus on growth. Every child is asked to write down a goal at the start of their time at Bidbury and are challenged everyday about what they are doing to achieve this. Children get time to develop life skills on top of the typical classroom curriculum for example cooking, outdoor education and PE. What stood out to me about this school is their mission to challenge their students to aim higher."

On 22nd March 2019, Year 4 had a visit from a Senior Road Saftey Officer. Here is what she had to say about our school:

"Within my role with HCC, we visit many schools and it really is one of those things where you make an impression of the school the second you set foot on the grounds. I am a governor at my daughter’s previous Infant School and they also have zones at playtime, so I have seen them in use before and have always felt positive about how the children are more engaged with play when having some structure. Having now moved to a different junior school, who don’t have zones, she has struggled to enjoy playtimes because there is ‘nothing to do.’ She particularly struggled at the beginning of the year as she was new to the school and hadn’t been at the feeder infant school. Playtimes were the reason it took her so long to settle as she struggled to find groups of children to play with, so I feel passionate about the more structured element of play time.


This is one of the reasons why I was so impressed with the activities going on – it looks like such effort has gone into creating a wide variety of activities for the children to take part in and they all looked engaged and it looked lots of fun! I hope my words below reflect my positive impression of the school from the moment I stepped on to the playground. I look forward to another visit in the future.


I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Bidbury Junior School. It was fantastic to see every child engaged with such a wide variety of activities on the school playground at lunchtime; there seemed to be an activity to suit every child’s personality and I would have loved to stay there and play and sing along to the music! Walking into the school, my positive impressions continued with staff being very friendly and some children enjoying their lunch break quietly inside as well as a very calming water feature in the shared area. The children were polite and held doors open for me or waited for me to walk through and I felt very welcome during my entire visit. As a road safety officer, I was also very impressed to see every child wearing a helmet when on the scooter course.


Thank you for your support with many of our road safety initiatives this year as well; we look forward to continuing to work with your school."

On 15th February 2019 we held our "Celebration of learning" afternoon, were we invited parents to come and view the work the children had completed that half term. Here is what our parents had to say: