Whole School Events

Break times & lunch times


At Bidbury we insure that it is imperative that all of our children have a range of activities, games and equipment to use at break times and lunch times. We segregate different parts of the playground for different set ups, which makes it fair for all children to have a turn if they wish too.

It’s so lovely to see all the year groups back on the playground together after a year of year group bubbles!

The children thrive building those relationships with different year groups.

Last Day of School
Before the children broke up for the summer holidays, we ensured that we all enjoyed a special treat and ate some Ice cream! 
Caravanilla visited us and we were spoilt for choice, with the different flavors of ice cream. 


Sports Day 2021

We had such a successful day at Sports Day this year. Despite that we weren't allowed to have any loved ones to come and watch due to the current government restrictions. All the children remained so resilient and positive and ensured that they cheered one another on. 


1st- Desert
2nd- Ocean
3rd- Jungle
4th- Volcano

❤ To all of our families

Sponsored Skip 

We had such an amazing day for our sponsored skip! Who knew skipping for 10 minutes could be so difficult? But all the children (and some staff!) did incredibly well! Thank you for everyone that sponsored a child.

As a school we completed 64,378 skips and raised an amazing  £2,168!!

Armistice Day at Bidbury 


Today at Bidbury, we took some time out of our busy school day to pause for thought and remember those who lost their lives in the war.

We reflected on why it is so important to pay tribute on November 11th and had discussions about how our lives are different as a result.


We watched an assembly recorded by Max (our local vicar from Bedhampton Church and school governor) and our student leadership team also performed “Flanders Field” to us.


As a school, we were so proud of every single child at Bidbury as they were so respectful during their learning and the two minutes silence.


Please follow the link to see what the children did on the day.



⭐️ Children in Need - Friday 13th November ⭐️

As a school, we love raising awareness and money for the ‘BBC Children in Need’ campaign and this year is no different! 


We are going to be doing it slightly different and will be having a “Brighten up Bidbury” day. We are asking children, staff and families to wear bright colours, spots or stripes to put a smile on everyone’s faces! We understand that a second lockdown has and will be tough on many of our families and so this year are asking for whatever donation you can make - no matter how big or small. Donations will be dropped into the buckets in the children’s bubbles on Friday and will be counted after the weekend to see what we have raised. 


We look forward to seeing a sea of colours and patterns around Bidbury! 

#HelloYellow 'young minds' mental health day campaign 


On Friday 9th of October it is World Mental Day and here at Bidbury Junior school we are taking part in the campaign #HelloYellow. So on MONDAY 12th OCTOBER we are encouraging children to wear something yellow to school. This can be non-uniform, yellow fancy dress or just a yellow accessory to wear with their school uniform. 


A non compulsory small donation of either 50p or a £1 will be collected and go to the 'young minds' charity. 


We can't wait to see you fill our school with yellow for such a great cause smiley



Smiles at the ready!! This Friday, 9th October is individual school photos day.


Siblings can have a photo together, this will be arranged by the year team to ensure our year group bubbles are kept safe. The sibling option is for Bidbury Junior school pupils only.  


We appreciate your support with this smiley


As part of walk to school week, we are pushing the insentive for children to be active and walk to school (if possible) for one week. The children will be able to claim a certificate at the end of the week to say that they have walked everyday.


Free app resource for children

⭐️Nessy is a great app that offers help with children who are dyslexic or struggling with spelling.⭐️

This is also a resource we can use in school to help the children.

⭐️This month they are offering a FREE download in awarness of Dyslexia month, so make sure you get yours! ⭐️

Bidbury University

⭐️All year groups at Bidbury Junior School will have the opportunity across their academic year to complete different tasks in order to graduate from Bidbury University.⭐️

We understand that some of these tasks can not be completed in these current circumstances and restrictions, so we will ensure that we alter them accordingly.

Some of the tasks are to do with learning, but some of them are fun things that we feel all of the children should have the opportunity to do.

By the end of Year 6, every child at Bidbury Junior School would have taken part in a wide variety of activities.


We have implemented a new certificate to encourage the children to complete the different tasks.

Talk about your childs year group challenges with them!😀

Last day before term

We wanted to treat our Year 6 children to an ice cream for their last day at Bidbury as a way to celebrate their time here with us

They're a true credit to our school, as they kindly asked if the rest of the school (class bubbles of key worker children) could enjoy one too!

What a lovely way to end the term and mark the end of an era for our Year 6 children who have attended through this difficult time.

All of us at Bidbury wish you all the success in the future Year 6 and can’t wait to see you in the autumn term.

We can’t wait to see those of you who have stayed at home tomorrow during your meet the teacher meetings.

We will see the rest of you in September - have a fabulous summer!

Ocean Challenge

The "Ocean Challenge" is a new project just launched by Planet Aware. The aim is to get people out and connecting with the Solent and Isle of Wight coast over the summer.

There are seven different challenges to complete and the Planet Aware Ocean Challenge is a great way for people to get to know their coasts, understand the importance of our oceans - and to give something back.


You will find everything you need on the Planet Aware website www.planetaware.co.uk including downloadable information and worksheets for younger children. Just click the link on the Ocean Challenge.


Complete some of the Challenges and you can get your Planet Aware Ocean Challenge certificate.


The project will run until 6 September this year!!

Action for Children 

Please take a look at the Action for Children website if you have any concerns or are seeking advice over the summer.



Young Carers

Please find attached a letter about young carers.


There are many young people caring for relatives throughout the U.K and we have some here at Bidbury. Our ELSA, Miss Clarke runs a fortnightly young carer group to give the young carers a chance to play, talk and socialise with other young carers. Children are considered to be a young carer for many reasons such as living with relatives with disabilities, mental illness or alcohol or substance abuse and the way in which they care is different for each child. We understand that it can be difficult to ask for help but urge to to contact Miss Clarke if you feel your child is a young carer to discuss what support we can give your child and your family.

Last years sports day

We understand that as a school we have not been able to hold our annual Sports day this year due to the current circumstances. However, we would like to reminisce and share some of the wonderful photographs we captured last year at sports day.

We cannot wait to see you all again in September!

Our Bidbury Ducks!

Still image for this video

We all love our animals at school and we couldn’t resist adding some new members to the Bidbury Family♥️.

Meet our new Ducks at Bidbury!

So far we have had four hatch and the other two could hatch any minute now. So keep a close eye to our Facebook page and this page of our website for updates.

We're looking for name suggestions, so let us know what name you would choose!
To our new Year 3's


To our new Year 3’s,


As we all understand, this current time has been difficult for everyone and adapting with change. However, we know that we can’t have our new Year 3 students in for transition so we have collated this video for you all, to introduce you to your new teachers in September!


From Miss Willis and Mr Muir 😊


We have also added a virtual tour of our school too! Please follow the link below to view it.



A day in the life of our Head Boy- Oliver

 We understand that is it a very difficult decision whether to send your child back to school. Children and parents will have lots of questions they want answering to make an informed decision. Our Head Boy Oliver has filmed a day in school for you to see first-hand the changes that have been made. Well done Oliver🎉


Please follow the link below to view the video. Please be aware that you don't need a Facebook profile to view this, it should automatically upload for you.



Online Safety workshop

💻 Lee our Online Safety consultant, is holding an online workshop on the 16th of June to help parents with advice and queries they may have about their children's online safety.

Lee is an ex police officer who has lots of experience in safeguarding.


Here is the link to click and join this upcoming Tuesday!


Parents will need to register themselves to the event.

Spaces are for a maximum of 100 people.

All of us are champions!

All of teachers at Bidbury created a video for the children to our school song 'Champion'. We wanted to remind our Bidbury Families that we are all in this together!

Staff Champion.mp4

Still image for this video

Christmas at Bidbury


Christmas was a very busy time, as usual.  The Nearly New Sale had many donations, all of which found it's way to new homes.  Thank you to everyone who kindly donated - this event couldn't have happened otherwise.   The Christmas Shop was well attended and we hope everyone liked the gifts chosen for them.   Our joint Carol Service with the Infant School saw many of you joining us to celebrate the season.  The Year 4 production of 'Baubles' was a great success too.

Tree Planting at Bidbury


On Saturday 23rd November we planted some trees!  Year 3 children and parents were invited to come along (with a spade) to help with the planting.  It will be a great opportunity for them to watch the trees grow during their time at the school.

Christmas Decoration Morning
It's begining to look alot like Christmas as Bidbury Junior School! On Wednesday 11th December was our Decoration Morning! Each year group were responsible for making different decorations that were hung in the school hall! Thank you to all the parents that were able to come and help their children!
Shine Day
On Friday 22nd November we held a Shine day were children came to school in bright vloths for "Your time to Shine". This day was to raise the imporatance of wearing bright clothing when out and about - especially when using bikes and scooters! The day ended with a bright disco in the hall! 
Remembrance Tea Party
On 11th November each Year group help a remembrance Tea party were parents were invited in to join their children for Remembrance Day. Each year group sang remembrance Day songs as parents enjoyed coffee and rock cake! Thank you for to all the parents that were able to attend!
Bidbury Pre School Come and Play
We are working very closley with Bidbury Pre School who come and have a lesson with Mr Marsh everyweek. This includes PE lessons and even Cooking classes! Bidbury Pre School also came and enjoyed a harevest Lunch over with some older siblings!  
Bonfire Disco
The PTA held another successful on 7th November raising more than £700! Thank you to the parenst that were able to help on the night! 

Harvest Lunch 23rd September 2019


Thank you to all the parents that joined us for Harvest Lunch!


Thank you to all the parents that donated food for our Harvest donations, that was distributed to local residence and the Beacon Food bank.

PTA Happy's Big Top Circus 


On Sunday 2nd June we welcomed Happy's Big Top Circus to Bidbury Junior School. The PTA arranged for the circus to put on action packed 2 hour performance for our local community! It was a FANTASTIC event that was enjoyed by all the families that attended!  

"Guess my job!"


On 23rd May 2019 we held our 4th Careers Day called "Guess My Job". Students had to guess the job of external employers by asking them questions in a 5 minute slot. The purpose of this day was to expose the children a varierty of differnt jobs. The children had to work in groups by asked questions to gather as much information from the employers to try and guess their precise job. It was a fantastic event organised by Hampshire Futures!  


We received some lovely comments from the employers. Have a read of that they said here:




Chicks at Bidbury Junior School

There was a rumble of excitement around Bidbury Junior School as our hatching kit arrived on Thursday 23rd April. There were 8 eggs within the cage. The first egg hatched on Friday 24th April and we were very lucky to watch it happen! Over the coming weeks, 6 more eggs hatched and were named by the children.

World Book Day 2019


What an amazing World Book day we had at Bidbury Junior School! All students (and staff) came dressed in their PJ's as our theme was based around Bedtime reading. After school, we had around 100 parents and siblings come and read with our students.


Thank you to all the parents and students for making it a lovely World Book Day at Bidbury Junior School


On World Book Day we also launched the Bidbury sponsored read! For more information regarding the sponsored read please see the attached letter. http://www.bidburyjuniorschool.co.uk/whole-school-1/


All the children have been set a challenge... Can you help your child win a prize?!

The challengers are:

1) Student who has read the most in year 3


2) Student who has read the most in year 4


3) Student who has read the most in year 5


4) Student who has read the most in year 6


5) Overall school student who has read the most


6) Student who can take the best picture of them reading in the most unusual place!

Year 5/ 6 Interview Morning - 05th March 2019


As part of the PDL curriculum and in partnership with Hampshire Futures, all students in year 5 and 6 had to apply for a job and were interviewed by a range of external providers. All students performed amazing in their interviews and received glowing feedback from the external professionals!  

Careers Day - 13th December 2018


On Thursday 13th December 2018 Bidbury Junior School held their first Careers Day. We were privileged enough to be the first Junior school to roll this programme out as part of Hampshire Futures. All children visited workshops delivered by a variety of different professionals ranging from British Transport Police & Network Rail, Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance, Solent Costal Team and St Johns Ambulance.  It was a fantastic day with enthusiastic engagement from all our students.