Year 3

Super Shadow Sketches

This term in science, we have been learning all about light. We know that light comes from a light source that emits light energy. For example, a torch, a lamp, a TV and the sun. We know there are two types of light; visible light and UV light (this type of light is dangerous to our skin and eyes). Today we were exploring shadows. We learnt that shadows are created when light (which travels in straight lines) is blocked by an opaque object. The light that is blocked then forms a shadow. We went outside in the sunshine and drew around the shadows of different objects. Look at how amazing our work was today: 

The Rotten Romans

In the summer term, Year 3 have been learning all about the Romans and their impact on life in Celtic Britain. Today, we completed our final lesson and demonstrated what we have learnt about them and how they changed Britain by creating our own posters. We showed everything we have learnt about them and how they lived. Have a look at some examples below. Aren’t they amazing? Well done Year 3! You have worked really hard in history this year smiley

After school Art Club 

At after school art club some of the year three children have been making handprint flowers.


The children had a selection of art resources to use to decorate their own hand, which they cut out of card. We then used some straws and stuck on leaves to turn these into beautiful flowers. 


Some of these flowers are now on display in our indoor garden for everyone to enjoy. 


Many different after school clubs are available at Bidbury. If your child would like to attend any please get in touch with the school office to enquire. 

Year 3 Roman Day

On Friday 25th June year 3 took part in Roman Day.


The children came to school dressed in roman outfits and started the day of with a roman themed word search. After that it was on to designing and making our very own roman shields. We used our cereal boxes, coloured card, foil and paper to create them. The children really enjoyed this activity!


After break time it was time for practising roman formation and marching. We marched from the school hall and around the playground. We even managed to stop for a photo of our finest tortoise formation.

Next we had the opportunity to play some traditional roman games in our classroom and wing area.


When the children returned to class after lunch break, we made our way to the hall where a traditional roman banquet was awaiting us. The children had the option to try olives, figs, dates, apricots, bread and salad. As well as Flamingo tongues ( ham ) and Apollo’s apples and a few more. Whilst we watched some Horrible Histories all about the romans.


We ended the day with a stuffed door mouse for home time. (Just a white chocolate mouse we promise!)


All the year three team have thoroughly enjoyed roman day. We hope you enjoy looking through some of our photos. 

World Book Day celebrations

Returning to school Monday 8th March 2021

Here is a social story to share with your children before they return to school on Monday to help them understand and cope with any changes. There are two slightly different stories, depending on if your child has been in school or home learning. 


If your child is on BEECH CLASS, please share the specific one with them as it will help them to understand the teacher change that is happening. 


We cant wait to have you all back Bidbury!!

10 tips to stay safe online

Home Learning photos 


We are really enjoying looking through home learning photos and seeing what you have been doing with your families. It is lovely to see you all working so hard and enjoying learning new things. We are SO proud of you all!


Remember you can email us any photo on along with your child's name and year group and these will be added to the website and Facebook page for everyone to celebrate.

Safer Internet Day Tuesday 9th February 

Internet safety day is probably even more relevant this year with a lot of our communication coming from our online world.


We plan to gather all the children, at home and in school, to watch the BBC live lesson at 11 am. In this 30-minute Live Lesson the children will learn about how we can stay safe, responsible and wise in an increasingly digital world, with tips and advice from some of the biggest personalities on the web.


Here is a link for more information about the live lesson:


For parents we also have a guide produced by the Safeguarding Training Centre to help parents support their children in identifying "fake news". 


If you have any concerns you can always come and speak to you child's teacher or a member of the SLT team.

Children's mental health week 1st-7th February 2021


This week is more important than ever. With the current everchanging situation it is important to remember to look after our children's mental health, as well as our own.


We have previously shared some links to useful and websites we think can help anyone who may need some resources or information regarding looking after their own child's mental health. These can be found on the Bidbury website under the tab, Useful Links.

This coming Friday 5th February, we are having a non school uniform day to show our support to this important campaign. All activities on Friday, at home and at school will be to support our children’s mental health and well-being.


The theme is "Express Yourself". We hope you can join us in supporting this campaign in school and from your own home.

It has come to our attention that there has been a few incidences involving social media in different year groups. Please can you ensure that you take the time to go through keeping safe online guidance with your children if they are at home or in school. 


The NSPCC have some great links explaining how to change profile settings and talk to your children about using such apps. 

There is a rang-tan in my bedroom...

In English, we have been looking at Greenpeace's video 'There is a rang-tan in my bedroom' to explore deforestation. Through this unit, we have learnt what similes are and have used them to describe alien objects, like bulldozers, so that it sounds like we are writing as the rang-tan. We also learnt how to use expanded noun phrases and the senses to describe a setting in more detail. To finish our topic, we wrote internal monologues as the rang-tan to inform the reader about deforestation in the rainforests around the world. Have a read at some of our excellent writing from the children working at home below:

The Lorax

For the last three weeks, we have been reading 'The Lorax' by Dr Seuss in guided reading. We explored the themes within the book and related them to current issues in 2021. We have also unpicked the characters and looked at how Dr Seuss used language and punctuation to engage the reader. Today was our final lesson on the text, so we finished the story and then made our own comic strips to summarise the key events in the narrative. Have a look at some of the fantastic home learning we received below:

Well done Lucy and family for participating in a free live stream workshop on Mini first aid Facebook page! Fantastic job!

Lucy and her family learnt all about what to do if someone was unconscious and how to help them. We are so very proud of you Taylor family!


If anyone would like to participate in one of the free online live lessons the Mini first aid page is offering, the next one is on Thursday 28th January at 11am. It will be all about how to deal with bleeds. If you wish too, they are running a competition for the best photo or video submitted wins a prize!



Christmas Story

Miss Willis has recorded herself reading one of her favourite Christmas stories for you all to enjoy. Unfortunately, it would not let us upload the video as one clip as the file was too large. We hope you can all still enjoy it! 

The Year 3 team wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year! laughheart

We look forward to seeing you all again in 2021!

Part 1

Still image for this video

Part 2

Still image for this video

Part 3

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Part 4

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Part 5

Still image for this video

Part 6

Still image for this video

Christmas at 'Bidbury-ville'

Today we celebrated our annual 'Christmas day' at Bidbury Junior School. Usually we would invite the grown ups in for our Christmas decoration morning and Christmas lunch. However, due to covid restrictions, we couldn't do this this year... 


We still wanted the day to be special for the children so we wore Christmas jumpers and held a competition for the year group with the best decorations. Thank you to those of you who sent in contributions! heart We want to say a HUGE thank you to Mrs Fennemore and Mrs Bishop for staying late after school to turn our classrooms into 'Bidbury-ville' (inspired by the Grinch) overnight! We are sure you will agree that our classroom doors look incredible!


The children spent the morning making 'elfies', Christmas cards and baubles to decorate our classrooms. We then had our Christmas lunch in our classrooms (the children particularly enjoyed reading their jokes from their crackers). We ended the day by watching a Christmas film and buying gifts for our loved ones from our Christmas shop and carefully wrapped and labelled them. 


Below are some photos from the day. We had such a special day and its safe to say that we are all well and truly feeling 'Chistmassy' now! 

Maths Challenge (WC: 30.11.20)

Each week we will be posting a new maths challenge to continue to deepening your understanding. It will be problem based and something to work on at home as part of your homework. Remember to keep playing your Times Tables Rock Stars and reading on Bug Club. This week's challenge in Maths is solving addition problems using the column method. Challenge 2 includes exchanging!

Super skeletons

This term in science, we are learning all about animals including humans. We have learnt that every animal has a skeleton. This could be an endoskeleton (a skeleton on the inside of the body), an exoskeleton (a skeleton on the outside of the body), or a hydrostatic skeleton (which is actually pressure made by fluid). All skeletons are used to provide shape and support to animals. We used what we learnt about skeletons to complete a human skeleton puzzle. Because we know that bones, such as the rib cage and the cranium, protect vital organs and other bones, such as the femur, are thick because they have to be strong enough to support weight, we were able to solve the puzzles. We then labelled our finished skeletons. Have a look below: 

Excellent exchanging

In maths, we have been learning how to solve addition problems in a variety of ways. This week we have been trying the column method - this meant that we had to learn how to exchange. We now know that when we have more then 10 ones, we can exchange 10 ones for 1 ten. Some of us found this a little tricky at first, but we have been incredibly resilient and used dienes to help us understand what exchanging means. Have a look at our excellent exchanging below:

When would you rather live?

This term in history, we have been learning about how life changed from the Stone Age through to the Bronze Age and through to the Iron Age. We learnt how farming and the discovery of how to make bronze from copper and tin impacted the lives of our ancestors. They were able to make more reliable tools and also started building more sturdy homes. After humans started using iron, we appreciated that while day-to-day life became a little easier, new challenges appeared - such as tribes battling over territory! We learnt how tribes would build hill forts to protect their people and help them keep watch over their land. Today, we created persuasive posters to convince people why the Stone, Bronze or Iron Age was the best time to live. Have a look at some our fantastic examples below! When do you think it was best to live?

Creative Cave Art

In the first half of the autumn term, we have been learning about the Stone Age in history. Because of this, we have also been exploring the Stone Age as part of our art topic. We researched different examples of cave art from around the world and learnt about why historians think they were created. We found out that it is believed that cave art was used to tell stories (as written language wasn't around then!). We then told our own Stone Age stories by using charcoal. Have a look at some of our excellent creations below:

Meet our Young School Governors!

At Bidbury Junior School, each year group has two young school governors. This is an important role as they will meet each half term to discuss issues within the school and will suggest changes they want to make. Four children from each class were nominated by Mr Muir and Miss Willis and each class voted for which children they would like to represent Year 3. By doing this, the children also learnt about the British voting system and democracy. After counting the votes, we are proud to announce that Year 3's young school governors are Ella and Zachary. Well done to you two! 

Foolish, foolish Toad

For our English topic last term, we read Wind In The Willows and learnt how to use time adverbial and emotive language to retell the events from a character’s perspective. To do this, we also had to learn how to write in the first person. We then wrote a diary pretending to be Mr Toad. He ended up in jail after he stole a car! Have a look at some of our fantastic diary entries below. Which one do you think was most effective? 

Tolerance Day - 1

Every half term at Bidbury, the whole school takes part in a tolerance day. This is because tolerance is one of the British Values. 

This half term, Year 3 have been learning about ‘mental health’. We explored what mental health is and why it is important to look after our mental health. We learnt about some common mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression and body image. We then learnt some techniques on how to look after our wellbeing. The children practiced some mindfulness and thoroughly enjoyed the day! We had some excellent discussions too!

Below we have added some photos of some if the tasks we completed today. We drew pictures of ourselves and wrote down at least three things we liked about ourselves. We also made a mind map of all the things that we can do to help our wellbeing. We called these ‘our happy maps’.

Well done for all your hard work today, Year 3! Enjoy the half term and rest up ready for Autumn 2 laugh

Year 3 PPA Autumn Term 2 Timetable

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day was on Saturday 10th October this year so on Monday 12th October, Bidbury Junior School dressed up in yellow and donated £1 for the charity 'Mind'. Year 3 also took part in a sponsored skip and had a bake sale to raise as much money as we could. At the end of the day, our school managed to raise over £400!!! Well done to everyone who took part and managed to make it such a success! 

Fascinating Fossils

This term in science, we have been learning all about rocks and soils. As part of this topic, we have explored fossils and found out how they are different from bones (some of us thought that fossils were bones!). We then explored how fossils were made and found out that there are three ways of fossils forming. These are known as: chemical fossils, trace fossils and body fossils. We then had a go at making our own mould and cast fossils to help us understand how they form over a much longer period of time. Have a look at some of our fossils below:

Beware of Mr Twit!

As you know, our topic this term in English has been based on Roald Dahl's book 'The Twits'. We have been learning how to write a detailed and entertaining character description of Mr Twit using expanded noun phrases and compound sentences. Both Miss Willis and Mr Muir were so blown away by our amazing writing that we ended giving out four rainbow leaves in each class! Have a read of some of our gruesome descriptions below. And remember... beware of Mr Twit!

Cooking with Mrs Fennemore!
As part of our Well-being curriculum we have the opportunity to take part in cooking lessons and create lots of yummy recipes. This term so far we have been making mini quiches and Mrs Fennemore has been teaching us how to make them extra scrumptious!

Lily's mum sent us this photo of her enjoying her mini quiches she made!
They look delicious smiley 

Nessy app

⭐️Nessy is a great app that offers help with children who are dyslexic or struggling with spelling.⭐️


This is also a resource we can use in school to help the children.


⭐️This month they are offering a FREE download in awarness of Dyslexia month, so make sure you get yours! ⭐️

TT Rockstars & Bug club- homework club


School Council

⭐️ We are opening up the opportunity for our children to be involved with our very own Bidbury school council. This is an opportunity for children across all year groups to apply. If your child is interested, please encourage them to be involved.⭐️


Marvellous Maths

This week in maths we have been recapping some of our KS1 knowledge on place value. We discussed what place value means and made a variety of two digit numbers using dienes. After doing this, we were able to explain the place value of these numbers and could draw the dienes to help us. Have a look at some of our marvellous maths below:

Maggoty cheese and mouldy, old cornflakes!

This week Year 3 have started their new topic in English based on Roald Dahl's book 'The Twits'. We have been reading all about Mr Twit and we used the information in the text to recreate his infamous beard filled with all sorts of rotten things! We then wrote sentences to describe his beard and learnt how to use a thesaurus to find some super synonyms. Have a look at some of our gruesome beards below... but you might want to do it after you've eaten!

Homework at Bidbury

Hello parents, 

Tomorrow (22/09/2020), we will be giving out print outs of the power-point linked below. It explains how homework is going to be done this year at Bidbury Junior School. We will give out your child's log on information when we give this out. If you have any questions, please contact a member of staff at the Year 3 door or email us at:

A Day At Bidbury

For the first two weeks of school, Year 3 are learning all about our school and our routines in PDL (personal development learning). Next week, we will be resuming our usual schedules and lessons now we are more settled. Today we created a visual timetable to help us prepare for a normal school week. We added some pictures to help us understand what some of our lessons will be. Have a look at some of our fantastic timetables below:

First Week of Year 3

We would just like to say a huge well done to everyone in Year 3 for all their hard work and resilience on their first week at Bidbury Junior School. Considering some of you have not been in school since March, you have all done incredibly well and have settled back into school life quickly and sensibly. It is safe to say that we have been very busy! Here are just some of the things we have been doing:

- learning about our school values

- learning about how to stay safe in school

- making nature art

- learning about growth mindset

- writing our sentences


Parents, have a look at the photos below to see what we have been getting up to. Both of us are so impressed with you all this past week. You should feel very proud of yourselves Year 3. Keep up the good work!



Miss Willis and Mr Muir smiley

Welcome to Year 3!

Hello everyone smiley


We hope you have all had a fantastic summer holidays. We cannot wait to see you all again and hear all about what you have been up to!


Both of us have been busy over the holidays planning lots of fun lessons and getting our classrooms ready so that they are safe and happy places that we can all enjoy together. We have added some pictures below of what our classrooms look like so you can have a look if you would like. 


We have so many exciting things planned for our first half term together and we hope that you are just as excited as we are to get started!


Make sure you rest up over the weekend ready for our first day on Monday!


We can't wait to see you!


Mr Muir and Miss Willis laugh

Lesson 2

What inferences can you make about Victorian life from these photos? Complete a read aloud, think aloud (the children know what this means!)

Lesson 3

Complete a Venn diagram comparing Victorian and modern schools.

Lesson 4

Write a diary from the perspective of someone living in the Workhouse.

Lesson 5

Discuss the pros and cons of the Industrial Revolution.

Diversity week


Bidbury families let’s get involved!🌟

End of the week report

Every Friday Miss Willis and Miss Whippy will write a 'end of the week report' here on our class page to say well done to those of you who have been doing fantastic learning at home. Please remember to email in any photos you have of what you have been up to so we can say well done to you. Our email is:


TT Rock Stars

Last week, only 23% of Year 3 had played TT Rock Stars. Well done to those of you who been playing this week. 50% of Willow Class have been playing, whereas only 27% of Beech Class logged on. Come on Beech Class! We want to see more of you playing next week. This week we have been looking at the most coins earned and also the amount of answers answered correctly. 

These pupils have earnt the most coins:

1. Tommy (Willow) - 92,468 coins

2. Jack (Willow) - 26,202 coins

3. Owen (Willow) - 5,329 coins

These pupils have answered the most questions correctly:

1. Tommy (Willow) - 9,544 answers correct

2. Jack (Willow) - 3,297 answers correct

3. Owen (Willow) - 599 answers correct


Bug Club

Thank you for bearing with us while we sorted the issues with Bug Club last week. We hope that you have had much better luck with it this week, and if not please get in contact and we will look into the issue for you. This week we have looked at who has read the most books in Year 3.  

1. Noah (Beech)

2. Chloe (Beech)

3. Tommy (Willow)


We will update you next Friday with another weekly report. 

Phoning Home

Hello Willow Class,


It has been lovely speaking to some of you on the phone today! I love chatting to you and hearing all about what you have been up to at home. I didn't have time to get hold of everyone today, but I will phone those of you who I didn't speak to you next week. I'm so pleased you have all been enjoying the home learning we have been setting. I can't wait to see your photos! Have a good weekend everyone! smiley


From Miss Willis x


PS. I have added some more pictures of Maggie, as I know you all love seeing her. You can see her sat in my garden with her beloved ball... I took this in between phone calls (and the rain) today. She is now cuddled up fast asleep!

Let There Be Light!

At this point in the year, Year 3 would normally be starting our new science topic about light. Because we still do not know if or when your children will be returning to school, we thought that you might like to start this topic at home. We have found some fantastic lessons for you to do all about 'light'. We have added the power point presentations for the lessons and the resources below. We hope you find it useful. Please send us photos or videos of the work you and your child complete around this topic:

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5

Creative Home Study Projects

Week 8 - Caring for Each Other (PDL)

White Rose Maths - Week 8

Important Information

In the summer term, as a school we usually have our year groups photos. We are sad that we cannot currently offer these to parents during these difficult times. However, we have worked with Fraser Portraits to come up with a solution and have used the pictures that were taken in the autumn term to create a virtual group.


We understand at Bidbury that these images are very popular with the pupils and parents, so please contact to request your proof card id to view and order your year group photo.


⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️

To put a smile on our faces and to have a giggle with our families. This week’s challenge is for you all to show us your best ‘fancy dress read’ this will involve you dressing up in your best fancy dress or craziest outfit whilst reading your favourite book. 🎁 


Year 3, we know how amazing you all are at dressing up so we are certain that someone from Year will win this week's challenge!!! Make sure you all enter! We can't wait to see your photos laugh. Maybe even some of the staff will give it a go (hehe)🙊...


Entries need to be in by 4pm Friday and the winner will be announced at 5pm. All entries this week must be sent to the school via Facebook Messenger or on the Facebook post on our school page. You cannot email your entries this week.

TT Rock Stars

Year 3 we need you to all work very hard on TT Rock Stars over the next week or so. As of tomorrow (Saturday 6th June), we will be battling against Year 4 again. Last time, they beat us - but we will win this time, won't we? Get your times tables caps on and get ready to smash it against Year 4! We will post the results when it ends on 13th June. Go Year 3!!!yes

End of the week report

Every Friday Miss Willis and Miss Whippy will write a 'end of the week report' here on our class page to say well done to those of you who have been doing fantastic learning at home. Please remember to email in any photos you have of what you have been up to so we can say well done to you. Our email is:


TT Rock Stars

Unfortunately, only 23% of Year 3 have been playing TT Rock Stars this week. We hope that next week see we see more of you have been playing. TT Rock Stars have update their website so we can see more data about how you are using it at home. This week, we have looked at how coins have been earnt across the school and we are very pleased two children in Year 3 have made the top 3 across the school!

These pupils have earnt the most coins:

1. Samuel (Horse Chestnut - Year 4)

2. Jack (Willow - Year 3)

3. Tommy (Willow - Year 3)


Bug Club

We are aware that many of you have experienced problems with Bug Club this week. Thank you for notifying us and we hope that we have now resolved the issue. Just like with TT Rock Stars, this week we have looked at who has been using Bug Club the most across the school. We cannot believe that the top 3 children in the whole school are in Year 3! That is amazing! We are so proud of you all! 

1. Chloe (Beech)

2. Jenson (Willow)

3. Tommy (Willow)


We will update you next Friday with another weekly report. laugh

More home updates!

Noah has been busy this week learning all about the Romans and has even made his own Roman sword and shield! We are really impressed, Noah. We think you would have made a good Roman soldier. 


James has also spent this week learning about the Romans. He has made an excellent Roman mosaic of a robot! Well done, James. It must have taken you a very long time cutting out and sticking down your tessera. We love it!


Jenson followed Miss Willis' instructions on how to make a doggy icelolly. He sent us a photo of his adorable dog, Dexter, enjoying his new treat. Have any of you tried it yet? Give it a go - your dogs will love you even more for it!

Job applications for September 2020
At our school, every year we advertise jobs that become available for you to apply for! We are always blown away with the response we get from all of our children at Bidbury and feel very proud that so many of you would like to be involved. However, we know that SLT will invite you to an interview if your application is successful and this is your time to shine! 


 We understand that with the current school circumstances we are unable to do the normal process with our job applications, so we are holding it out a little longer and giving you time to get planning and write up those drafts! 

Please read the job roles that will become available for you to apply for... your teachers will keep you updated when your applications can be submitted to SLT!




Bug Club

Hello parents. We have received several emails over the last couple of days from some of you telling us you have been having some issues with the site. This is just a quick update to tell you that we are working on it now to try and resolve these problems. Keep us updated if you are still experiencing difficulties. Thank you!

More home updates

Eva-Mai sent in this photograph of her after she planted her sunflower seed. Her nanny has set her and her brother a challenge to see who can grow the biggest sunflower. They are very glad the rain has decided to make an appearance so it can get some water! Good luck, Eva-Mai! Make sure you keep us posted.

Jenson and his mummy have made a slideshow video of all the things he has been up to during lockdown. We were glad to hear that you are enjoying being at home, Jenson and we all miss you too! Miss Willis loved seeing your dinosaur head and was very jealous of all the delicious things you have been making!

Jenson’s Lockdown

Still image for this video
We LOVE hearing from you so please send us any photos and/or updates to:

Another Super Student!

Miss Willis wants to say a massive well done to Jenson from Willow Class for working so hard during the half term. His mum emailed the school today with a photo to show all the work Jenson has completed about the Romans (you can still see the lessons lower down on our page). Jenson has made a poster informing the public about the Romans, made his own AMAZING Roman villa, created his own Roman mosaic and also completed a timeline outlining the Roman invasion of Britain. Well done, Jenson! You have made Miss Willis very proud and you should feel proud of yourself too! laugh

Hello from Maggie

Hi everyone! smiley 

I know that some of you said on the phone said that you loved seeing Maggie here on our page, so I thought I would send you a little video of her. Over half term, I noticed she was getting very hot in the garden with all the lovely sunshine we have been having, so I decided to make her a ‘doggy icelolly’. You can see in the video below her enjoying it as I explain how I made it. I know lots of you have got dogs at home so I wondered if you would like to try and make your own dog icelolly? Send any photos of them to me on:


Speak to you soon! Stay safe!

Miss Willis x

Maggie’s icelolly

Still image for this video

Super Student Alert!

Miss Willis would like to say well done to Owen from Willow Class for his fantastic work on the Romans. Last week, Owen created a time line about the Roman's occupation of Britain (you can see a photo of it if you scroll down). This week, Owen has been busy writing about what he already knew about the Romans. He was lucky enough to visit Butser Ancient Farm with his family last summer and included some fantastic pictures of his visit there. I think you will all like reading his work - especially because he has written mostly about toilets! Fantastic work, Owen. Miss Willis is really pleased you are enjoying learning about the Romans. Keep it up!

White Rose Maths -  Week 7

Creative Home Study Projects

Week 7 - Get Moving (DT & Science)

⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️


With school opening up to Year 6 and more keyworker/ vulnerable families, we would like our wonderful children to help us! The government have made us lots of posters, about how to stay safe during the reopening, however they aren’t very exciting or child friendly! 


This week’s challenge is therefore to create an informative poster about washing hands and social distancing. The winning poster will then be displayed around the school to help keep everyone at school safe - along with your prize being delivered the following Monday! 🎁 


We will post a copy of the posters that we currently have around the school on Monday to give you some inspiration and the facts we need to be visible! 

Entries need to be in by 4pm Friday and the winner will be announced at 5pm. Upload them to the Facebook post on our school page or email them to:

End of the week report

Every Friday Miss Willis and Miss Whippy will write a 'end of week report' here on our class page to say well done to those of you who have been doing fantastic learning at home. Please remember to email in any photos you have of what you have been up to so we can say well done to you. Our email is:


TT Rock Stars

Well done to those of you who took part in our TT battle against year 4. Unfortunately, year 4 won the battle with 8,602 points. We were still very impressed with all of you who took part - we got 6,114 points, which is amazing! Well done everyone! 

This week the fastest students are:

1. Lily (Willow) with a speed of 1.05 seconds

2. Tommy (Willow) with a speed of 1.48 seconds

3. Jack (Willow) with a speed of 1.81 seconds.

These pupils have earnt the most coins:

1. Maddie (Beech) with 143,281 coins

2. Chloe (Beech) with 74,242 coins

3. Laila (Willow) with 32,429 coins


Bug Club

We want to say a huge well done to those of you who have been keeping up with your reading on Bug Club. This week, we have been looking at how many quizzes you have all completed so far. Noah (Beech) has completed 281, Chloe (Beech) has completed 249 and  Jack (Willow) has completed 233. We also want to say another well done to Noah and Chloe who both moved up book bands this week. Amazing reading year 3! Keep up the fantastic work!


We will update you next Friday with our weekly report. laugh

More home updates!

Hello everyone. We hope you have all been enjoying your 'half term' this week. What have you all been up to? We have had a few updates from some of you so we thought we would share them here as we know you all love seeing what your classmates have been getting up to. 


Chloe has been measuring her fruit and vegetables that she is growing at home. Chloe’s Sweetcorn is at 12 cm and her Carrots at 10 cm. She will measure them again in a few weeks to see how much they have grown. Well done, Chloe! We bet they will be delicious when they are ready to eat!


Owen has been busy this week learning about the Romans and remembering all the Roman sketches he has seen on Horrible Histories. He sent in a photo of a timeline he has made about the Roman occupation of Britain. Fantastic work, Owen! We particularly like how you added diagrams to support your ideas. 


Miss Willis and Miss Whippy LOVE seeing photos of what you are doing at home so please send us an email update to:

⭐️ Bidbury Family Challenge ⭐️ 

This week’s challenge has been set by Mrs Mason! 🎉


Mrs Mason would like you to create your own clip to respond to the staff ‘Champion’ video as she loved it so much! You can be as creative as you like! 🎵🕺🏿 


We cannot wait to see what you create! 😊
Entries need to be in by 4pm Friday and the winner will be announced at 5pm. Upload them to the Facebook post on our school page or email them to:

Brilliant Baking!

Well done to those of you who entered the Bidbury Family Challenge this week. We really enjoyed seeing pictures of your creations - and they made us very hungry! Although no one from year 3 won, we are proud of each of your entries. We wanted to give special shout outs to Jenson and Logan. We bet your cupcakes were very yummy, Logan! And Jenson, your cheese straws and cherry cake looked delicious! Well done boys! We can’t wait to see your entries to next week’s challenge...

Sunny Summer Days

We have really enjoyed speaking to you all this week and I must admit I've been a little jealous every time I've called somebody and their parent has said "I'll just get them out the pool!"

Chloe's photos have made me even more jealous, I must get myself a pool to enjoy this lovely weather. Even if you don't have a garden I hope you've been enjoying taking walks in the sun.shine. 

Update From Miss Willis

Hello every one! smiley


It has been so lovely this week speaking to you all on the phone. I have missed you all very much so it was nice to catch up. I wasn't able to get hold of all of you so I will try to call again after half term. I loved hearing about what you have all been busy doing and was very pleased to hear you are all happy and safe!


I have added some pictures below. You can see how big my frogs are getting since I started feeding them small crickets (YUCK!). The one on the stick is Dave and the one on the pond weeds is Mr Stink! I have also added a photo of one of the many tennis balls Maggie has destroyed... She is being as naughty as ever! Today she knocked over a flower pot and broke it! 


As I said on the phone, as soon as we have any updates about coming back to school when it is safe to do so we will let you know. In the mean time stay safe! I hope we will all be able to see each other soon. Well done for being SO resilient Willows!


From Miss Willis heart

End of the week report

Hello everyone. We hope you are all safe and well. Seeing as we have all been at home for quite a while now, we thought it might be nice to start something new. Every Friday Miss Willis and Miss Whippy will write a 'end of week report' here on our class page to say well done to those of you who have been doing fantastic learning at home. Please remember to email in any photos you have of what you have been up to so we can say well done to you. Our email is:


TT Rock Stars

Well done to those of you who have been taking part in our TT battle against year 4. The battle ends on 23rd May at 10am so you still have time to enter! Currently year 4 are in the lead with 7,796 points. Come on year 3! We can beat them! 

This week the fastest students are:

1. Lily (Willow) with a speed of 1.05 seconds

2. Laila (Willow) with a speed of 2.05 seconds

3. Tommy (Willow) with a speed of 2.19 seconds.

These pupils have earnt the most coins:

1. Maddie (Beech) with 141,431 coins

2. Chloe (Beech) with 74,092 coins

3. Laila (Willow) with 32,429 coins


Bug Club

We want to say a huge well done to those of you who have been keeping up with your reading on Bug Club. We now have three children who have been moved up to the next bookband. Well done to Maddie (Beech), Tommy (Willow) and Jenson (Willow). We can't wait to see how many more of you move up next week! We can see that Noah (Beech), Jenson (Beech) and Jack (Willow) are pretty close...


Keep up the good work everyone! We will update you next Friday with our weekly report. laugh

White Rose Maths - Week 6

Star Student Alert

We know it can be difficult focusing at home on your learning and every little bit helps! From our phone calls home (we haven't got through everybody yet though) we understand that everybody is trying their best. Henry has worked really hard on his maths with his mum and nan at home and the teachers are all really proud of how resilient you have been. Keep up the good work Henry you're a star. 

Creative Home Study Projects

HIAS have released some creative home study projects for schools to send out to parents. The new home study projects will be released weekly with the aim of supporting parents and carers with home study and to foster independence in children. All activities are based on foundation subjects with aspects of English and maths. We have added them below for you to try. Let us know how you get on!


Week 1 - The Great Indoors and Outdoors (science and DT)

Week 2 - Spring into Spring (Art and DT)
Week 3 - All Around Us (science)
Week 4 - Homes (geography)
Week 5 - What I Want To Be (history and PDL)
Week 6 - This Way, That Way (geography)

Rotten Romans

At this point in the year, we would normally be learning all about the Romans in history. As we do not yet know whether your children will be coming back to school anytime soon, we thought you might want to get a head start with this topic. We have found some fantastic resources and tasks which enables the children to learn about the Romans in a hands-on way. We have added the pdf documents for each of these lessons below as well as a link to some BBC Bitesize clips to support learning. 


Lesson 1

Make your own posters to inform the public about the Romans.

Lesson 2

Make your own Roman villa. 

Lesson 3

Design and make your own Roman mosaic.

Lesson 4

Create your own timeline outlining the Roman invasion of Britain. 


You can be as creative as you like for each of these lessons/tasks. You can even get the whole family involved! We cannot wait to see your final outcomes. Email photos of each of the completed tasks to: and we will upload them to our class page here!

From everyone at Bidbury...

Hello year 3 laugh

We hope you are all safe and well. Some of you may have already seen this, but all the staff at Bidbury Junior School made our own music video for our school song 'Champion'. We hope you like it! Every member of staff misses you all SO much and we cannot wait to be reunited once more. Whatever the government decides, about if and when it is safe for us all to return, know that the Bidbury team will be ready and waiting to see you all very soon. In the mean time, we miss you, stay strong and keep safe!

⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️

This week’s family challenge is all about dusting off your aprons and getting your hands dirty in the kitchen!

We would like you to get cooking together as a family. This might be a family recipe that you love to make or it could be you stepping out of your comfort zone and trying to cook or bake something new! It would be great if you could upload the recipe and instructions too to create a bank of ideas for other families in our school community to try! 😊


We cannot wait to have our Facebook page filled with pictures of your wonderful creations 🧁🍪🥧🍲🥗


Entries need t o be in by 4pm Friday and the winner will be announced at 5pm. Upload them to the Facebook post on our school page or email them to:

Perfect Pictures!

Well done to everyone who entered the 'Bidbury Family Challenge' this week. Miss Willis and Miss Whippy were very impressed with your photos of things you find beautiful in nature. While we didn't win the challenge this week, we loved seeing all the wonderful pictures on our school Facebook page. We added some of this week's entries from year 3 below:


Photo 1 - Isla from Willow Class

Isla's photo is from a place her family call their 'secret spot' as nobody is ever there and it is so beautiful and relaxing. Isla has spent some time there splashing with her siblings and her parents whilst out on their daily walks.

Photo 2 - Henry from Willow Class

Henry and his sister had some baby caterpillars delivered about a month ago. They have been looking after them and observing them as they changed into painted lady butterflies. They released them outside their house.

Photos 3 & 4 - Chloe from Beech Class

Chloe's family thought they had lost this Australian tree fern last year but they looked after it all winter with banana skins and now they are very proud to say that it has new life.


Well done, Henry, Chloe and Isla. We love your photos! We can't wait to see your entries for next week's challenge...

White Rose Maths - Week 5
White Rose Maths - Week 4
White Rose Maths - Week 3
White Rose Maths - Week 2
White Rose Maths - Week 1

Hello parents smiley


As a school, we use 'White Rose Maths'. They have recently updated their website with weekly maths lessons for your children to complete. We have had a look and the resources are very good. Before you try each lesson, show the relevant video to your child as it explains the tasks, models and strategies needed to solve each problem. We will now be uploading the lessons and video links each week. We will also upload the answer sheets so you can check the work after your child has completed each task. This week is all about fractions. Let us know how you get on! 


Miss Willis and Miss Whippy laugh

At school we have been playing lots of Kahoot Quizzes, so we all thought it would be a great idea to create our own Bidbury Junior School themed quiz. Our quizzes will test what you remember about our school from the teachers to places around the school. 

We would LOVE for as many of you to play these quizzes! Remember to use your name as the username so we know who has played.


Year 3/4  quiz

Game PIN: 01842387

Environment challenge:

As some of you know, I absolutely love science and I want to get you all excited and engaged with the subject too. I have been busy this year running the 'Clean Air Project' and have also helped to design an outdoor classroom for our school. I am passionate about our environment too and now I want all of you to get involved. 


I am challenging you to complete this 'helping the environment' pack. It included three exciting and creative activities:

1. Design your own eco-school

2. Create your own environment magazine

3. Nature Hunt


You don't have to do all three activities but I would like you to complete at least one. Email your finished work to:


I can't wait to see what you come up with!

From Miss Willis laugh

Home Learning Resources

Hello parents smiley

First of all, we would like to thank you for all you are doing at home. We know this time is challenging and can appreciate the difficulties in engaging the children with home learning. We can't wait to have your little ones back with us when it is safe to do so. We miss them very much!

Secondly, we would like to let you know that Hampshire Advisory Services (HIAS) have released some home learning teaching resources that you can follow at home. This includes maths, English and guided reading. We have attached some of the resources they have provided below as well as links to their website. As a school, we use HIAS resources so the children are familiar with the activities they suggest and understand how the learning journeys work. We hope these help! We will update this page with more resources as and when the are released. 


Let us know if you have any problems and again, thank you!

Miss Willis and Miss Whippy laugh


Spelling and Handwriting

More home updates!

Hello everyone. We hope you enjoyed the bank holiday weekend and managed to keep safe. We have had some updates today of what you have been getting up to that we thought we would share.


Chloe enjoyed decorating her house for VE Day by making some poppies and cutting out some spitfires. Well done, Chloe! We bet your neighbours appreciated your brilliant decorations.

Jack and Tommy took on the rectangle challenge, which was posted earlier last week, and had lots of fun running around the house searching for rectangles. They managed to find 48 in total! Wow! How many did the rest of you find? Can you beat Jack and Tommy's total?

Owen has been busy this week doing science experiments. Back in January, we learnt about magnets in science and had lots of fun experimenting with them. Do you remember? Well Owen and his parents have had a go at making their own electro-magnet at home! Fantastic work, Owen! Miss Willis is very impressed! Luckily, he also wrote up his experiment so maybe some of you can have a go yourselves at home. We have added a picture and some videos that Owen's parents sent in below:

Owen's Science Experiment Part 1

Still image for this video

Owen's Science Experiment Part 2

Still image for this video

Outdoor Activities

To link in nicely with out weekly challenge we have found some Thrive activities that you can do outside. We're really enjoying seeing all your contributions, keep sending them in!


⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️

This week’s family challenge is all about taking a step back and focusing on enjoying the beautiful world around us in our local community.

We would like you to enter a photo that captures something beautiful and natural. This might be found in your garden, in your home or something that you spot whilst out and about exploring as part of your daily exercise outing. 😊

We cannot wait to have our Facebook page filled with pictures of our local area ☀️🐛🦋🐝🌻🌸🌺🌷🌈


Entries need to be in by 4pm Friday and the winner will be announced at 5pm. Upload them to the Facebook post on our school page or email them to: adminoffice@bidbury-jun.hants.sch.uK

Super Scavengers!

Well done to everyone who entered the 'Bidbury Family Challenge' this week. Miss Willis and Miss Whippy were very impressed with your creative scavenger hunts at home! We wanted to give shout outs to Eva-Mai, Henry and Jenson for their entries. We really liked how you presented your scavenger hunt findings and loved seeing your smiling faces! We miss you all lots! We particularly liked how Henry used his sister for part of his scavenger hunt and how Jenson used his winning entry from week 1 in his scavenger hunt too! We added photos of Eva-Mai's, Jenson's and Henry's entries below so you can all see what they got up to. Although no one from year 3 won the challenge this week, we are sure we will win again next week so keep up the hard work every one! Keep your eyes peeled for next week's challenge. We can't wait to see your entries...

VE Day Celebrations!

Tomorrow (Friday 8th May) is the 75th anniversary of VE Day. VE Day, also known as Victory in Europe Day, celebrates the beginning of the end of World War 2 back in 1945. People all over the UK commemorate VE day every year by doing special events. This year, VE day is a bank holiday because it marks 75 years since Winston Churchill's announced the end of the war in Europe. Bank holidays normally mean you would have the day off work and school to celebrate - but you are already at home at the moment. Even so, many people are celebrating the day. You could have a tea party at home with your family, bake some cakes, make some bunting, create a Union Jack flag, make a VE day poster or even sing some songs from 1945. Whatever you get up to, we hope you have fun celebrating VE day. You can always send us some photos of what you get up to! We have added a video link below to explain to you in more detail what VE day is all about along with some links to ideas on how to celebrate at home. Have fun year 3 and stay safe! laugh

Frog update #4

Thank you to Ethan from Willow Class for emailing us this morning. I am so glad that you are enjoying the frog updates! Ethan not only suggested a name for one of the frogs, but also wrote a set of instructions for me to follow to help me feed the them. His mum said he spent a lot of time researching what frogs need to grow in his animal encyclopedia and on the internet. He was also able to tell his mum what the key features of instructions are (well done for remembering from our 'how to cook a woolly mammoth' topic). You can see Ethan's instructions below. Ethan, I am so impressed with your hard work but I was blown away by your handwriting! What an improvement! I can tell you have been working very hard. You should feel very proud of yourself! It looks like I'm going to have to buy some crickets to feed them... I'm going to have to be very resilient because I am quite scared of bugs!


Ethan also suggested that we name one of the frogs 'Mr Stink'. On World Book Day, Ethan came in dressed as Mr Stink as it is his favourite character. I also love that book! You can download the audiobook online or listen to some chapters on YouTube. Thank you for emailing in, Ethan! I love hearing from you all and there are still twelve more frogs to name! Email me at:

Mr Stink by David Walliams - Part 1

An update from Chloe!

We love hearing what you have all been busy doing whilst you are at home. Chloe, from Beech Class, has been keeping herself busy by making her own vegetable patch. This week she has planted some spring onions and sweetcorn. Well done, Chloe! We hope they turn out well for you. You'll have to keep us updated as they grow. Planting your own fruits, herbs and vegetables is also good for the environment. Has anyone else in year 3 been growing anything? Email us and let us know... 

Star Wars Day

Today is May 4th which, as some of you may already know, is Star Wars day! We know that some of you in year 3 are Star Wars fans so we wondered if you are doing anything to celebrate. The Star Wars website has listed 5 things you can do at home to celebrate today, including listening to Star Wars actor, Daisy Ridley, reading a story. Miss Willis baked a cake a few years ago for her cousin, who was a huge star wars fan. She added a picture of it below. Maybe you could do some Star Wars baking or make a poster all about your favourite character. Send us some photos of what you have done to celebrate today. Email us:


May the 4th be with you! laugh

More home learning ideas

Some of you might have seen on the television adverts, but BT have released some home learning ideas and activities for you to have at go at. We have had a look at some of them and think they have some good things for you to try. We particularly liked 'design your own board game' and 'code how to make a cake'. We have added the link to the 8-11 years page for you to explore and enjoy. Let us know how you get on and send us photos of you trying them out. We'd particularly love to see you and your families playing your own board games! Maybe we can try them out together when we are back to school. Email us:

Make a Teacher

I've got to admit Noah, I thought you were pretty close with your creation! The only thing I've changed was to add more chocolate!

⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️

This week’s family challenge is a little bit different and is a scavenger hunt: We would like you go on a hunt around your house and find an item for every letter of the alphabet. These items can be as random and creative as you like and how you choose to present your findings is completely up to you! 😊


We cannot wait to see what you manage to dig out! 

Entries need to be in by 4pm Friday and the winner will be announced at 5pm. Upload them to the Facebook post on our school page or email them to:


Awesome Adults!

Well done to everyone who entered the 'Bidbury Family Challenge' this week. Miss Willis and Miss Whippy are very honoured to have been made by some of you. We wanted to give shout outs to Mollie from year 4 and Noah from Beech Class. Miss Whippy loves your version of her, Noah! She was particularly impressed with how you gave her some malteasers. You are right - it is her favourite chocolate! She also loved how you made sure she was holding the teaching essentials: pens, a ruler and some lip balm! Miss Willis loved your version of her, Mollie. Mollie was in Miss Willis' class last year and decided to make Miss Willis out of her dinner. That really made Miss Willis laugh. Well done to both of you! 


But we wanted to day a HUGE well done to Amelia who won this week's challenge with her life-size Miss Willis. She said she made it so she could cuddle Miss Willis at home. Miss Willis can't wait to give you a big cuddle too, Amelia! She is sure we will all see each other again soon. We heard you did your creation all on your own too. It must have taken you a very long time so you should feel very proud of yourself! Well done!


We have added some pictures of Mollie's, Noah's and Amelia's creation below. Aren't they awesome? We can't wait to see what you all create for next week's challenge...

Frog update #3

Hello everyone. I hope you are all safe and well. This week has been very busy for me. At the start of the week I found eight frogs in my tank, but yesterday (Thusday 30th April) I realised there were a lot more and the tank was getting rather crowded. Luckily, I had a bigger tank in my loft from when I had some fish so decided to move the frogs into there. I had to do a it of research to find out what to put in the tank for the frogs and filled it with some stones, pebbles, sand, twigs, water and pond weed. This morning (Friday 1st May), I carefully moved the frogs from their old home to their new one. I had to be very resilient because I was a bit scared to pick them up but I managed it! They were very slimy and were difficult to catch. You would not believe how many I found... fourteen! I have added some pictures below of the frogs in their new home.


The only issue I now have is finding out what to feed them. I think they are still too small to release back into my pond so I need to make sure they grow big and strong before I set them free. I had an idea of how you guys at home could help me. You can do some research to find out what I should feed small frogs and write what you find on a set of instructions for me to follow.  I also still need some more names for these frogs! Email your instructions and your name suggestions to:


I can't wait to hear from you!


From, Miss Willis smiley

Rectangle Challenge

Rectangles can be found all around us. Out in the community, in our school and in your homes. We challenge you to find as many things in your homes you can that are the shape of a rectangle. This might be a television or a microwave. What is the most unusual rectangle you found? Once you find them, draw these items and see how many you can find. Send your completed rectangle challenges to:

A Message from Noah!

Hi everyone at school.

Noah is missing his friends and teachers. In the last week or so Noah went on another bug hunt. He found more slow worms, a beautiful butterfly and we found a hedgehog in our garden at night time. Noah made a bug chart of all the creatures he found. Noah has also made an army tank from recycling, he is painting it to finish it off. As it’s been raining for the last few days, we made Noah’s bedroom into a cinema. Noah has also enjoyed making a picture of his survival kit. He said he would need a tent like the one him and his dad slept in last week in the garden. He also said he would like to make a bed next to a river like Bear Grylls.

See you soon!

Love Noah laugh

Creative Drawing and Writing

Pobble have some wonderful stories on their website with different tasks. I have chosen one that is all about survival in the wilderness. There are different activities you can do and the final one asks you to draw a picture of your own survivor! Draw a picture of yourself and your equipment to survive in hostile environments. 

Email your drawings to:

Frog update #2

Thank you to Owen from Willow Class for emailing us this morning. We are so pleased that you are enjoying the updates. Owen suggested that we name one of the frogs Dave! One of Miss Willis' favourite short stories is 'Too many Daves' by Dr Seuss so the name Dave seems a perfect fit. Thank you Owen for also sending in a picture of the life cycle of a frog. You must have done lots of research to do that. Well done!

'Too Many Daves' by Dr. Seuss

Frog update #1

As some of you might have seen from my update last week, I found some frogspawn in my pond and collected it to watch the tadpoles grow into frogs. Last week I found my first frog! This morning (Monday 27th April), I found eight frogs in my tank! I was so excited! I have added some pictures of them below. The only trouble is, I can't think of what to name them all... So I thought that you could help me! 


If you would like to suggest a name for my frogs, send the name along with some frog themed artwork to:

DIY Dinosaurs

Back in September, we spent some time in science learning all about fossils and how they are formed. Do you remember? We found this cool tutorial on how to make your own dinosaur head out of a milk carton, which I'm sure most of you will have at home. So we thought we'd give you the challenge of making your own dinosaur heads! Be as creative as you'd like. Once you have finished them, send us a photo of you with your creation and we'll showcase them on the school website. We can't wait to see what you all create! Send your photos to:

⭐️ Bidbury Family Challenge ⭐️

Week 2 - This week’s challenge from Mr Mahmud:

I want you to get creative and get your art tools out! For this week’s challenge, I would like you to design and create an adult at our school.

We can’t wait to see your creations!!! 😊

Entries need to be in by 4pm Friday and the winner will be announced at 5pm. Upload them to the Facebook post on our school page or email them to:


Go Bidbury families !!! 👨‍🏫🎨

Brilliant Boxes! 
Miss Willis and Miss Whippy were SO impressed with how hard you all worked on your box creations for our Bidbury Family Challenge! You must have all worked really hard. We wanted to give shout outs to Teddy and Finley. We loved your robot Finley! It was very creative. And Teddy, your sarcophagus is amazing! We particularly loved seeing you dressed as a mummy! Is there where the toilet roll shortage came from? wink


But we want to say a HUGE well done to Jenson who won this week’s challenge! Your ambulance is not only creative but also incredibly thoughtful considering our current situation. Well done! You should feel very proud of yourself! 

We added pictures of Teddy’s, Finley’s and Jenson’s creations below. Aren’t they fantastic? We can’t wait to see what you all create for next week’s challenge...

Hello from the Year 3 Team! 

We have loved hearing from all of you and seeing what you have been up to whilst you've been at home. We miss seeing you all every day! We thought it would be nice for you to hear from the adults in the year 3 team and see what we have been up to too! We have all written a message and taken some photos for you...


Mrs Hoggarth

I have been busy doing some reading that SLT suggested we do. It has been very interesting! I thought I should be doing some work too, just like you at home. I have also been busy walking my dog, Billy. He loves to roll when he is happy and he is so happy to be getting these longer walks! He has been very tired afterwards though. I have also been spending lots of time with my family. My house has never been so clean! I've spent lots of enjoyable time in the garden reading my book which I got from the staff room. I have also been eating lots of yummy things!  

Miss Whippy
I have been busy in school this week seeing some lovely faces and playing lots of games. Mr Dryden taught me how to play Kahoot, which has been a favourite of the children every afternoon. I have spent a lot of time in goal and fixed a few bike chains also!


Here is a picture of some art work we did, using Aboriginal techniques. 


Mrs Fennemore

I have been very busy at home helping my children with their school work so I decided to do some school work too. I have been working very hard on my maths. I have also been busy doing lots of arts and crafts and baking. Look at the size of my chocolate cake! I have also been learning a new skill - diamond art! I did a Christmas one as I thought it would take me a long time but I actually finished it quite quickly. You can see I have also done some gardening. I plotted some new plants for outside my house. My kids have also asked me to put our swimming pool up so I will be busy doing that and enjoying the sunshine in my garden with a dip in the pool.

Miss Kerridge

I have been enjoying spending lots of time in the garden with my family and dogs. We even got their agility course out and tried to teach them some new tricks! I have also been busy doing some work and have enjoyed doing lots of arts and crafts. You can see I have done some colouring too. Some days I do some yoga in the garden (when I feel like it). Me and my dogs are loving the sunny weather! They have loved having longer walks too. 

Miss Willis

Hello everyone! I am really missing being in school every day and seeing you all. I have loved all your emails and seeing photos of you on the school Facebook page! I'm also really impressed with how many of you are doing your reading on Bug Club and keeping up with your times tables on TT Rock Stars!


I have been busy doing lots of school work too. I have been reading lots of books to help me plan some exciting new lessons. When I am not working, I try to get outside to enjoy the fabulous sunshine we are having. I have also been doing some painting of the birds I have seen in my garden and have done some colouring. I have a small pond in my garden and at the start of spring I found some frog spawn! I have never had frog spawn before so I collected it and put it in an empty fish tank. This week I found my first frog! Can you think of a name for him?


My dog, Maggie, has absolutely loved having me home so much! We have been on some lovely long walks, although it makes her very sleepy! She has joined me every day in the garden when I do my yoga. Have you ever tried it? I love yoga as it really helps me to relax whilst keeping me fit and healthy. I think Maggie liked it too! Her fur grows very quickly and because the dog groomers are shut, I had to give her a hair cut! I don't think I did too bad! She hasn't been too naughty while I have been home, although she has been barking lots at people walking past my house.


I can't to get back to school and I look forward to seeing you all again soon. Keep safe and remember to keep in touch! smiley heart

Maggie playing catch

Still image for this video

Shout Out!

Well done to Maddie who has completed all the books in Bug Club on Brown Band, and has now moved up to Grey!

Keep up the good work and the reading. 

If anybody is having issues logging on, please speak to Miss Whippy at school who can (probably) sort them out. 

Thanks smiley


James the geographer
Hello year 3 smiley


We hope you are all keeping safe and are enjoying the wonderful sunshine we are having! Today we got some photos emailed in from James. He has been really busy learning about the Earth. He has learnt about volcanoes, earthquakes, how mountains are formed, the different layers that make up the earth and the water cycle. Take a look at some of his fantastic work below! We are very impressed, James! We think you’ll make an excellent geographer when you grow up. 

Don’t forget to keep in touch. We love hearing from you and miss seeing you all every day. You can email us at:

Online Learning

Hello everyone! We hope you and your families are safe and well. What have you been up to over Easter? Have any of you tried Miss West’s challenge from our school’s Facebook page? Don’t forget to email us to keep us updated. We love hearing from you!


Parents, some of you might have already seen this, but during the government daily briefing on Sunday, the Education Secretary announced the launch of two online learning platforms to support children when learning from home. 


BBC Bitesize and Oak National Trust are both doing daily lessons for children of all year groups. We have included the links to each of these below, along with a photo of the timetables they have created. Both sites have made three daily lessons for children including maths, English, science and other subjects from the wider curriculum. We have taken a look at both websites and they are fantastic. They will not only help keep some structure for the children, but will also make sure they continue learning with relevant and fun lessons. We encourage you to give them a try alongside your times tables on TT rock stars and reading on Bug Club.


Let us know how you get on and please email us if you have any questions. 

Miss Willis and Miss Whippy smiley

⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️ 

Get ready guys and girls - it’s time for the Bidbury Family Challenge!!! We are launching a family challenge that will take part each week. This is a bit of fun to keep our wonderful school community in touch and so we can see all of the awesome work you are up to at home! This might be something cooking related, a fitness task, a team challenge, some art work ... the challenge will change and be completely different week by week! 

We will set each challenge on a Friday and the winner will be announced via Facebook the following Friday. We are very fortunate that some of our wonderful LSAs are out and about delivering our free school meal food bags each week and so the prize will be delivered to your door as part of this journey each Monday. 🎁 


This week’s challenge from Miss West:

A box isn’t just a box ... What can you turn it into? Be as creative and imaginative as you like! The box can be as big or as small as you like and can lay your hands on. 


We can’t wait to see your creations !!! 😊

Upload them to the Facebook post on our school page or email them to:

The Hampshire Library Service Needs You!

Your task is simple - READ! We are asking you to read 6 books (although you can read more if you wish) and submit a short review for each title. After reading and reviewing your 6 books you can download your certificate! You can read a physical book, an eBook, listen to an Audiobook or even share a book and read as a family!


Here is a link to the website to submit your reviews and gain your certificate:


Welcome to the Hotel Noah

Moving on from bug hunter extraordinaire, Noah is showing off his amazing (bug) hotel building skills. When Mum wrote it, she did mention she wasn't sure who had more fun, Dad or Noah! It's wonderful to see you're all keeping busy and having fun learning. Please do keep sending in the pictures as we love to see what you have been up to. 


I have added some Easter Egg Colouring as we celebrating Easter this bank holiday. I have also added a bar chart if you want to see how many insects you can find outside, tally them and create a chart. 

Keeping Busy

Maddie has been keeping busy by writing to her pen pal, as some of the children swapped their address before we closed. Maddie and her sister have also been learning about science with their stomp rocket.  Here is a website if you fancy trying some of your own experiments out at home:


It's lovely to see what you're up to, keep in touch everybody!

Miss Willis and Miss Whippy


Fantastic Reading

Jacob has been busy reading these two books at home. We only just started our new book, ‘the giraffe, the pelly and me’, in guided reading before all the schools closed so that meant we didn’t get a chance to finish it... Jacob was lucky enough to have a copy of his own and has finished the story. Just like Miss Willis, he clearly loves Roald Dahl and has decided to read some more of his books. If you are interested, you can order them on Amazon or you can download an audiobook to listen to. The Roald Dahl website also has lots of interesting activities and quizzes you can do. We have put the link below. Great reading, Jacob! Keep up the good work everyone! 

Miss Willis and Miss Whippy smiley 

Covid-19 Time Capsules

Miss Barnett has been busy at home too! She managed to find resources so you can make your own time capsule to help you remember what it was like during the Covid-19 outbreak. Once completed, you could put them in a box and bury it in your garden or store it away in your house. In years to come, you can open it and you'll be able to remember what it was like to be a child when the Coronavirus caused all the schools, pubs, parks and shops to shut. You could even show your own children when you grow up! How cool is that?


Another option is to start your own diary. We learnt all about how to write a diary during our topic of 'Wind in the Willows' so you know how to set them out. To help you, we have put a success criteria down below. These are also fantastic ways of helping us to record memories or important moments in history. 


Miss  Willis and Miss Whippysmiley

More Home Learning!

We have really enjoyed hearing about what you have been getting up to at home! We have already had quite a few emails and can't wait to receive more from you all. Owen has been busy making his own lava lamp! We thought this was a great idea so we have put a link below to a video tutorial on how to make one yourself. Owen used oil, water and a vitamin C tablet to make his. Send us some pictures if you manage to have a go at making your own!


Miss Willis and Miss Whippy smiley


The school email address:

Home Learning

Eva and her little brother have been busy painting whilst at home. Her mummy and daddy were supposed to get married but had to reschedule their special day due to Covid-19. Eva and her brother's painting was entered into a competition at her mummy's work and they won! Their beautiful rainbow is now the background on everybody's computer whilst the adults are busy working at home. We can't wait to hear what your prize was Eva...