Year 3

Sports Day

Well done to all the children who participated on Sports Day. The weather was perfect and the ice creams went down well! The children really enjoyed the morning activities and we were all cheering our teams on in the competitive races in the afternoon. Thank you also to all the parents who managed to make time out of their busy schedules to attend. 

The problem with plastic...

As part of our new English topic, we have been exploring the problem with plastic pollution and the impact this has on our oceans around the world. In English today, we explored what is meant by a biased argument. We had a series of facts that were either pros or cons for the use of single-use plastic. In groups of six, we sorted the facts and justified our choices. After this, we then had a debate as a year group as to whether we thought the use of single-use plastic should be made illegal. Half the year group used facts and made a biased argument for the use of single-use plastics, whilst the other half used facts and made a biased argument against the use of single-use plastics. Both classes did an excellent job of confidently and clearly arguing their point! Well done Year 3!

How are we kept safe in school?

Today in PDL we had a very special visitor. Mr McIntyre, our school’s site manager, came to speak to Year 3 about our school safety rules and the role he has to play in ensuring everybody at Bidbury Junior School is kept safe. We asked some excellent questions and were fascinated about all the responsibilities Mr McIntyre has. After the visit, we worked in groups to discuss how the other adults in our school keep us safe too.

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Money, money, money!

As part of our 'wellbeing' curriculum, all children across the school learn different recipes and cook them from scratch. This week, Willow Class went to the local supermarket in Havant to buy some fresh ingredients to make home-made burgers. Miss Willis came along to see if we could apply some of our maths knowledge to our shopping. We had to round, estimate, add, subtract and use money. Doing this in a real life context was so interesting and Miss Willis was really impressed with our budgeting and comparing skills. Miss Willis and Mrs Fennemore were so proud of the way we conducted ourselves and represented our school. Now lets get cooking!

Extra, extra! Read all about it!

As you have seen, we have been investigating the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ And have been debating the innocence of Mr Wolf. After collecting facts from both versions of the story and opinions from witnesses, both classes decided the fate of Mr Wolf. Interestingly, Willow class found him innocent due to insufficient evidence, whilst Beech class found him undeniably guilty! After building our cases, we switched from lawyers to reporters and created news paper reports to inform the public about the crime. Take a look at some of Willow class’ fantastic newspapers below. Miss Willis and Miss Whippy were so impressed with how all children used tier 3 vocabulary to make their reports more realistic. Well done everyone!

What are flowers?

Our summer science topic has been 'plants' where we have learnt about the different parts of plants, the life cycle of plants and how seeds can be dispersed. Today we were focusing on the role of flowers. We learnt that the flower on a plant is needed for reproduction and they often have strong scents and bright colours to attract insects, like bees. After looking closely at the parts of the flower, we found out that 'stamens' are used to produce pollen and that 'pistils' are used to transport pollen from another plant for pollination. We then spent the remainder of the lesson looking at flowers around our school grounds. We sketched the flowers, labelled the parts and then noted further scientific questions that we would like to know about the plant.

Some of the questions included:

'How long ago was the seed planted for this flower?'

'I wonder if this plant has pollinated this year?'

'Does this flower attract lots of bees?'

'What stage of the life cycle of a plant is this flower in?'

Order in the court room!

For our new English topic, we have been revisiting classic fairy tales. We focused on the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' and discussed how reliable the original version was. We then read 'The True Story of The Three Little Pigs', which was told from the wolf's perspective. Over the last week, we have been exploring the wolf's character and today we took him to court for his crimes! Half the class acted as the prosecution, whose role it is to prove he is guilty, and the other half of the class acted as the defence, whose role it is to prove he is innocent. Both sides brought forward witnesses, such as Little Red Riding Hood and Shrek, who were then cross examined. Both Miss Willis and Miss Whippy were extremely impressed with how clearly, confidently and passionately each child spoke and agreed that there are definitely some future lawyers among us! 


Keep posted to find out whether Mr Wolf was found innocent or guilty...

Bidbury Poetry

In PDL we have been learning about appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. This week we have been thinking about what type of behaviour Bidbury Junior School pupils show. We discussed the school values and decided to create acrostic poems to go on display in the school that will show the positive mindset the children have. Take a look at some of them below. We definitely agree that this is how all the children in year 3 behave! 

Fishbourne Palace Trip

The classes have really enjoyed their trip to Fishbourne Palace as part of our Roman topic. We had so many activities to complete! We visited the mosaics and the museum, walked around the gardens, had a picnic and joined in with Roman food tasting. We were also lucky enough to experience the different workshops where we dressed up, completed puzzles, wrote in Latin, made mosaics and much more. We then finished the day with a spot of rolling down the hill! We even crossed of another part of our Bidbury University tasks as we had a picnic and took the train there. 

Year 3's excellent behaviour was also commented on and we were extremely proud of how the children conducted themselves. 

Roman mosaics

We have been learning all about Roman mosaics in art. We learnt that mosaics were invented by the Ancient Greeks who used pebbles instead of the stone and glass that the Romans used. Mosaics were very expensive and so only the richest Romans could afford to have them in their homes. The more detailed and intricate they were, the higher the price! After learning how and why they were made, we had a go at making our own. We tried many different types of material including, ink, foam, paper and pencils. We then designed our own mosaics, paying particular attention to the symmetry of our designs, as that was a key part of Roman mosaics! Finally, we made our mosaics using paper tesserae and glue. Have a look at how well we did: 

Year 3 trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace

A letter has gone home with all of the Year 3 children today (30/04/19) about our upcoming trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace. We are visiting there as part of our wider curriculum topic of 'The Rotten Romans'. We are going on Thursday 23rd May and all children need to be in school for 8:40am registration as we leave at 8:50am. If you do not have a letter or have misplaced it, please let Miss Willis, Miss Whippy or the office staff know as soon as possible and we will get you a letter which explains about payment and lunches. We can't wait to see real-life artefacts from the Romans! laugh

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Parents Evening

Thank you to all the parents who managed to attend the parent's evening this Tuesday. Don't worry if you couldn't make it, speak to us at the end of the day to make another one if needed! We were thrilled so many parents could attend and we enjoyed sharing all the wonderful progress your children have made. 

A Cool Visit

As part of Year 3's outdoor learning curriculum, we have been learning about our local community and have been visiting Belmont Care Home. The children have enjoyed their walk there from school as they looked at the views of our local area. Whilst there, the children have been making Mother's Day and Easter cards. They particularly liked talking to the residents and thoroughly enjoyed the ice lollies that they were given at the end! The staff of both Bidbury Junior School and Belmont Care Home have commented on how lovely it has been to see the children brighten up the resident's days. The Year 3 team are so proud of all of the children! smiley

Celebration of Learning Assembly

The Year 3 team would like to thank all of you that came into school on Tuesday 2nd April to watch our celebration of learning assembly. The children are really proud of all they have achieved so far and were very excited to share it all with you. We think they did a great job of presenting their learning to you and should feel very proud of themselves. Again, thank you all for your continued support and enjoy the half term!

Miss Willis and Miss Whippy smiley

Aboriginal Art!

As part of our topic 'Around the world' we have been studying Aboriginal Art. It is believed that the Aboriginals were the first people to live in Australia. They used to tell special stories called 'dreamings' through art (they didn't have pens and paper all that time ago). They used their fingers and sticks to create the dotted patterns and natural pigments to add colour. The 'dreamings' were often stories that they told to explain why certain things happened around them. We experimented with sticks, straws, our fingers and cotton buds and then made our own Aboriginal inspired art. Can you guess what stories we were trying to tell?

Ladies lunch!

On Friday 29th March, the children were allowed to invite any special ladies in their lives to lunch. We held a special concert in the playground where each year group choose a song to sing. Year 3 chose 'Mom' by Meghan Trainor. They sung brilliantly and even came up with their own dance moves! It was a really lovely lunchtime and the Year 3 team would like to thank everybody that came! 

In the cave...

In English we have been reading 'The BFG' by Roald Dahl and have been learning about how to add  suspense and use descriptive language in our writing. We applied this by rewriting Chapter 4 of The BFG called 'The Cave'. We had to describe the moment Sophie realised she was no longer in her bed at the orphanage... Have a read of some of our chapters below!

Well done Willow Class!

The SLT  introduced quiet zones around the school this year. This meant when we walked through these places we needed to walk sensibly and quietly so we didn't disturb other classes. This half term, Mrs Mason sent out some secret spies to see which class followed the boundaries of our quiet zones and were being role models to the rest of the school. Today we were told that Willow Class had won! As a reward, Willow Class have a non-school uniform day on Friday 22nd March. Willow Class should feel very proud of being role models to the rest of the school (especially because we are Year 3!) and for following the boundaries. Well done Willow Class!

From Miss Willis smiley

Who could these belong to?

In English we are starting a new topic but we weren't told what it was about at first. We had different objects on our tables to explore and we had to make predictions about what the objects could be used for and who they could belong to. Some of our predictions were:

'I think this is something you write with because I have seen it in Harry Potter.'

'I predict this is a large pair of socks that could belong to the giant from Jack and The Beanstalk.'

'I predict this is a pair of pants that belong to The BFG because they are far too big for any of us to wear.'

Get stuck into a good book!

As part of our celebrations for Book Week, we visited our local library in Havant. We walked into the town and into the Meridian shopping centre. We read a book from the library and learnt about how we can all access these books for free! All we need to do is sigh up for a library card. Many of us had been before but it was very exciting for us who had never visited

You've got a friend in me!

As part of our topic 'making friends', today we explored how our actions make other people feel. We created mind maps and we had three post-it notes each. We had to write down one thing that people can do to make us feel happy, sad and cross. We read through some of the things we wrote down and discussed why those things make us feel a certain way. We then spoke about how a friend should always make us feel happy and we agreed that we will always try to do things that makes other people feel happy too!

Save the animals, save the Earth!

As many of you grown ups at home have probably heard, we have been learning all about endangered animals around the world. We know that humans are the biggest cause for these animals decreasing in numbers thanks to farming, hunting and deforestation. All of the year 3 children wanted to help these magnificent creatures so we created our very own website to persuade people to do their bit to help them! The link to our amazing website is below. Please take the time to read through it. 

Top Trumps

This week we decided to create Top Trump cards for endangered animals we have researched on the Chrome Books. We had to remember our purpose was to inform people about the danger these animals face and also to remind people how wonderful they are. As you can see we made some good arguments using the vocabulary we have learnt such as endangered, extinct, rare and conservation. 

We speak for the trees!

In guided reading this term, we have been reading The Lorax by Dr Seuss. To show our understanding of the descriptive language used in the text, we made our very own Truffula Trees. We also recognised that the main theme in the story is deforestation and we made some very clever links to our 'Rang-tan' topic in English. Year 3 are definitely feeling much more passionate about protecting our environment so that we don't make the same mistakes as The Once-ler did in the story!

There are humans in my forest... 

After watching Greenpeace's video, 'There's a Rang-Tan in my bedroom', we wrote a short story from the baby orangutan's perspective. We told the story about how the humans destroyed the rainforest to make room for palm oil plantations and how they killed the orangutan's mother. We used emotive language and wrote to inform the audience about what is really happening in the rainforests around the world. Some examples of our amazing short stories are below:

Can you make a compass?

This week we have been experimenting with magnetism. We have explored how magnetism moves objects by repelling and attracting items. We learnt about the Earth's magnetic poles and then created our own compass by stroking a paperclip with a magnet to charge the particles one way. Here are our results being checked with a compass. One inquisitive mind even found out we could charge other items like scissors.

There's a 'rang-tan' in my bedroom!

In English this week, we watched the video 'There's a rang-tan in my bedroom' which was created by Greenpeace in 2018. It made the headlines because it was banned from being shown on TV! We watched the video and discussed the main points in the story and then unpicked the main message. We then got into small groups and retold the story through words and actions. We had to use really big voices when we performed them back to the class. Both Miss Willis and Miss Whippy were really impressed with how well we retold the story. Well done Year 3!

Stone Age Jewellery

This term in DT, we have been making Stone Age jewellery. We have already designed them, made prototypes and evaluated our product. Over the last two weeks, we have been really focused on making our final designs. We moulded clay so that it represented the types of stones that would have been used (we didn't use stones as it would've been tricky to carve!). We then threaded them onto thin pieces of rope, making sure we carefully followed our designs. Look how amazing they came out!

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The Year 3 team want to say a huge thank you to all the grown ups for taking the time to come into school this morning to help us decorate our school with Christmas crafts. It was a fantastic turn out! The hall looks amazing and the children have enjoyed looking out for their creations. Willow class are particularly proud of the class wreath that we made using our hand prints!

Butser Ancient Farm

On Monday 26th November, Year 3 were lucky enough to go and visit Butser Ancient Farm. As you may know, we have been exploring the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages this term so we wanted to see what it might have been like and how they lived. We explored how to make Stone Age jewellery, made a wattle fence and did some stone carvings using chalk and flint. We also studied archaeology and  discovered artefacts that gave us clues about how people used stone, bronze and iron to help them. Additionally, we fed animals that the first farmers would have kept during the Neolithic Age (New Stone Age) and had the opportunity to eat our lunch in a Bronze Age house around an open fire. The thatched roof had recently been repaired so we could hear lots of tiny field mice chewing the fresh wheat and scrurrying along the wooden beams. We had an amazing day learning what life was like in Britain during the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages and Miss Willis was really proud of how we followed the boundaries and showed respect. Fantastic effort Year 3! 

Remembrance Day

On Friday 9th November, Bidbury Junior School took part in a Remembrance service. This was to pay respect to those who lost their lives in the First World War. We learnt that WW1 ended  100 years ago this Remembrance Sunday! We dressed up as people who were alive during that time. Some of use were soldiers, nurses and evacuees. We sang 'Pack up your troubles' and 'Its a long way to Tipperary' for our part in the service. Afterwards, we gave out clay poppies and lay reeves that we had been making in class to pay our respects to those who are serving our country today and to remember those who have lost their lives. Miss Willis and Miss Whippy were very proud of Year 3's performance and how they showed respect. Well done Year 3!

Picture 1
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Savage Stone Age!

Welcome back after half term  - we hope you had a rest and had lots of fun too! 


This week, we have been writing a set of instructions on  how to hunt animals that were alive in the Stone Age. We found out that the Stone Age people were really quite savage! We decided that we are glad that we don't have to go and hunt woolly mammoths whenever we are hungry!


Here are some examples of some amazing diagrams that went with our instructions. We applied what we learnt in art last term to help us. Can you figure out what we are hunting?

Cave Art!

Throughout autumn term 1, Year 3 have been learning about life in the Stone Age. As part of this topic, we have been studying how people from that time told stories and passed on messages. We found out that they done this by creating cave art!


We decided to have a go at retelling stories from the Stone Age by creating our own cave art. We used natural pigments, like chalk and charcoal, just like they did 35,400 years ago! See if you can guess what story we were telling...

Introducing Our Young School Governors:

We have been learning about the British Values in assembly this term and today we discussed the importance of democracy and learnt how British citizens vote. In Willow Class this morning, we voted for our Young School Governors. Our nominees did a short speech on why they should be our class’ representative. They all did an amazing job at this. We voted in silence on ballot paper to make sure it is fair, then counted the votes. Once the votes were counted, we applauded our two new young school governors.

Maggoty old cheese!

In English we have started a new topic based on the book 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl. We will be working on writing a character description of the two main characters, Mr and Mrs Twit. On Monday 1st October, the children had to use information in the text to create Mr Twit's beard. They then came up with sentences to describe his appearance. Below are some examples of their sentences:


'Mr Twit was a revolting man who had old and mouldy food stuck in his horrific beard.'


'Mr Twit stunk of maggoty old cheese, mouldy old cornflakes and sardines!'


'Mr Twit was a grotesque man who had horrible manners and a filthy beard!'


On Friday 28th September we had some very excited Year 3s sleep here at school! We played lots of games, danced, had fish and chips for dinner and watched a film whilst drinking hot chocolate. The children were exhausted by the time we got to bed and were fast asleep by 9:45pm! All of the children were very well behaved and did an amazing job following the boundaries so that we could all have a great time. Well done Year 3!

Stone Age - Bone Age!

As part of our topic 'The Stone Age', we are looking at rocks and soils in science. To start our topic, we went out and identified different stones, rocks and soil on our school grounds and what their different purposes are. We found a wide variety all over the school, although most common was flint.

School invasion!
The Year 3 team were very shocked to come into school after the weekend to find that someone (or something) had destroyed our classrooms! Luckily, Willow and Beech class were up for the challenge of finding out who (or what) it could have been...


We searched for clues on the school grounds and used co-ordinates to plot and record where we found more evidence. After that, we dissected some very smelly poo, that had been found by Mr McIntyre, to find out what our visitors had been eating. We discovered that it must have been a hunter-gatherer! Following this, we uncovered some microliths using our archaeologist tools.


The Year 3 children concluded that there must have been a Tardis or time portal that had been sending creatures to our school from the Stone Age and Iron Age! We wrote a letter detailing our evidence and sent it to the authorities to prove what we had found. 


Well done Year 3!

Welcome to Year 3!

A huge welcome to the new Year 3s! I hope you've had a lovely summer break and are looking forward to the school year ahead.


The year 3 team would like to say a huge thank you for all the time and effort put into the summer projects by both the children and their grown up helpers. Our new display has certainly brightened up the Year 3 wing! Both Miss Willis and Miss Whippy thoroughly enjoyed learning about Australia and Egypt in our Year 3 homework presentation. Well done to all!


Miss Willis and Miss Whippy