Year 3

Maggoty cheese and sardine tails!

This week we have started our first English topic which is based on Roald Dahl's book 'The Twits'. We read the chapter on Mr Twit and the children were repulsed by his filthy beard! In groups, we generated adjectives to describe him and shared them to the class. We then showed that we understood the character description by recreating his beard. We used: thick bristles, wormy spaghetti, maggoty cheese, sardine tails and mouldy cornflakes! Have a look at our disgusting creations below:

Bidbury Nature Art!

Year 3 spent the first week of school doing transition work to make sure we are settled and ready to start learning. Part of this transition work was making sure that we understand our school values. We discussed good learning behaviour and unpicked what a role model student looks and acts like. To finish off our week, we created our very own Bidbury values trees! We went outside and collected natural resources and used coloured stamps to represent our six values. Don't they look amazing!

Welcome to Year 3!

The Year 3 team would like to welcome all the children back to school after the summer holidays. We hope you had lots of fun and are just as excited as we are to start a new school year! We have a lot coming up this term to look forward to such as a trip to Butser Ancient Farm, a sleepover and learning about the Stone Age!

Miss Whippy and Miss Willis have been very busy over the break making sure our classrooms are exciting and welcoming for you all. Have a look at the pictures below: