Year 4 21/22

Scandinavia- Did we decide it was better place to live then the UK?

We  have now finished our geography topic looking at Scandinavia. In our final lesson, the children made their conclusions based on all the research that we had completed in the previous lessons. Have  I look at some examples of our amazing work completed during this topic!

Sneaking Chocolate!

In science this term we are learning about changes of state. In today’s lesson, we had the task of finding out which chocolate, if we smuggled it into school in our pockets, is likely to melt the slowest. To do this experiment we melted milk, white and dark chocolate in a container. We found that the dark chocolate that contains the most cocoa had the highest melting point, therefore, was the best chocolate to smuggle into school in your pocket!

Hampshire Cricket - PE

This term we are really fortunate to have Hampshire Cricket coming into school to deliver our PE lessons! Today was our second session where we focused on bowling! Have a look at our amazing techniques on the pictures below!

New Geography Topic - Scandinavia 

Today the children begun their new geography unit of work by researching Europe. The task was simple - Pirate Pete had lost his treasure and our keen, young geographers had to help him to locate it using a map of Europe and our BRAND NEW atlases! The children were mesmerised by the maps and asked so many brilliant questions!

Dancing Raisin Experiment!

In science today, we were investigating whether the type of water (fizzy/still) affected whether raisins would float or sink. We found in the still water the raisins sunk, however, in the fizzy water the raisins sunk initially but then floated back to the top. The raisins were pushed to the top of the water because the air bubbles that were attached to the raisins were less dense than the water. Consequently, the bubbles rise, as did the raisins. When the bubble popped, the raisin sunk. This up and down motion of the raisins made them look like they were dancing - hence the name of the experiment!


The national times table tests are fast approaching. In June, all the Year 4 children will be completing the test that will be on all times tables from 1-12.


Each term we have been testing using this website:


This is a great place to practice under the same conditions- there is only 5 seconds to answer each question.


Also, please use TTRS daily, if possible, to practice. Times tables are essential to help us in many areas of maths which is why it is so important they are learnt off by heart!

PE Days


As of the WB 10/1/22, the children will need to come into school in PE kit on MONDAYS and FRIDAYS.

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

We hope you enjoyed your Christmas break and are looking forward to a new term of exciting opportunities.


Mr Prosser and Mx Colley