Year 4

Congratulations Year 4

We have made it to the end of the Year 4! All of the Year 4 team are so proud of how incredibly you have done this year. It has not been easy. We hope you have enjoyed the year as much as we have. Enjoy your Summer. Stay safe!

Come and see us in September and let us know how you are getting on in your new class.


Mr Prosser, Miss Cunningham, Mrs Neal and Mrs Savage 😄

Super Spellings

Today we ventured onto the playground to learn our spellings in a slightly different way. The children very much enjoyed using chalk on the playground to carefully practice their spellings for this week which were words ending in ‘tion’. 

How vicious were the Vikings?

Today we completed our final piece of work looking at the Vikings. We examined multiple pieces of evidence to see whether the accounts we interpreted concerning the Vikings were biased. We thought about the most recent archaeological digs and discussed how the vicious reputation of the Vikings may have been one-sided. 

WB 5/7/21

This week is an extremely busy one at Bidbury!

  • It is the final assessment week of the year, so from Monday-Thursday the children will be sitting maths, reading and SPaG tests. This is so we can identify the progress they have made throughout this year and can give their Year 5 teachers an understanding of areas for development.
  • Monday is Class Photo Day, so please ensure your school uniform is clean, you bring your jumper/fleece and you brush your hair!
  • Parents evening will also be taking place this week via Zoom so please ensure appointments are booked as soon as possible.
  • Homework will be due in on Wednesday as normal. If there are any issues please speak to your child’s teacher before the day it is due!
  • Finally… Friday is Transition Day. The children will be spending the whole day with their new Year 5 teacher!


RE Day

We have just completed our final RE day of Year 4 where our focus was around food rituals. We looked in detail at Christian food rituals. The Eucharist Service was a main focus of the day, where we discussed the significance of the Last Supper.

Our discussion led us to think about ethical issues, such as people being oppposed to these religious events. The children were provided with a scenario and completed a role play task to argue the importance of respecting every individuals’ beliefs, whether they are similar or different to their own.

Telling the time!

For the next couple of weeks in maths, we are learning to tell the time. We understand that some children will be able to do this already, and for some, this will be a completely new concept. The Year 4 curriculum states that children should be competent in using both analogue and digital clocks (12hr & 24hr).

We will be progressing slowly through this topic, with a lot of time to revisit in each lesson, however, it would be so very helpful to have a conversation about telling the time at home. Talking about time, for example, the time you leave for school or have dinner, helps to show that this is such an essential life skill.


This term, in French, we have begun using a new scheme of work to help make our French lessons more engaging for our children. We have decided to go back to basics with this language, starting with basic greetings.

After some repeating activities and a circle time, the children made their own finger puppets. Following this, they had to walk around the room introducing there puppet to as many people as they could in 5 minutes! The only rule was, there was to be no English spoken in the room!

History - The Anglo Saxons and Vikings

This term, the children thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Butser Ancient Farm to support their understanding during this topic. During the Summer 1 Term, we have looked closely at the Saxons. The children amazed us upon returning to school in the following lesson as they had retained so much information learnt on the trip. This gave them a helping hand to identify how a day in the life of an Anglo-Saxon was very different to our lives today! Learning in history has been reflected in other areas of the curriculum such as art, where the children designed a dragon head for a Viking Longboat. Throughout the Summer 2 Term we will be studying the Vikings in more detail.

Please look through some of the pictures below to gain a snapshot of our trip!

Butser Ancient Farm Trip

World Book Day celebrations

Returning to school Monday 8th March 2021

Here is a social story to share with your children before they return to school on Monday to help them understand and cope with any changes. There are two slightly different stories, depending on if your child has been in school or home learning. 


We cant wait to have you all back Bidbury!!

10 tips to stay safe online

Home learning photos

Hello year 4, we are really enjoying seeing what you have been doing at home. Baking, scooting and reading are just a few of the lovely photos we have been sent. 


Remember you can email us any photo on along with your child's name and year group and these will be added to the website and Facebook page for everyone to celebrate. 


Safer Internet Day Tuesday 9th February 

Rosie's Internet safety poster

Internet safety day is probably even more relevant this year with a lot of our communication coming from our online world.


We plan to gather all the children, at home and in school, to watch the BBC live lesson at 11 am. In this 30-minute Live Lesson the children will learn about how we can stay safe, responsible and wise in an increasingly digital world, with tips and advice from some of the biggest personalities on the web.


Here is a link for more information about the live lesson:


For parents we also have a guide produced by the Safeguarding Training Centre to help parents support their children in identifying "fake news". 


If you have any concerns you can always come and speak to you child's teacher or a member of the SLT team.

Children's mental health week 1st-7th February 2021


This week is more important than ever. With the current everchanging situation it is important to remember to look after our children's mental health, as well as our own.


We have previously shared some links to useful and websites we think can help anyone who may need some resources or information regarding looking after their own child's mental health. These can be found on the Bidbury website under the tab, Useful Links.

This coming Friday 5th February, we are having a non school uniform day to show our support to this important campaign. All activities on Friday, at home and at school will be to support our children’s mental health and well-being.


The theme is "Express Yourself". We hope you can join us in supporting this campaign in school and from your own home.

It has come to our attention that there has been a few incidences involving social media in different year groups. Please can you ensure that you take the time to go through keeping safe online guidance with your children if they are at home or in school. 


The NSPCC have some great links explaining how to change profile settings and talk to your children about using such apps. 

Bug Club on iPads

A few people using Bug Club on iPads have reported problems accessing the site. Here is a picture showing how to solve this.

Google Classroom 

Tomorrow is the start of our online learning on google classroom. We have really missed teaching you all and can't wait to see you! Please follow the step-by-step guide attached below if you are finding it difficult to log in to your account. You shouldn't need a class code as everyone has been invited. All you need is your username / email, which is your and your password which have all been set to abcd1234. However, our school code is if you still need it: zl6tocw


Once you are online we will be having two daily meetings / chats either side of you completing your online learning. You will need to be ready for our chats to take place at 9am and after school at 3:30pm each day. This will allow you to have a catch up with your teachers and ask any questions you have about the learning completed that day. To access the morning meeting click on the link on your google classroom page called 'Meetings'. 


Please remember that tomorrow is our first day and it may take a little bit of time to get used to everything. Your teachers are teaching some of your friends in school but we will answer your questions as soon as we can if you are finding it tricky. 


We can't wait to see you all tomorrow and look forward to looking at all of your amazing work! 


Miss Cunningham and Mr Prosser

Good Morning Year 4!


We hope you have had a lovely break. We know that some of you may be worried about the school closing, but please try not to.  We will try as much as we can to provide some form of normality while you are at home. Myself and Mr Prosser will still be in school to answer any questions you may have.  


From tomorrow we will be returning to our normal learning journey and will set these tasks over google classroom for you all to complete. We will be posting any changes we will be making to google classroom later on today, so please make sure you check this page throughout the day. 


Please spend some time today looking at the step-by-step guide to support you to log in and find your way around google classroom. It would be amazing for you to have a practise logging in today so that you can get started with your learning straight away tomorrow.


 Miss Cunningham & Mr Prosser

Temporary School Closure


To Parents / Carers, 


Today, the school have announced a temporary school closure due to the current concerns surrounding the coronavirus situation. Therefore, Bidbury Junior School will only be open to children of key workers and those who are classed as vulnerable.  


As a Year 4 team, we will be ensuring that there is a full online provision for those children who cannot attend school. Please see below some work for the following 2 days (05/01/21 - 06/01/21) whilst we as a year team prepare the resources for Google Classroom. We are not expecting the children to complete every task but we have uploaded enough to keep them busy! Alongside this work, you can also log into TT Rockstars and Bug Club. From Thursday (07/01/21), there is an expectation for all children learning from home to log into Google Classroom where their teacher will provide home learning provision and some face-to face contact time each day. Details of how to access this learning platform will be uploaded in the following days.


All of the staff in Year 4 are extremely sad that we cannot have everyone back 

in school after the Christmas break, however we look forward to all being back together very soon. 


Please contact the school if you have any questions. 


Miss Cunningham and Mr Prosser

Maths Challenge WB 7th December

This week, the maths challenges reflect our learning of multiplication and division. We have been looking at multiplying and dividing by 0, 1, 10 and 100, and are now moving on to representing our times tables in pictorial methods.

Eddie the Xmas Elf!

Year 4 had a special Christmas delivery this week. The children were shocked to find a Santa Cam in both of their classrooms on Tuesday morning. The office then brought a letter and parcel, which Father Christmas himself had delivered the night before! Inside of the box was ‘Eddie the Elf’ and ever since he’s been surprising the children each morning with a cheeky trick. I wonder what Eddie will do next week? Will he be naughty or nice? 

Singing Superstars!

We want to say a huge well done and thank you to our Year 4’s for your hard work in our Christmas Nativity performance over the past few weeks. We are so impressed your beautiful voices in the final recordings of ‘We Three Kings’ and ‘Silent Night’ and can’t wait for them to be used in the Bedhampton Church Christmas Nativity play! 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Maths Challenge - WB 30th November

Maths Challenge WB 23rd November

This weeks maths challenges are reasoning questions based on the equivalent lengths we have been learning about this week. Good luck!

Maths Challenge WB 16th November

Please find this weeks maths challenge below, which summarises our learning of the addition/subtraction unit of work. Good luck!

Christmas Nativity

Year 4 have been asked by Bedhampton Church to participate in their virtual Nativity this year alongside a group of local schools. There will 5 acting parts which will be allocated to the children after completing a short audition later on this week. However, the whole year group will be performing two songs. These are ‘We Three Kings’ and ‘Silent Night’. Both of these songs will be filmed (with parental consent) and used in the Nativity. 


As part of your homework for the next two weeks we would like you to practise your beautiful singing voices with your adults at home. This will support the work we will be doing with you in school. 


Please see see below the YouTube links for the two songs and their lyrics.


D&T - Lighthouses

This term we have been linking our curriculum subjects together as much as possible. The background research we completed on HMS Victory and The Battle of Trafalgar; and our text driver in English (The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch), have led us to designing and creating a lighthouse. 


The children were so engaged in the creating process, and were really proud with the end product!


Well done Year 4!




Today we started our new unit of work in PE. This half-term we will be learning gymnastics. We learnt about the different gymnastic positions and explored performing these on different levels. We worked both individually and as part of a group, the Year 4 adults were very impressed with your team work!

Assessment Week

This week, all the children in Year 4 have completed assessments for the core disciplines. We have been testing their understanding of reading, SPaG, arithmetic and reasoning. We are so proud of every single pupil for their hard work and resilience during the tests. This has enabled us to collect data  so we can monitor their progress throughout the year.


A big well done! 


Have a lovely, restful weekend.


Mr Prosser and Miss Cunningham smiley


Maths Challenge WB 9th Nov

Each week we will be posting a new maths challenge to continue to deepening your understanding. It will be problem based and something to work on at home as part of your homework. Remember to keep playing your Times Tables Rock Stars and reading on Bug Club. We ask for the children to play TTRS at least once and to answer 5 questions on Bug Club. This week's challenge in Maths is around place value, which we finished learning about a few weeks ago. 

Super Seascapes

In Art this week we created our final outcomes. The children explored using a limited palette with water colour to create their own seascape. We were so impressed with the outcomes and wanted to share them with you! A big well done year 4. 

T-Day 1!

This haf-term, T-day’s focus was ‘Our Planet’. We were so impressed with how passionate the children were about current environmental issues. After looking at biomes around the world, and the impact humans have had on these, we evaluated the effects of pollution and deforestation. As a class, we sorted through a bag of waste, dividing the rubbish into recycling, general waste and waste that could be added to a compost heap. Ask your children to help you with the taking out of rubbish at home - will they remember what they have learnt?

Finally, we looked at deforestation and the effect it has on biodiversity and global warming. The children produced some excellent pieces of abstract art to summarise their learning for the day.

Autumn Term 1

This half-term we have used ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ as our text driver in English. We have also used this text to scaffold our wider curriculum subjects. In science, we have built simple circuits and experimented using different numbers of cells to make our lightbulbs brighter, as well as testing which materials conduct electricity. In History, we have explored The HMS Victory and conducted lots of research around the topic. We have learnt about The Battle of Trafalgar and what life was like onboard the ship. We will then explore this topic further next half-term by designing and making our own lighthouse in DT! 


Well done to everyone in Year 4 this half -term, you have made a fantastic start to Year 4 and we are really proud of you! 


Have a great break and get lots of rest! 


Mr Prosser and Miss Cunningham smiley


Year 4 PPA Autumn 2 Timetable

Nessy app

⭐️Nessy is a great app that offers help with children who are dyslexic or struggling with spelling.⭐️

This is also a resource we can use in school to help the children.

⭐️This month they are offering a FREE download in awarness of Dyslexia month, so make sure you get yours! ⭐️

TT Rockstars & Bug club- Homework club

Every child in the Year 4 bubble this week should receive this letter. Please fill out the slip and return it to their class teacher if they wish to attend.

It will be lots of fun!

School Council

⭐️ We are opening up the opportunity for our children to be involved with our very own Bidbury school council. This is an opportunity for children across all year groups to apply. If your child is interested, please encourage them to be involved.⭐️

Science Circuits

This week we started our science topic on electricity! We learnt the difference between mains and battery powered appliances. We then went outside to complete a practical activity. We made a circuit and collected bean bags (electrons) from the ‘battery’ and represented the electrical current by delivering them to the hoop (lightbulb). We then returned to the classroom and used the equipment to make our own electrical circuits! Everyone in the year group managed to make their lightbulb light up! Well done Year 4! 

First Week Back!

The Year 4 team would like to say a HUGE well done to everyone for completing their first week in Year 4. You have all be fantastic and we have loved getting to know you all! 


This week we have focussed on completing lots of PDL activities (PDL stands for personal development learning), including growth mindset, mental and physical well being, team games, Bidbury University and lots of ‘getting to know me’ tasks. You should be very proud of everything you have achieved in your first week back!


Have a a great weekend Year 4! 


Year 4 Team smiley

Welcome to Year 4! 

We hope you have had a wonderful summer holiday. We are so excited to have you back in school and are really looking forward to doing all of the exciting things that we have planned for you. 

This week we have been busy in school making your classrooms a safe, happy and fun place to learn. We thought that you may want to have a sneaky peep at them over the weekend, so have put a few pictures below.

We know you may be a little bit worried about coming back to school but we have lots of things in place to keep you happy and safe, which we will talk you through on Monday. Have a great weekend and get lots of rest. We can't wait to see you! 


Miss Cunningham and Mr Prosser smiley

'How we survived the pandemic' display in school

As a school we would like to dedicate a display to all our Bidbury families and staff about 'How we survived the pandemic'.

We would love you share any photographs you have taken over the the lockdown of your children studying at home, learning new life skills, being back at school or even a mask selfie!

If you have any photographs, please send them in to us at-

Home Learning Update

Hello parents, 


This week marks the end of the last 'full week' of the academic year. As a result, BBC Bitesize, The Oak National Academy, HIAS and White Rose Maths will no longer be publishing home learning resources. We know that this will be a disappointment for some of you as you were wanting to continue with home learning during the summer break.


We have been amazed with your support and engagement over the last few months. We would like to thank you for all you have been doing at home - you have been amazing! As a school, we will no longer be publishing home learning resources as we think both you and your child deserve a well earned break over the next six weeks! 


We hope you understand our decision and we just want you to know that we are really disappointed that we were unable to see all of Year 4 back together before we break up for summer. 


We cannot wait to see you all in September and we hope you have a lovely summer. 



Miss Wiltshire and Miss Cunningham x

Guided Reading

ADDED- 15/07/2020

White Rose Maths
ADDED- 15/07/2020
ADDED- 15/07/2020
Guided Reading
Art & DT

White Rose Maths 

W/C 06/07/20

Guided Reading

Mr Marsh has a challenge for you


Let’s start next week as a positive and active one!

Mr Marsh has a mission for you all!

Can you complete these daily challenges? We’d love to see photos of all of you getting involved.

Send your photos in to 


Arithmetic Tests


Hello to our new Year 5 children!

We have created this video for you to introduce your new teachers in September.

Miss Whippy will be teaching in the mornings in Year 5, Miss Cawthorne will teaching in Oak class and in Rowan class we have Miss Shaw teaching.

We understand that you haven't received your class list yet but please be aware that we are looking to inform you all asap.

We can't wait to meet you all in September!

From The Year 5 team


(Please follow the link below)


Olympic Primary week

Hi Bidbury Families!🙌


Here are some ideas to get the children moving this week. These can be done in the comfort of your own home. Please make sure you send us your photos or attach them to this post and we can send them to HampshireSGO :).

Can't wait to see your photos!




Mr Marsh

White Rose Maths

Weekly Update

This week we have been enjoying the sunshine by having some of our lessons outside! We hope you have been able to enjoy the sun too! We have been keeping up with the weekly maths (week 10 will be coming soon!) and writing lots of descriptive and persuasive language for unusual journeys some children take to school. Lastly, we have watched lots of videos of the ducks hatching and have come up with some names we think would suit them! Remember to check out the Facebook page and enter the competition! 


We hope you are all staying safe, doing lots of learning and having fun. 


Miss Wiltshire and Miss Cunningham x



Covid letters
Home learning- Maths (Arithmetic tests)
W/C- 22.06.2020

Art and DT
W/C- 22.06.2020


Diversity week


Bidbury families let’s get involved!🌟

Creative curriculum home learning
W/C- 15/06/2020
Guided Reading home learning
W/C- 15/06/2020

Year 3/ 4 Spellings



Internet Safety

This week we have been learning about internet safety and being kind online. Take a look at the videos and play the game to learn about E-Safety too!

Important information

In the summer term, as a school we usually have our year groups photos. We are sad that we cannot currently offer these to parents during these difficult times. However, we have worked with Fraser Portraits to come up with a solution and have used the pictures that were taken in the autumn term to create a virtual group.


We understand at Bidbury that these images are very popular with the pupils and parents, so please contact to request your proof card id to view and order your year group photo.

Creative Curriculum- Week 8


Reading- Week 8

White Rose Maths- Week 7 & 8


Arithmetic Tests


Job applications for September 2020
At our school, every year we advertise jobs that become available for you to apply for! We are always blown away with the response we get from all of our children at Bidbury and feel very proud that so many of you would like to be involved. However, we know that SLT will invite you to an interview if your application is successful and this is your time to shine! 


We understand that with the current school circumstances we are unable to do the normal process with our job applications, so we are holding it out a little longer and giving you time to get planning and write up those drafts! 

Please read the job roles that will become available for you to apply for... your teachers will keep you updated when your applications can be submitted to SLT!



We miss you all lots!

We have nearly finished our phone calls home this week and have loved hearing your voices and all about what you have been up to. Keep up the home learning! We are thinking of you all the time! 


Miss Wiltshire and Miss Cunningham x

Week 8- Home learning resources


⭐️Year 4 Super Stars!⭐️

Here are this weeks special shout outs to our Bug Club and Times Table Rock Star Super Stars! 


Bug Club

In the last week, Abin has completed 3 books and 33 quizzes! 


Times Table Rock Stars

A big well done to Darcie in Birch whose current studio speed is 1.41! 

And another well done to Samuel in Horse Chestnut whose studio speed is 0.78! I wonder who will be at the top next week?

Year 4 are currently winning against Year 5 with 4544 points in the battle. WELL DONE! laugh You have another day to go!

Hello from Miss Cunningham

I hope you are all having a fun half-term and are enjoying the beautiful weather! It was so lovely speaking to you all on the phone last week. I am missing you all very much so it was lovely to hear that you are all happy and keeping safe at home. 

I have put some photos of my weekend below. It was my mums birthday on Saturday so I had a go at making her a chocolate cake! I was quite pleased with how well it turned out as it was the first cake that I’ve EVER made! To celebrate her birthday we had planned to go for a picnic but it rained ALL day, so we had an indoor picnic instead!

As I said to you on the phone, as soon as we have any updates about when it is safe to come back to school we will let you know. In the meantime keep working hard at home, stay safe and keep smiling! I can’t wait to see you all again soon. 

Miss Cunninghamheart

Darcie's Foamy Art

This week Darcie had a go at one of our creative home learning challenges and made a 'spring like picture' inspired by a German artist called Gerhard Richter. Darcie even created a set of instructions so that everyone can have a go at using foam to produce a beautiful piece of art work like hers!


Make sure you have a look at some of the creative home study projects on our page and send your amazing work to so that we can celebrate all of your hard work!

Anabel's Amazing Art Work!

Anabel and her sister Tegan have been very busy at home this week! The girls decided to study the artist 'Jamie Taylor' and have produced some beautiful pictures that were inspired by his work! Anabel has also designed a delicious looking chocolate bar called 'Lemon Crisp' and has been practising her times tables on TTRS. Well done girls - keep up all of your hard work!

Keeley's Creative Writing

Keeley has been busy writing a story about a baby dragon! We love your use of fronted adverbials and description! Miss Cunningham and I hope that Patrick is okay! Well done Keeley, great work laugh


Week 7 - Home learning

Week 7 of HIAS' Primary Home Study project has now been uploaded. The theme this week is Get Moving!

White Rose Maths - Weekly Lessons (Week 6)

⭐️ Bidbury Family Challenge ⭐️ 
This week’s challenge has been set by Mrs Mason! 🎉


Mrs Mason would like you to create your own clip to respond to the staff ‘Champion’ video as she loved it so much! You can be as creative as you like! 🎵🕺🏿 


We cannot wait to see what you create! 😊
Entries need to be in by 4pm Friday and the winner will be announced at 5pm. Upload them to the Facebook post on our school page or email them to:

⭐️Year 4 Super Stars!⭐️

We wanted to say a big well done to everyone in Year 4 this week! Myself and Miss Wiltshire have been making phone calls home over the past couple of days to see how everyone is getting on. It has been lovely to hear how well you are all doing and to know you are all working super hard at home. We are both VERY proud of you! 


This week, we wanted to do a couple of special shout outs to our Big Club and Times Table Rock Star Super Stars! 


Bug Club

The pupil who has read the most books this week in the entire school is Flossie! She has read 11 books and answers 113 questions in total! WOW! I know that lots of you are logging into Bug Club and reading online so a big well done to all of you. 


Times Table Rock Stars

Well done to Samuel who has earned the most coins this week - an amazing 33,800! Why don't you see if you can win even more coins that Samuel next week? Year 4 are currently in the lead in their battle against Year 3, but are just 1000 points ahead. The battle ends today so make sure you are playing lots to make sure Year 4 are crowned the champions! 

Alex and the Chocolate Factory

We were delighted to have an email from Alex today with some pictures of his work that he has been getting up to at home. Alex, I love the idea of a 'Caramel Waffle' chocolate bar and it sounds delicious. I think I would definitely buy your chocolate bar if I saw it in the shop! 


Alex has also created an amazing story titled 'The Pathway' using an image of a hidden pathway. I think that your narrative is fantastic Alex and I can see that you have concentrated really hard on your neat handwriting - well done! Miss Cunningham smiley

Creative Home Study Projects

Last week we shared a creative home learning project of 'The great indoors outdoors'. Below we have attached lots of mini projects for you and your families to have a go at and from now on will be uploading a new one each week! Take a look through them and select which activities you like the look of! All activities are based on foundation subjects with aspects of English and maths. We have added them below for you to try. 


We would also LOVE to see what you all get up to! If you would like to show us, and appear on our web-page so everyone can see what amazing things you have been doing, don't forget to send an email to 

Persuasive advert

How do shops know about new products that they could buy and sell? Companies issue a PRESS RELEASE – an official statement issues by a company on a specific product. We now want you to create a press release for a new chocolate bar, to persuade shop owners to buy your product to be sold to the public. Take a look at the information below to see which features need to be included.



You can then use your writing to create a poster, video or leaflet about your chocolate bar and email them to:

White Rose Maths - Weekly Lessons (Week 5)

You are all Champions! 

For those of you who haven't seen our video, check it out! All the staff are missing you all so much and we wanted to show you! Whatever the government decides, about if and when it is safe for us all to return, know that the Bidbury team will be ready and waiting to see you all very soon.

In the mean time, we miss you, stay strong and keep safe!

⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️

This week’s family challenge is all about dusting off your aprons and getting your hands dirty in the kitchen! We would like you to get cooking together as a family.


This might be a family recipe that you love to make or it could be you stepping out of your comfort zone and trying to cook or bake something new! It would be great if you could upload the recipe and instructions too to create a bank of ideas for other families in our school community to try! 😊

We cannot wait to have our Facebook page filled with pictures of your wonderful creations 🧁🍪🥧🍲🥗

All entries in by 4pm next Friday! 

Bidbury Family Challenge...

Well done and thank you to everyone who entered this weeks Bidbury Family Challenge. Mrs Goodchild and her family made some cupcakes and Ruby and her brother made some tasty American Pancakes! Yum! 

Shout out to Morrigan!

We want to say a big well done to Morrigan for winning this week's family challenge with her amazing photography skills! Both Miss Cunningham and Miss Wiltshire loved how you managed to capture this beautfiul, buzzy bee and are so pleased that Year 4 won for a second week!


Keep your eyes peeled for this weeks family challenge. Lets see if someone from Year 4 can win for the third week running! 


Update from Liam 

Today we had an email from Liam and it was so lovely to hear how well he is getting on at home! His mum said that although he is missing school and his friends lots, he is showing lots of resilience and is handling lockdown 'like a pro'. It sounds as though Liam has been very busy, doing lots of exciting things! He has spent lots of time outside building forts, planting vegetables and going on adventures with his family. I think the rope swing looks like a lot of fun! It is also amazing to see that he is still practising his lovely, neat handwriting - well done Liam. I can't wait to see it once we are back at school! 


Miss Cunninghamsmiley

White Rose Maths - Weekly Lessons (so far...) 

Parents, as a school we use 'White Rose Maths'. They have produced weekly maths lessons for your children to complete. This has been running for 4 weeks and we are aware that some of you have been using it already but are now unable access all of the resources on their website. We have attached the lessons, video links and answer sheets for each week so far (up to week 4). We will then upload Week 5 to the webpage on Monday if you have already whizzed through the previous few weeks. 

At school we have been playing lots of Kahoot Quizzes, so we all thought it would be a great idea to create our own Bidbury Junior School themed quiz. Our quizzes will test what you remember about our school from the teachers to places around the school. 

We would LOVE for as many of you to play these quizzes! 

Remember to use your name as the username so we know who has played.


Year 3/4  quiz

Game PIN: 01842387

Where has Miss Wiltshire been? 

When I'm not working from home or at school, I have been enjoying getting out on my bike and exploring the city. Can you guess where this photo was taken? ðŸŒˆ

Tiny Pet Dragon

Fearne has written her very own description of a tiny pet dragon called Spikey! Amazing work, you are keeping very busy Fearne!

Design a chocolate bar

After our chocolate quiz last week, we want you to design your own chocolate bar. Start by thinking about who it is for, what it is made of (ingredients) and how much it will cost. Create a design and give it a name!

Send your designs to:

⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️

This week’s family challenge is all about taking a step back and focusing on enjoying the beautiful world around us in our local community.

We would like you to enter a photo that captures something beautiful and natural. This might be found in your garden, in your home or something that you spot whilst out and about exploring as part of your daily exercise outing. 😊

We cannot wait to have our Facebook page filled with pictures of our local area ☀️🐛🦋🐝🌻🌸🌺🌷🌈 Entries need to be in by 4pm Friday and the winner will be announced at 5pm. Upload them to the Facebook post on our school page or email them to:

Super Scavenger Hunts! 

Well done to everyone that entered the 'Bidbury Family Challenge' this week! Miss Cunningham and Miss Wiltshire are very impressed with your creative scavenger hunts. We wanted to give a big shout out this week to Mollie, Alex, Samuel and of course this weeks winner Isabel (and her little brother)! We loved how you presented your scavenger hunt findings! We particularly liked how Samuel created a word search with all of the objects he found on his hunt and how Isabel and her little brother Isaac used their bodies to create the letters of the alphabet. We have added photos of our Year 4 entries this week, well done to you all! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for this week's Bidbury Family Challenge, we would love to see as many entries from Year 4 so that we have another winner this week!

Calling All Adventurers!

With the weather set to be looking lovely and sunny for the next few days we thought we would give you a creative DT/Science project to keep you nice and busy outside. These activities include: building dens, watching birds, making homes for creepy crawlies, designing your own park, inventing a new game, creating new a creature and designing their habitat! 


We think there is plenty to keep your creative minds very busy and can't wait to see some pictures of you doing these activities. Make sure you send them to:

Useful Home Learning Links 

Parents, first of all, we would like to thank you for all you are doing at home. We know this time is challenging and can appreciate the difficulties in engaging the children with home learning. We can't wait to have your little ones back with us when it is safe to do so. We miss them very much!

Secondly, Hampshire Advisory Service are providing easy to follow home learning material with a sequence of reading and writing lessons based on different texts. There is also some useful home learning ideas for Maths with lots of useful activities and resources! We follow the same planning structure in school for our English lessons, therefore the children should be familiar with some of the activities that they suggest. 


Below we have attached the links to the Year 4 home learning pages and PDF files with the different reading and writing learning journeys for you to have a look through. 


We hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any problems. 

Miss Cunningham and Miss Wiltshire smiley



Tomorrow marks the 75th anniversary of VE day (Victory in Europe) your challenge today is to create something to commemorate this memorable occasion. You could design a poster, host a tea party, design some medals, write a message in Morse code, bake a cake. 


We have attached some resources below. I particularly like the bunting you can create yourself. You could hang the bunting to show your appreciation, I know I will be ðŸ˜Š There are also video links so you can watch and learn all about VE day and of course some reading with questions and answers. We would love to see any pictures of your celebrations.

Anabel's Tiny Pet Dragon

Anabel has done a fantastic job writing about her Tiny Pet Dragon called Millie. We loved seeing your ideas Anabel, particularly your cute drawing! Has anyone else managed to have a go at writing about their pet dragon? If so, we'd love to see it! Send your pictures to:

Home Workout with Paultons Park!

Hands up if you love Paultons Park! (Miss Wiltshire certainly does!!) It's a shame we can't visit at the moment, however Paultons have created a workout sheet that you can do at home! Think about your favourite ride, spell it out and then use it to create your own workout. Some might be quite long! 


You could have: 

Flight of The Pterosaur

Wave Runner

The Edge

or even Peppa’s Big Balloon ride!


Remember we would love to see your photos! Get your family doing it too! 


Chocolate Quiz - Answers

We hope you enjoyed the chocolate quiz! Here are the answers. Keep a look out for a few chocolate related Year 4 challenges!

Something new...

Whilst being told that we have to stay home and not do all of the things we normally do in our busy lives is a bit annoying, now is the perfect opportunity to learn or do something you don't normally do or have never done before. Before, I would always get in my car to go somewhere at the weekend, now, because we aren't aloud to, I have been doing lots of walking and exercise around where I live. I have found some beautiful places in my local area that I didn't even know existed! I've even had a go on a tandem bike with my dad, that was hidden away in our garage (we managed to go quite a long way without falling off)! 






















Maybe you have taken up baking or learnt to ride your bike? Maybe you have started reading a new book or had a go at some gardening? Maybe you have enjoyed doing some artwork or decided to help the people at home by doing some chores? Whatever it is, please send a picture of you doing something you don't normally do or have never done before so that we can see all of the exciting things you are getting up to and share them with each other!


Miss Cunningham smiley

Chocolate Quiz!

Can you correctly guess all the chocolate bars in this picture? We will post the answers here on Wednesday! Number 20 is definitely Miss Wiltshire's favourite laugh

Octopus in my sink

We have had a wonderful short story sent in Keeley about an octopus who ended up in her sink! 

⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️

This week’s family challenge is a little bit different and is a scavenger hunt:

We would like you go on a hunt around your house and find an item for every letter of the alphabet. These items can be as random and creative as you like and how you choose to present your findings is completely up to you! 😊


We cannot wait to see what you manage to dig out! 

Entries need to be in by 4pm Friday and the winner will be announced at 5pm. Upload them to the Facebook post on our school page or email them to:

Fearne's Well-Being Day 

Yesterday Fearne had a well-being day and baked some delicious looking scones. We are sure they tasted as amazing as they looked! 


Has anyone else had a well-being day since we have been away from school? Let us know what you have been up to by sending an email to:

Quinn's Poem 'I Miss School'

Quinn has created a fantastic poem, 'I Miss School'. He has perfectly captured everything he misses about school from his morning fist bump to running around with his friends at breaktimes. We are sure that lots of children will be missing these things Quinn. Miss Cunningham and Miss Wiltshire are extremely proud of how resilient you and the rest of Year 4 are being and are so excited for when we can all be back together learning and having fun again! 


We would love to see if anyone else could write a poem about what you are up to during this time. Remember to take a look at the poetry society website for ideas and competitions!


A letter to Boris Johnson...

Wow! Fearne has written a letter to Boris Johnson, wishing him to get well soon. What a kind and thoughtful idea. Lovely handwriting Fearne, I can tell you have been practising! Well done! I wonder if you will write another letter now that he has become a dad?


Keep sending in your work and photos to



Simple Outdoor Activities

There’s always been a multitude of benefits to children (& adults!) spending time in nature. But now more so than ever, nature is providing a sanctuary of wellbeing support; offering a welcomed distraction from the wider world, encouraging everyone to slow down and check in with themselves.  Here are 18 simple outdoor activities to help give your children something to do, keep them busy, provide some nurturing family time & to offer you all some restorative time in your own outdoor space. Even if you don't have a garden, you could always incorporate these activities into a walk.

Tiny Pet Dragon

We want you to imagine that you woke up one day to find a tiny pet dragon sat on your finger. Your challenge is to draw a picture of what your pet dragon looks like and we want you to tell us:


  • What is it called?
  • Where is it from?
  • Why is it so small?
  • Are there more like him?
  • Where has it come from? 
  • How will you look after it?
  • Will you keep it a secret or tell someone?
  • Is it magic? What magic can it do?


I like to imagine that it is a really small dragon which you can keep in your pocket but when you need to it can grow huge so that you can ride it. What are you amazing ideas? 


 Email your drawings and descriptions to:

Parent Road Safety Pack

This pack is usually sent to schools to share key messages, teaching resources and promote Hampshire County Council's free educational schemes. The Road Safety Team wanted to share them with you to give an insight into the importance of the messages and being a part of your child’s road safety knowledge and awareness. Within the document are resources available to share with your child as well as campaigns to encourage you to stay safe and minimise the pressure on the NHS as much as we can #takeextracare #savetheNHS. 

⭐️ Bidbury Family Challenge ⭐️

Week 2 - This week’s challenge from Mr Mahmud:

I want you to get creative and get your art tools out! For this week’s challenge, I would like you to design and create an adult at our school.

We can’t wait to see your creations!!! ðŸ˜Š

Entries need to be in by 4pm Friday and the winner will be announced at 5pm. Upload them to the Facebook post on our school page or email them to:


Go Bidbury families !!! 👨‍🏫🎨

Where will the path lead to?

Hi Year 4, we would love to see some of your creative writing! We want to know where this path will lead to... You may choose to write a narrative to describe the adventures of a character (or maybe more than one character) as they follow this path. Or, you may choose to write your story in first person (I..) as you imagine yourself walking down the forest path to the unknown. Remember to use lots of descriptive vocabulary, so that the reader can imagine that they are on the journey with you. 


Where does the path lead to? 

Will the destination at the end be a real or imaginary? 

Who might you meet along the way? 

Where did the path begin? 

Will the path ever end? 


We can't wait to see some of your creative writing. You may even choose to create a piece of artwork with an image of where the path leads to, to accompany your story! Once they are finished, please send a picture to: so that we can upload them onto the website for everyone to see! 

Hi from Miss Cunningham! 

Hello Year 4 smiley


I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the beautiful sunshine! Myself and Miss Wiltshire keep asking you to send through your photos of what you've been up to, therefore I thought it was only fair to show you what I've been doing to keep myself busy. 


When I'm not doing my school work, I've been out enjoying the sunshine. I'm trying to stay nice and healthy so have been doing a daily bike ride. Yesterday, I rode past a field of cows and fed them some grass, this grey one was my favourite! I also attempted to bake some brownies, they tasted delicious so I had to be careful not to eat all of them straight away! Also, my cat, Poppy caught a mouse this week, luckily it wasn't a real one! 


I hope you all continue to keep safe and well. Please keep emailing over your photos of what you're getting up to. I really enjoy seeing your smiley faces, as I miss seeing you all everyday! 


Speak soon, 

Miss Cunningham x

And hello from Miss Wiltshire!

When I'm not in school or doing my work from home, I have also been enjoying the sunshine by getting out on my bike! I also kept a lookout for the satellites flying over the last few nights. Did you manage to see any? I have been doing lots of reading, baking, painting and keeping my cat Luna entertained! Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take a photo of my banana bread as I ate it too quickly! 


I am missing you all lots too, however I am pleased you are all staying safe and enjoying the sun where you can. I love seeing your photos so please keep sending them in. 


Miss Wiltshire x

Luna and her mouse

Still image for this video

Amazing Home Learning!

Flossie has been doing some fantastic science work this week. She has learnt all about volcanoes, earthquakes and the water cycle. We think your scientific diagrams are fantastic Flossie! 


Ferne has also been very busy this week, showing her appreication for our special NHS workers. She has drawn a beautiful rainbow, that we are sure will look amazing hanging up in your window. 


We love seeing how well you're getting on at home, please keep sending pictures of what you are getting up to at home. 


Speak soon!

Miss Cunningham and Miss Wiltshiresmiley


Even More Online Learning

As well as accessing online learning through the BBC website, the Government has also launched an online classroom through the Oak National Academy. They will be uploading tasks for children to do throughout each week and have lessons plans for each subject. 


Take a look:

Oak National Academy


BBC Year 4 lessons

Miss West's Weekly Challenge!

⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️

Get ready guys and girls - it’s time for the Bidbury Family Challenge !!!


We are launching a family challenge that will take part each week. This is a bit of fun to keep our wonderful school community in touch and so we can see all of the awesome work you are up to at home! This might be something cooking related, a fitness task, a team challenge, some art work … the challenge will change and be completely different week by week! We will set each challenge on a Friday and the winner will be announced via Facebook the following Friday.We are very fortunate that some of our wonderful LSAs are out and about delivering our free school meal food bags each week and so the prize will be delivered to your door as part of this journey each Monday🎁


To enter, simply upload your entry to the ⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️ thread on the Bidbury Junior School Facebook page each week so everyone can see the fantastic entries! Alternatively you can email your entries to if you do not have access to Facebook. 


This week’s challenge from Miss West:

A box isn’t just a box… What can you turn it into? Be as creative and imaginative as you like! The box can be as big or as small as you like and can lay your hands on. Work as a team Bidbury families and upload your entries to this thread.


We can’t wait to see your creations and would LOVE to see someone form Year 4 win !!! 

Maths Online Learning Links... 

At school we use a scheme of work to plan our maths lessons from called 'White Rose Maths'. When we return back to school we will be starting our new unit, focussing on fractions and decimals. If you would like to get a head start so that you are an expert when we get back, take a look at this link: 


There are daily math lessons with easy to follow videos. Once you have watched the videos you could have a go at the questions on the activity sheets and check your work against the answer sheet. Let us know how you get on!

Online Learning

Hello everyone! We hope you and your families are safe and well. What have you been up to over Easter? Don’t forget to email us with your pictures to keep us updated. We love hearing from you!


Parents, some of you might have already seen this advertised, but BBC Bitesize has announced that they will be releasing lessons every day to help with online learning. For each lesson there are some short clips, online activities and printable worksheets for your child to have a go at! BBC Bitesize is a fantastic resource that we often use in lessons so we encourage you all to give it a try. Let us know how you get on. Please find a link to the BBC Bitesize Year 4 page and the time table for this week attached below:

Morning Surprise!

Imagine that you have just walked into your kitchen to find this!


  • Role play the conversation you might have with the octopus.
  • Role play the telephone call you might have with a friend or family member to tell them what you have found.
  • You can only ask 3 questions to the octopus. What would you ask and why?
  • You decide to let the octopus stay here, but the next morning you come into your kitchen to find it joined by another creature. What might it be?
  • The telephone rings. It is the RSCPA and they are concerned: they have had reports from a neighbour that you are keeping sea life in your kitchen sink. What do you say?
  • Try to persuade the octopus to leave. Then try to persuade it to stay. Which was easiest? Why?
  • Write the story of how the octopus came to be here, and what happens next.
  • Write a limerick about this picture.


Don't forget to email us with your work! 

Totality Maths Game

We have found a 2-player maths game for you to have a go at with someone else at home. All you need to play is a copy of the board and a counter.

The aim of the game:

Slide the shared counter across several adjacent numbers, adding them up as you go to make a 'running' total. Be the player to make the final slide so that the chosen target is reached exactly. Making the total go above the target loses you the game. 


How to play:

1. Player 1 chooses a target number to reach. This is the total both players try to make.

2. Player 2 places their counter on the game board over one of the numbers and says that number.

3. Player 1 moves the same counter in any direction along a line segment to a neighbouring number and announces the total of the two numbers.

4. Player 2 moves the same counter to cover a neighbouring number, adds on that number, and announces the 'running' total of the three numbers.

5. Players take it in turns to slide the counter to cover a neighbouring number and to add that number to the 'running' total.
6. Players must move when it is their turn.
7. No 'jumping' is allowed.


Here is a video showing you how to play:

What we have been up to! 

As you have shared your wonderful photos with us, we thought it would be nice to share a few of what we have been up to! Here is Miss Cunningham having a go on the rip stick and Miss Wiltshire enjoying a quick bike ride. 

Just Checking In

Hello everyone! 


We hope you are all keeping well and enjoyed all of the lovely sunshine over the Easter weekend! We miss you all very much and are looking forward to seeing you again soon. What have you all been up to? If you want to, you can ask your grown ups to send us pictures of what you have been doing at home during the 'Easter holidays'. They can send an email to the office which they will forward onto us. The email address is: 


Parents/carers, we are aware that it can be difficult for you to explain the current extraordinary situation of Covid-19 to your children, many of whom are increasingly anxious or confused. We have attached an information book illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler, which answers many key questions in simple langauge appropriate to Primary School aged children. We hope you find it useful. 


Speak soon, 


Miss Cunningham and Miss Wiltshire smiley

Easter Activity Bingo

We have put together a list of activities for you to complete over Easter. Remember you can share your photos with us! 

Activity ideas

We all loved our trip to Portsmouth Historic Dockyards! The Mary Rose Museum, which is located just next to HMS Victory has created some activity ideas. There are some great Lego models to build as well as science experiments and printable artefacts. We would again love to see your creations! Email them to and they will be passed on to us!

Covid-19 Time Capsule

Miss Barnett has kindly sent us this time capsule pack for you to print off and fill in to keep a record of what was going on during this time. 

Home Learning

Thank you Rylee, Anabel, Flossie and James for sharing these photos of your home learning with us! It is lovely to see how you are all doing! 

Activity Ideas


Parents, we understand that it can be tricky to come up with new ideas to keep your children engaged with their home learning.  If you are looking for some extra ideas, the PDF file attached below has got lots of different activities to complete and some useful links to follow. It also has some suggestions of how you can keep some structure to your child's day if they are finding things a little bit difficult. 


We hope this helps. 


Miss Cunningham and Miss Wiltshire smiley


Amazing Art!

Well done to Heidi who is working hard creating some bright, beautiful pictures for our special NHS workers. We are sure that your artwork will put a big smile on their faces!

Please make sure you are all sending your artwork to: 

We can't wait to see some more of your amazing pictures for our key workers! Well done Year 4 smiley

David Walliams Fans!

As some of you may know, just like Joe Wicks, David Walliams is trying to keep your home learning fun! Everyday at 11am, David Walliams is reading a different story from his collection, that you can listen to.


We have attached a copy of a book review, that you can fill out after listening to each story. We would love to hear which book you have enjoyed most and we will take some of your suggestions for our new class story for when we are back at school! 


01.04.20 - Some happy news!

Breaking news - Google have solved one of humankind's biggest problems.They have devised an app which can work out what animals are saying.


This is very new technology, not yet available to buy or download in the UK, but schools have been emailed vouchers for ONE pupil in each class to trial it on their home device - free of charge.


To be considered, you must write a persuasive letter explaining your reasons as to why you should be considered and get your parents to help you send them to adminoffice@bidbury-jun.hants.sch.ukPlease include your name and class.


Entries will not be considered after midnight tonight!


Thank you NHS!

Let's celebrate our fantastic NHS staff and other key workers who are working very hard at the moment. If you can, why not print out one of these pictures and colour it in or you could have a go at creating your own! You can put these up in your windows too to put a smile on the faces of these amazing people who working hard to keep us safe and well! 


We would love to see some photos of your art work you have made and put them up on our Year 4 class page for everyone to see. 

15 Card Challenge! 

Here is a Maths challenge for you to have a go at. Remember as this is a problem solving task, you may not get the answer straight away - be resilient - you may need to have a few attempts before you find the solution! 

(Even more!) Home Learning 

Wow! Year 4 are smashing it with their home learning and fun activities! Well done everyone (adults you are doing an AMAZING job!) 

Home Learning

We have been sent some great pictures of the Year 4 children and their families participating in various activities! Well done! It's lovely to see you enjoying quality time together and getting some sunshine. We are missing you all lots, but are glad you are staying safe. 

Creative Writing Ideas.

If you're looking for some inspiration to write a narrative, then these images might help. Remember to think about who your reader will be and what language features you want to include. Attached is a handy guide to planning your writing as well as a reminder of those all important language features. 

See you soon! 

We are very sad that we won't be seeing all of you for a little while. However, we hope you all stay healthy and enjoy not having to get up early for school! We have found some useful websites that can help you with your learning at home and have also made some activties for you to have a go at. We have also sent home a book for you to record all of your learning that you do at home. On the inside cover of your book, we have put your Times Table Rock Stars and Bug Club Login, incase you have forgotten them. 


We look forward to seeing you all very soon. 


Miss Cunningham, Miss Wiltshire, Mrs Sharp, Miss Rodgers and Mrs Goodchild. 



Useful websites to help you learn at home

BBC Bitesize - 

This website has multiple different curriculum areas. It also has some online games. 


Twinkl -

Twinkl is offering a free subscription whilst schools are closed. Your just need to use an email to sign up and then you can access lots of different tasks. 


Bug Club - 

We have put your log-ins to Bug Club in the books that your child took home. On this website there are lots of books they can read and then they will be asked questions about what they have read. 


Times Table Rock Stars - 

We have put your log-ins for Times Table Rockstars in the books that your child took home. On this website they can practice your times tables. 


Phonics Play - 

This is a good website for anyone who has phonics interventions with Miss Kerridge. 


Nrich -

There are lots of problem solving and mathematical reasoning tasks for your child to have a go at on this website. 


Literacy Shed -

There are lots of creative writing activties on this website and pictures to help inspire your child's writing! 


Oxford Owl -

There are lots of free e-books to read on this website and its free to register. 


Spelling Shed -

 Your child can use this website to help learn spellings by playing lots of different games .An email will be needed to sign up, however it is free of charge. 


Children’s wellbeing is considered a great importance and we would like to help you support your child with this during any period of isolation. The following documents contain resources and links to support your child’s wellbeing and mental and physical health. Keeping active, getting outside (this can just be in the garden), being creative (e,g. baking, art), mindfulness time (e.g. mindful colouring, yoga, meditation), can all help support your child and yourselves.

Useful Resources


Maths Arithmetic Challenges  -

We have attached some maths papers. A list of answers are at the end of each test paper. 

Living Things

Today we went outside to the field and pond area to explore the habitats in our school grounds.  Before we went outside we made a prediction about what we would find. We found lots of different species and were able to classify what they were. 

How To Manage Our Emotions

This week we have had a mental health charity in to talk to us about managing our emotions. We worked in small groups to look at cards with different emotions and practice pulling different facial expressions. We then had a discussion about what makes and good friend by looking at different scenarios we may experience in school, on the playground. We then wrote these onto strips of paper and made paper chains to display in our classrooms. 

Information for Parents - Year 4 Multiplication Check

World Book Day! 

Last Thursday was World Book Day! We loved dressing up and seeing all the wonderful costumes. We had some great vocabulary and story telling throughout the day. It was lovely to have parents in after school to share some stories with the children too. 



This Week...

This week in English we have been reading our new book called 'Journey to The River Sea' by Eva Ibbotson. During our English lessons we have explored the vocabulary in the text and practiced reading a chapter of the book aloud to our partner, practicing our fluency. We also debated whether we believed Maia should go to The Amazon Rainforest. 


In Geography we have been continuing our topic on volcanoes! Have have used the computers to research the impact of a volcano in Puerto Montt. Keep a look out for our excellent newspaper articles that we will be writing next week. 


Persuasive letters.

Today we published our letters to the Army General, persuading him not to blow up the Iron Man. Here are some excellent examples of the children's writing that they worked so hard on. Well done to everyone. 




In geography, we have been learning all about volcanoes. Today we created a poster to show our knowledge and to inform others. We had some great examples.


Poster by Connor Toner-Linegar

Guess my job

Today we had a guess my job day where Year 4 were tasked with asking questions to each employer and then trying to guess their job! Both classes were amazingly behaved and so respectful. They asked some great questions too! 



Solid, Liquid or Gas?

This term we have been learning all about states of matter and how they can change. This week we went to the cooking area to test what would happen if we increased the water temperature. We ensured it was a fair test by only using 500ml of water and then watched to see what would happen. We found out that as the temperature increased, the more steam was created and the liquid evaporated into a gas! 




First Aid 

As part of our Bidbury University, Year 4 had to undertake a first aid course. Beverly from St John's Ambulance kindly came in to help us out! 


She showed us how to help someone if we find them unconscious, how to put them into the recovery position and how to tie a bandage. What a great afternoon! 


Non-fiction texts.

This term we are reading two non-fiction texts about space. We have been exploring the conventions and yesterday we looked at how other non-fiction texts compared to them. 


Diary Entries

As Christmas comes closer, we have taken a look back at the recent diary entries the Year 4's have produced over the last term. They have really improved their writing stamina and are adding some great vocabulary to their writing! Here are just a few examples...


Image 1 & 2 - Oliver Jones

Image 3 - Flossie Gray

Image 4 - Nicole Hortop


HMS Victory

Wow! What a fantastic day visiting HMS Victory it was! Despite a train delay, we managed to get to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and take part in lots hands on activities. We were able to see what life was like on board the ship for different sailors and had a guided tour of HMS Victory herself! We asked some great questions and showed the leaders how much we had learned in our History lessons!


The children's behaviour was excellent and a big thank you to all our parent helpers! We couldn't have done it without you!




Internet Safety

In computing this term, we are learning all about internet safety! We know that you must never share personal information online, you should not share photos and you must tell a trusted adult if you are unsure about something. 


To show the children how far posts and photos can be shared, the Year 4 team are going to be posting a picture (see below) on their social media accounts. Keep a look out and share it if you can! 





L’argent de poche (Pocket money!)

In between our swimming sessions with Mr Marsh, we started our new French topic all about pocket money! We matched the prices to the correct object and then created our own games to teach the Year 3's. The children were so creative and came up with some brilliant posters and games. 


Celebration of Learning!

Wow, what a fantastic half term we have had! Today we celebrated all the children's learning by welcoming their parents, carers and family members in to see their work. The children were so well behaved and loved sharing their learning.


Year 3 and 4 Author Visit

Years 3 and 4 have been busy ticking of parts of their Bidbury University this term! 


Both year groups were lucky enough to have Elle English, a local author, come and visit. She told them all about her book 'California' and even helped them to write their own adventure story. They were amazing!


It was lovely to hear all about her travels and how she became a self-published author. Some of the children even bought one of her books. 


Playing Pooh Sticks!

As part of our Bidbury University, Year 4 went to a local stream to play Pooh sticks. Despite the wet weather, both classes had an excellent time throwing and watching their sticks float under the bridge. They then discussed how they might dam the stream if we were to head back there another day! 


On y va! (All aboard!)

In French, we have been learning all about different types of transport and weather. 

Today we took turns to ask what the weather was like on the map of France and then our partner answered using the French we had learned. 


Both Year 4 classes did an amazing job! 

Artist in Residence

While watching Newsround today, Henley very kindly offered to do his own summary drawing of the headlines (just like Mr Devine!). Birch class thought it was excellent and we loved his drawing of a whale!


Well done Henley!

Careers Fair

This morning, Bidbury Junior School were lucky enough to have visitors in for a careers fair. Year 4 loved taking part in finding out all about different types of careers and the skills needed for each job. They asked questions to each employer and had a go at different activities on each stand. The children loved this experience and some have lots of new and exciting ideas on what they would like to be when they are older. 

Conductors, insulators and switches!

This week we have been investigating what conductors and insulators are. We predicted whether different materials would allow electricity to flow around the circuit and then tested to see if we were right!


We also created our own switches and used them on the circuits!

Super Science!

In science we have been learning all about electricity! From where it comes from to how to build a circuit! Both Birch and Horse Chestnut class have had lots of fun and are looking forward to learning about switches, conductors and insulators in our next few lessons. 


Welcome to Year 4!

The Year 4 team would like to say a big hello to all the children and parents this year. The children have settled into Year 4 life well and are trying hard to show all the values. 


Keep an eye out on our page for some AMAZING work!


We are looking forward to a great year ahead!