Year 4

Guess my job

Today we had a guess my job day where Year 4 were tasked with asking questions to each employer and then trying to guess their job! Both classes were amazingly behaved and so respectful. They asked some great questions too! 



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Solid, Liquid or Gas?

This term we have been learning all about states of matter and how they can change. This week we went to the cooking area to test what would happen if we increased the water temperature. We ensured it was a fair test by only using 500ml of water and then watched to see what would happen. We found out that as the temperature increased, the more steam was created and the liquid evaporated into a gas! 




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First Aid 

As part of our Bidbury University, Year 4 had to undertake a first aid course. Beverly from St John's Ambulance kindly came in to help us out! 


She showed us how to help someone if we find them unconscious, how to put them into the recovery position and how to tie a bandage. What a great afternoon! 


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Non-fiction texts.

This term we are reading two non-fiction texts about space. We have been exploring the conventions and yesterday we looked at how other non-fiction texts compared to them. 


Diary Entries

As Christmas comes closer, we have taken a look back at the recent diary entries the Year 4's have produced over the last term. They have really improved their writing stamina and are adding some great vocabulary to their writing! Here are just a few examples...


Image 1 & 2 - Oliver Jones

Image 3 - Flossie Gray

Image 4 - Nicole Hortop


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HMS Victory

Wow! What a fantastic day visiting HMS Victory it was! Despite a train delay, we managed to get to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and take part in lots hands on activities. We were able to see what life was like on board the ship for different sailors and had a guided tour of HMS Victory herself! We asked some great questions and showed the leaders how much we had learned in our History lessons!


The children's behaviour was excellent and a big thank you to all our parent helpers! We couldn't have done it without you!




Internet Safety

In computing this term, we are learning all about internet safety! We know that you must never share personal information online, you should not share photos and you must tell a trusted adult if you are unsure about something. 


To show the children how far posts and photos can be shared, the Year 4 team are going to be posting a picture (see below) on their social media accounts. Keep a look out and share it if you can! 





L’argent de poche (Pocket money!)

In between our swimming sessions with Mr Marsh, we started our new French topic all about pocket money! We matched the prices to the correct object and then created our own games to teach the Year 3's. The children were so creative and came up with some brilliant posters and games. 


Celebration of Learning!

Wow, what a fantastic half term we have had! Today we celebrated all the children's learning by welcoming their parents, carers and family members in to see their work. The children were so well behaved and loved sharing their learning.


Year 3 and 4 Author Visit

Years 3 and 4 have been busy ticking of parts of their Bidbury University this term! 


Both year groups were lucky enough to have Elle English, a local author, come and visit. She told them all about her book 'California' and even helped them to write their own adventure story. They were amazing!


It was lovely to hear all about her travels and how she became a self-published author. Some of the children even bought one of her books. 


Playing Pooh Sticks!

As part of our Bidbury University, Year 4 went to a local stream to play Pooh sticks. Despite the wet weather, both classes had an excellent time throwing and watching their sticks float under the bridge. They then discussed how they might dam the stream if we were to head back there another day! 


On y va! (All aboard!)

In French, we have been learning all about different types of transport and weather. 

Today we took turns to ask what the weather was like on the map of France and then our partner answered using the French we had learned. 


Both Year 4 classes did an amazing job! 

Artist in Residence

While watching Newsround today, Henley very kindly offered to do his own summary drawing of the headlines (just like Mr Devine!). Birch class thought it was excellent and we loved his drawing of a whale!


Well done Henley!

Careers Fair

This morning, Bidbury Junior School were lucky enough to have visitors in for a careers fair. Year 4 loved taking part in finding out all about different types of careers and the skills needed for each job. They asked questions to each employer and had a go at different activities on each stand. The children loved this experience and some have lots of new and exciting ideas on what they would like to be when they are older. 

Conductors, insulators and switches!

This week we have been investigating what conductors and insulators are. We predicted whether different materials would allow electricity to flow around the circuit and then tested to see if we were right!


We also created our own switches and used them on the circuits!

Super Science!

In science we have been learning all about electricity! From where it comes from to how to build a circuit! Both Birch and Horse Chestnut class have had lots of fun and are looking forward to learning about switches, conductors and insulators in our next few lessons. 


Welcome to Year 4!

The Year 4 team would like to say a big hello to all the children and parents this year. The children have settled into Year 4 life well and are trying hard to show all the values. 


Keep an eye out on our page for some AMAZING work!


We are looking forward to a great year ahead!