Year 5

Delightful Decimals


We have been working really hard in our maths lessons getting to grips with everything to do with decimals. We have added, subtracted and even multiplied decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. Although we have found it quite challenging at times, everyone has been super resilient and given it their all. Keep going year 5!! 

Brave Beowful!

In our writing topic we have been delving into our heritage book 'Beowulf' we have been using our inference skills to unpick who the main characters are and summarising what they are like. Throughout the topic so far, we have been looking closely at the rich vocabulary found in the book, which will help us to write our final piece. Keep a look out on here for our final narratives which we will be writing in the next couple of weeks

Peter Ashley centre at Fort Purbrook


Wow! What a lovely trip we had. We had glorious weather, cooked pizza, played team games and then settled down to films in our PJ's before going to bed. We did rifle shooting, archery, rock climbing and the assault course!

On the second night we performed in our Bidburys got Talent tonight after out takeaway dinner! The acts were superb and the judges took on their roles excellently πŸ†All the children were AMAZING!

World Book Day celebrations

Returning to school Monday 8th March 2021

Here is a social story to share with your children before they return to school on Monday to help them understand and cope with any changes. There are two slightly different stories, depending on if your child has been in school or home learning. 


We cant wait to have you all back Bidbury!!

10 tips to stay safe online

Home Learning photos

It is lovely to see some of the things you have been doing at home.  We are thoroughly enjoying looking at your home learning photos. We have uploaded some below but remember you can email us any photo on along with your child's name and year group and these will be added to the website and Facebook page for everyone to celebrate.



Safer Internet Day Tuesday 9th February 

Internet safety day is probably even more relevant this year with a lot of our communication coming from our online world.


We plan to gather all the children, at home and in school, to watch the BBC live lesson at 11 am. In this 30-minute Live Lesson the children will learn about how we can stay safe, responsible and wise in an increasingly digital world, with tips and advice from some of the biggest personalities on the web.


Here is a link for more information about the live lesson:


For parents we also have a guide produced by the Safeguarding Training Centre to help parents support their children in identifying "fake news". 


If you have any concerns you can always come and speak to you child's teacher or a member of the SLT team.

Children's mental health week 1st-7th February 2021


This week is more important than ever. With the current everchanging situation it is important to remember to look after our children's mental health, as well as our own.


We have previously shared some links to useful and websites we think can help anyone who may need some resources or information regarding looking after their own child's mental health. These can be found on the Bidbury website under the tab, Useful Links.

This coming Friday 5th February, we are having a non school uniform day to show our support to this important campaign. All activities on Friday, at home and at school will be to support our children’s mental health and well-being.


The theme is "Express Yourself". We hope you can join us in supporting this campaign in school and from your own home.

It has come to our attention that there has been a few incidences involving social media in different year groups. Please can you ensure that you take the time to go through keeping safe online guidance with your children if they are at home or in school. 


The NSPCC have some great links explaining how to change profile settings and talk to your children about using such apps. 

Good Morning Year 5!


We hope you have had a lovely break. We know that some of you may be worried about the school closing, but please try not to.  We will try as much as we can to provide some form of normality while you are at home. Myself and Miss Cawthorne will still be in school to answer any questions you may have.  


For Tuesday 5th January and Wednesday 6th January you need to complete the work below, there is quite a bit so please don't feel worried about having to complete it all and definitely do not work past 3pm on each day. Don't forget you can also access TTrockstars and Bug club from home. This work does not need to be handed in, or submitted on google classroom. 


From Thursday we will be returning to our normal learning journey and will set these tasks over google classroom for you all to complete. We will be posting any changes we will be making to google classroom tomorrow, so please make sure you check this page tomorrow. 


Please familiarise yourself with the guides below for how to use google classroom.


 Miss Cawthorne & Miss Shaw 

Google Classroom


Starting Monday we will be doing our learning online using Google Classroom. 

Each day there will be lessons set including Maths, English, Guided Reading, and some wider curriculum subjects. 


How our lessons might work:

  • You will have a task sheet (that you can edit and submit) 
  • An attachment for a lesson input - this may be: a video, voice recording with tasks modelled or a set of instructions (if it's a task you could complete independently)
  • There will be I do / You do modelling like we have in lessons. 
  • There will be different task levels (Challenge, Bigger Challange and Biggest Challange) this will be for you to choose to complete (choose the level that you would usually use in class) 
  • We will give you feedback to each lesson like an aqua aspirations questions (responding to marking - green pen)


Our expectations are that you log into Google classrooms every day and complete the tasks provided. You can complete the tasks in any order but needs to be completed by 3 pm each day.

A new days worth of tasks will be uploaded for the following day 


Below is an attachment all about how to use google classrooms. 

We have also found a video that sets out clear instructions.

Good Morning Year 5!

Friday 11th December 2020


We know that for some of you our isolation news will come as a bit of a shock. However, please do not worry too much! We will try as much as we can to provide some form of normality over the next week. Although Miss Shaw and I will be working from home, please do not hesitate to contact us if any of you need anything. 


For today we are going to put some work up on here for you to complete, there is quite a bit so please don't feel worried about having to complete it all and definitely do not work past 3pm! Don't forget you can also access TTrockstars and Bug club from home.


From Monday we will be returning to our normal learning journey and will set these tasks over google classroom for you all to complete (Miss Shaw and I will spend today getting our heads around all the ins and outs of google classroom!). 


Keep your eyes peeled as we will be putting up a guide to help with how to master google classroom.


Miss Cawthorne & Miss Shaw smiley

Wonderful Writing

This week the children have been writing some amazing descriptive stories about the book called a night at the frost fair. We’ve investigated the different senses the character might be experiencing and linked this with figurative language to write a setting description.

Maths Challenge

Here's this weeks maths problem, see if you can solve it! Email it in to the school office showing your working out when you have. 

Maths Challenge

Here is this weeks maths challenge and the answers from last week. Speak to your class teachers if there are any problems. 

Super Science

As well as our French, Year 5 have been safely getting stuck in to our science curriculum. We have been learning when new substances are made. It has been a little messy at times but Year 5 have been very resilient and safe when working scientifically. 

Fabulous French


Year 5 have been practising their accents during their French lessons. They have learnt how to describe what they look like and how the dress. They have been trying really hard to gain confidence in speaking in front of the class, even if they find it tricky! Keep up the good work Year 5 blush

Maths Challenge

Well done to all the children who participated in the maths challenge this week. You can email the school's office at to show us your work. See the new challenge this week below. Can you find two possible solutions to Mo's problem?

Delightful D.T.

This week the children made a cams toy prototype. They have learnt how different shaped cams change the movement of a follower and have created the most amazing designs so they can make their final piece next week.

Maths Challenge

Please see this week's maths challenge. We need to think about who is correct and why using language such as exchange. 

Maths Challenge- Completed 

Well done to all the children who completed the maths challenge in their homework this week. It's wonderful to see your growth mindsets and determination to complete different tasks. Here is a picture of Billy with his hard work. 

Bug Club

A few people using Bug Club on ipads have reported problems accessing the site. Here is a picture showing how to solve this!

Maths Challenge

Each week we will be posting a new maths challenge to continue to deepening your understanding. It will be problem based and something to work on at home as part of your homework. Remember to keep playing your Times Tables Rock Stars and reading on Bug Club. We ask for the children to play TTRS at least once and to answer 5 questions on Bug Club. This week's challenge in Maths is around place value, which we finished learning about a few weeks ago. 


Year 5 PPA Autumn 2 Timetable

Marvellous Maths

Wow! Year 5 have really impressed us so far this year with how much effort they have put into their Maths. We have been focusing on place value and using number lines to round numbers. Take a look at some amazing examples below!

As well as this we have started our new music topic and continued to work on our hand eye coordination through controlling the ball with the hockey stick. Keep up the superb work year 5! 

Superb Science


Year 5 have been putting their investigation hats on and getting stuck into learning all about different materials and their properties. Year 5 worked really hard to predict the properties first and then see if they were correct. 

As well as this, they have been continuing with our book 'Friend or Foe' in Writing and have put their acting skills to the test, learning all about how to use their voice to convey how the characters are feeling. 

Keep up the amazing work year 5! 


Nessy app

⭐️Nessy is a great app that offers help with children who are dyslexic or struggling with spelling.⭐️

This is also a resource we can use in school to help the children.

⭐️This month they are offering a FREE download in awarness of Dyslexia month, so make sure you get yours! ⭐️

Free Workshop

Lee Haywood is running a new Parent Workshop for keeping children safe online. As many of you know, he originally worked for the police before wanting to come and work more in schools, supporting children keeping safe. It is online and limited spaces. 

Clever Cooks

We been lucky enough to have a new kitchen fitted during the school improvement works so have decided to share our cooking lesson with you this week. The children in year 5 made some delicious quiche which they were able to take home. We have also been busy promoting out online homework Times Tables Rock Stars and Bug Club. Please let your class teacher know if you are having any issues logging on. Although many of the children read for pleasure every night any way, Bug Club has targeted questioning which really helps develop their comprehension. 

School Council

⭐️ We are opening up the opportunity for our children to be involved with our very own Bidbury school council. This is an opportunity for children across all year groups to apply. If your child is interested, please encourage them to be involved.⭐️

Excellent English


This week we have started reading our new books in English and guided reading. In English we are reading Friend or Foe and in guided reading we are reading Beowulf. The children have been making some amazing predictions of what they think the book is about based on the front cover.  We have started gymnastics in PE and have been working on different balances. We also delved in to our new topic investigation all about the history of the law.


Well done year 5 you have produced some amazing work this week and have settled in to week 3 beautifully.

Mr Cat the Caterpillar
The Year 5 children have been creating a bug hotel during their break time and lunch times. They have been so excited about their creation so far and even brought a Caterpillar into school and called him 'Mr Cat the Caterpillar'. We will attach photos soon to show you their creations!  


All about us and others

We have been continuing with our PDL journey, creating some amazing pieces of work looking at our values, kindness towards ourselves and others and even some mindfulness. We have spent this week exploring random acts of kindness and how you can view someone from different viewpoints. This has all been based on a video about an ‘unsung hero’.

Working Hard Already!

We may only be a few days back in but Year 5 have been working incredibly hard in their PDL lessons. PDL stands for personal developmental learning, and in it this week we have been covering topics such as keeping safe with the Coronavirus, welcoming the year groups back to school, yoga well being, growth mindset and what good learning behaviour looks like. We also wrote letters to our future selves talking about our goals and aspirations. 

From the year 5 team smiley

Welcome back!

We cannot wait to see you all and we are so excited to have you back in school. We have been working hard getting our classrooms ready, we hope you like them. We don't want you to worry about coming back to school, we have some steps in place to keep you all safe which we will go through on Monday. If you are in Oak class you will be starting with the book Wonderscape and in Rowan you will be reading the Boy in the back of the Class.


In other news, there is a new member of the Tame family. We are lucky enough to be able to show you a picture of their new sibling- isn't Archer cute!


Miss Whippy, Miss Shaw and Miss Cawthorne smiley

'How we survived the pandemic' display in school

As a school we would like to dedicate a display to all our Bidbury families and staff about 'How we survived the pandemic'.

We would love you share any photographs you have taken over the the lockdown of your children studying at home, learning new life skills, being back at school or even a mask selfie!

If you have any photographs, please send them in to us at-

Our Animal Potrait Art

Well Done William!

Congratulations to William who, over the last two weeks, has won 2 ‘Polar Bear’ awards for his work at home in Polar Bear school!

He’s been doing lots of reading and writing and maths! William has even completed a GCSE maths paper. He’s also been studying maps of the world, ancient civilizations, code, biology, physics and chemistry. William has also been completing lots of bike rides and practicing his karate to keep fit and healthy.

Well done William we can see you are working really hard at home!

English Work

This week and last week we have been looking at acrostic poems. This is when the name of the poem is spelt out with the beginning letter of each stanza (like the picture below). We are going to try and create our own poems in this style! Can you create your own too? Try and make sure you have at least three descriptions for each stanza. You can also add a beautiful drawing or water colour painting to make your poem look even better!

Wider Curriculum 
White rose maths

Mr Marsh has a challenge for you


Let’s start next week as a positive and active one!

Mr Marsh has a mission for you all!

Can you complete these daily challenges? We’d love to see photos of all of you getting involved.

Send your photos in to 


Hello to our new Year 6 children!

We have created this video for you to introduce your new teachers in September.

Miss Allen will be teaching Spelling, Grammar and punctuation, Miss Clarke will be teaching Maths and Mr Devine will be teaching Writing in Year 6.

We understand that you haven't received your class list yet but please be aware that we are looking to inform you all asap.

We can't wait to meet you all in September!

From The Year 6 team 


Olympic Primary week

Hi Bidbury Families!πŸ™Œ


Here are some ideas to get the children moving this week. These can be done in the comfort of your own home. Please make sure you send us your photos or attach them to this post and we can send them to HampshireSGO :).

Can't wait to see your photos!




Mr Marsh


Hi Year 5 team

It's been absolutely amazing to see so many of you back in school and talking to those of you that are still at home doing your lovely home learning on the phone (We miss seeing you lots). 


From many of our conversations we know that many of you are eager to find out who could be your teachers next year and some of you are also worried about a few things. Well, we have something to tell you about...


As some of you may have seen on our school's Facebook page that the Year 3 Teachers for the next school year have been announced by a video that they put together to answer many questions the new Year 3's had. 

WELL... Your new Year 6 teachers have also put together a video for you all! 


We wonder who you think the new year 6 teachers could be!


Additionally, as soon as we have finalised the new class lists, we will let you know what class you will be in and who you teacher will be. Watch this space!


Wider Curriculum


White Rose Maths
W/C- 29/06/2020



Covid letters
Creative home learning
W/C- 22/06/2020
Mimi's wonderful Rowan poem!
W/C- 22/06/2020
W/C- 22.06.2020
Archimboldo art
Whiterose Maths
W/C- 15.06.2020

Diversity week


Bidbury families let’s get involved!🌟

Important information 

In the summer term, as a school we usually have our year groups photos. We are sad that we cannot currently offer these to parents during these difficult times. However, we have worked with Fraser Portraits to come up with a solution and have used the pictures that were taken in the autumn term to create a virtual group.


We understand at Bidbury that these images are very popular with the pupils and parents, so please contact to request your proof card id to view and order your year group photo.


Job applications for September 2020
As you are all aware, every year we advertise jobs that become available for you to apply for! We are always blown away with the response we get from all of our children at Bidbury and feel very proud that so many of you would like to be involved. However, we know that SLT will invite you to an interview if your application is successful and this is your time to shine! 

As Year 5's you have the amazing opportunity to apply to become Head boy/Head girl ready for Year 6.  We understand that with the current school circumstances we are unable to do the normal process with our job applications, so we are holding it out a little longer and giving you time to get planning and write up those drafts! 

Please read the job roles that will become available for you to apply for... your teachers will keep you updated when your applications can be submitted to SLT!

White Rose Maths

Week 3- Home learning resources
Maths maths and more maths! smiley

Creative home learning tasks

This weeks creative project is 'All around us'.

The amazing science activities for this week include; tasks based around space and climate change. You can research facts about climate change and space and complete activities based on these areas. 


We would also LOVE to see what you all get up to! If you would like to show us, and appear on our web-page so everyone can see what amazing things you have been up to, don't forget to send an email to 

⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️

With school opening up to Year 6 and more keyworker/ vulnerable families, we would like our wonderful children to help us! The government have made us lots of posters, about how to stay safe during the reopening, however they aren’t very exciting or child friendly! 


This week’s challenge is therefore to create an informative poster about washing hands and social distancing. The winning poster will then be displayed around the school to help keep everyone at school safe - along with your prize being delivered the following Monday! 🎁 


We will post a copy of the posters that we currently have around the school on Monday to give you some inspiration and the facts we need to be visible! 

Entries need to be in by 4pm Friday and the winner will be announced at 5pm. Upload them to the Facebook post on our school page or email them to:


This is where we are up to this week on our battle against Year 4 and our battle between our classes! 


Come one Year 5 we can't let Year 4 beat us!! 

Hello from Miss Allen

I hope you are all having a fun half-term and are enjoying the beautiful weather! I loved hearing about all that you have been doing at home.  

I thought I would share what I have been up to recently. I have been on a lovely long walk to a place called The Poet's Stone (on the steapest hill I've ever walked down) I loved it so much I've walked it twice, My cat Treacle has been pestered on the daily by our family and lastly I treated my mum and dad to a simple afternoon tea. So below I have put some photos of these things. 


As I said to you on the phone to many of you, as soon as we have any updates about when it is safe to come back to school we will let you know. In the meantime keep working hard at home, stay safe and keep smiling! I can’t wait to see you all again soon. 

Miss Allen heart

Update From the Year 5 Team

Hello every one! 


It has been so lovely this week speaking to you all on the phone. We have missed you all very much so it was nice to catch up! 

We weren't  able to get hold of all of you so we will try to call again after the half term break. We've loved hearing about what you have all been busy doing at home from your home learning to your family time activities and are very pleased to hear you are all happy and safe! Also that your are enjoying your time outside in the sunshine as it seemed that many of you when we called were outside on a trampoline or playing! (we are very jealous) 


As we have mentioned on the phone, as soon as we have any updates about coming back to school when it is safe to do so we will let you know. In the mean time stay safe! I hope we will all be able to see each other soon. Well done for being SO resilient Year 5 !


Last thing, if any of you would like to share what you have been up to we would love to see it. Send us in an update at


From Miss Allen and Mr Dryden laugh


⭐️ Bidbury Family Challenge ⭐️ 

This week’s challenge has been set by Mrs Mason!
Mrs Mason would like you to create your own clip to respond to the staff ‘Champion’ video as she loved it so much! You can be as creative as you like!


Please send your entries in by 4pm on Friday.
We cannot wait to see what you create!


End of the week report

Hello everyone. We hope you are all safe and well. Seeing as we have all been at home for quite a while now, we thought it might be nice to start something new. At the end of every week Miss Allen and Mr Dryden will write a 'end of week report' here on our class page to say well done to those of you who have been doing fantastic learning at home.

Please remember to email in any photos you have of what you have been up to so we can say well done to you. Our email is: 


To kick start this weeks report we would like to highlight those of you who have been amazing on TT rockstars and Bugclub...

Well done to those of you who took part in our TT battle against year year 6 which ended yesterday however unfrotunately we lost 


However we have done amazing in our battle against our Year 5 classes! 


WELL DONE OAK CLASS you are this weeks winners.


Our new battle has been set against year 4 this week and between our classes 

Good luck!


Bug club

We want to say a huge well done to those of you who have been keeping up with your reading on Bug Club.

Well done to Rudra, Naomi, Tristan and Remzi for completing the most amout of quizes recently! 

Make sure that you are logging into Bug Club regularly to improve your reading skills!


Keep up the good work everyone! We will update you next Friday with our weekly report. 


YEAR 5 we have something for you all to watch.... 

We hope you are all safe and well. Some of you may have already seen this on Facebook, but we wanted to share it here also so you can all see.


From all the staff at Bidbury Junior School, we have made our own music video for our school song 'Champion'.

We hope you like it! Every member of staff misses you all SO much and we cannot wait to be reunited once more. Whatever the government decides, about if and when it is safe for us all to return, we want you to know that the Bidbury team will be ready and waiting to see you all very soon. In the mean time, we miss you, stay strong and keep safe! YOU ARE ALL CHAMPIONS. 

Love from the year 5 team

This weeks creative home study project

Last week we shared a creative home learning project of The great indoors outdoors.


This weeks creative project is 'Spring into Spring'.

The amazing activities for this week include; creating your own game, perfecting your artistic skills, challenging your family to a scavenger hunt (created by you), becoming an expert gardener and many more activities. 

We would also LOVE to see what you all get up to! If you would like to show us, and appear on our web-page so everyone can see what amazing things you have been up to, don't forget to send an email to 


White Rose Week 1


Maths maths and a little more maths 


Dear Parents,

As we begin a new week we would like to share some more/ new material shared on white rose. As a school, we use 'White Rose Maths' as our scheme of work for our maths lessons.

Recently they have been producing weekly maths lessons for your children to complete. This has been running for 4+ weeks and we are aware that some of you have been using it already but are now unable access all of the resources on their website.

Therefore, we will be uploading the lessons and video links each week to our year 5 page. We will also upload the answer sheets so you can check the work after your child has completed each task.

Before you try each lesson, we suggest that you show the relevant video linked to the lesson to your child as it explains the tasks, models and strategies needed to solve each problem (this will also help you out a little too).


Miss Allen & Mr Dryden

⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️


This week’s family challenge is all about dusting off your aprons and getting your hands dirty in the kitchen! We would like you to get cooking together as a family.

This might be a family recipe that you love to make or it could be you stepping out of your comfort zone and trying to cook or bake something new! It would be great if you could upload the recipe and instructions too to create a bank of ideas for other families in our school community to try! 😊

We cannot wait to have our Facebook page filled with pictures of your wonderful creations 🧁πŸͺπŸ₯§πŸ²πŸ₯—

All entries in by 4pm next Friday! 


At school we have been playing lots of Kahoot Quizzes, so we all thought it would be a great idea to create our own Bidbury Junior School themed quiz. Our quizzes will test what you remember about our school from the teachers to places around the school. 

We would LOVE for as many of you to play these quizzes! 

Remember to use your name as the username so we know who has played.


Year 5 – MP & NG

Game PIN: 0904371


Year 5 – FT

Game PIN: 05306065

Hi Year 5!

The whole Year 5 team have loved seeing all the amazing things you have been up to at home! I thought I would share a few more things that I've been up to. I keep going down and checking on our compost heap to see what I can find and recently there have been lots of grass snakes and slow-worms. I managed to get a picture of both before they slithered off into the grass. 

When the weather has been a bit rainy or cold I've been doing lots of different things indoors to keep me busy. I've tried making new food, including burgers from scratch and Cornish pasties! I have also been doing lots of puzzles to keep myself busy and have posted a picture of two I have finished! If I have completed four 1000 piece puzzles, two 500 piece puzzles and one 100 piece puzzle with an overall 6 pieces missing; how many pieces of puzzle did I put together? I'll let you do the maths!

I've also been doing lots of work from home, despite someone trying to distract me everyday (he sat like this for 3 hours whilst I worked)!

I hope you are all keeping safe and finding lots of fun things to do!

Don't forget you can take part in the Year 5 quiz by following this link:

and typing in the game code- 07946566. Then leaving your username as either your first name or initials.

Naomi is the current reigning champion! Can anyone beat her?

Keep sending in pictures of what you have been up to as well to 

Looking forward to hopefully seeing you all soon!

Mr Dryden

The Great Indoors and Outdoors

As well as maths, English and reading ideas, HIAS has also published some 'creative learning journeys' for the wider curriculum lessons. These are creative projects based around different key areas and are updated weekly.

This week it is the 'The Great Indoors and Outdoors' and is mainly based around Science and DT. With activities ranging from building your own den and bird watching to inventing and creating your own creature and its habitat. There are lots of different fun activities to dive into this week.

We would also LOVE to see what you all get up to! If you would like to show us, and appear on our web-page so everyone can see what amazing things you have been up to, don't forget to send an email to 

Have fun this week, we will see you all soon!

Mr Dryden, Miss Allen and Year 5 team smiley


We would also like to remind you Year 5 that Bug club is a great online resource for reading and TT rock stars is amazing for practicing your timestables.      TimesTable Rock Stars      Bug Club

Connecting home to school

As we begin a new week of 'home school' we would like to share with you all some home learning material shared with us by Hampshire Advisory Service. These are easy to follow home learning material with a sequence of reading and writing lessons based on different texts. There is also some useful home learning ideas for Maths with lots of useful activities and resources! We follow the same planning structure in school for our English lessons, therefore the children should be familiar with some of the activities that they suggest. 


Below we have attached the links to the Year 5 (Upper KS2) and PDF files with the different reading and writing learning journeys for you to work through.  


We hope that you find these useful especially as they link closely to the structure we follow at school. Please let us know if you have any problems that we could help you with. 


Alternatively if need a 'check in' from us for your child to help them refocus please do not hesitate to email in to we are just an email away! 

Miss Allen, Mr Dryden and the Year 5 team smiley


  •     Writing 
  •     Reading 
  •    Maths

⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️


This week’s family challenge is all about taking a step back and focusing on enjoying the beautiful world around us in our local community.

We would like you to enter a photo that captures something beautiful and natural. This might be found in your garden, in your home or something that you spot whilst out and about exploring as part of your daily exercise outing. 😊

We cannot wait to have our Facebook page filled with pictures of our local area


All entries in by 4pm next Friday!


Year 5 Weekly Quiz 2

Quiz Week 1 Podium-

1. Naomi

2. Fraser

3. Amelia

Congratulations to this weeks top three and the overall winner Naomi! Super history work guys! Remember if you do enter the quiz you need to leave your name or initials as the username, otherwise we cannot verify you! Although you can enter the quiz as many times as you like, to make it fair, we will only take your first quiz entry as you have already seen the answers!


This weeks quiz is all about SPACE. From scorching planets to icy cold ones, what do you know about the vastness of space? Who is the ultimate Year 5 astronaut? Remember, click the link, type in the game Pin, type your name or initials as the username and blast off.


Kahoot Quiz link -


Game Pin - 07946566


Today (Friday 8th May) is the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Our bunting is up at school and some of our home are also decorated -  have you got yours up too?

Before you read on, why not watch this video to get you in the VE day mood: The song has been put together by the Royal British Legion.


At 9pm tonight, they would like us all to sing along to ‘We’ll Meet Again’. You can find out more here:


VE Day, also known as Victory in Europe Day, which celebrates the beginning of the end of World War 2 back in 1945. People all over the UK commemorate VE day every year by doing special events. This year, VE day is a bank holiday because it marks 75 years since Winston Churchill's announced the end of the war in Europe. 

Many people are celebrating today we wonder how many houses you may spot during your daily exercise. 

You could have a tea party at home with your family, bake some cakes, make some bunting, create a Union Jack flag, make a VE day poster or even sing some songs from 1945. Whatever you get up to, we hope you have fun celebrating VE day.

As always we would love for you to send us some photos of what you get up to!

We have added a video link below to explain to you in more detail what VE day is all about along with some links to ideas on how to celebrate at home. 


Home learning/ gardening 

Molli has been working hard at home in the garden cutting the hedges, she has also cut the hedges at the front of the house too. Molli also helped clean it all up too. Amazing!

Extra Activities

Hello Year 5! We are all missing you very much at school. It is just not the same without everyone there and we can't wait to have everyone back again! 

I hope you are keeping busy at home doing lots of different things. If you are running out of things to do then this may be a useful link.

Disney have released a lot of different activities for you to do!

From designing and creating your own Lion King mask to learning dance moves from Aladdin as well as creating your own kingdom just like Elsa's Ice Fortress from Frozen. There are also many more activities that are updated regularly for you to try!



Don't forget if you would like to appear on our webpage to send in pictures or updates to


⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️


This week’s family challenge is a little bit different and is a scavenger hunt:

We would like you go on a hunt around your house and find an item for every letter of the alphabet. These items can be as random and creative as you like and how you choose to present your findings is completely up to you! 😊

collage of pictures            Letter                a book 

tik tok style video               vlog                  dance               poem 


We cannot wait to see what you manage to dig out! 

Come on year 5 we can't let year 3 win the challenge for another week in a row (channel our inner golden broom winning spirit to win wink)


Entries need to be in by 4pm Friday and the winner will be announced at 5pm. Upload them to the Facebook post on our school page or email them to:


One thing that has grown in popularity recently is definitely quizzes. So Miss Allen and myself thought that we would hold a weekly quiz via Kahoot for all Year 5's. Each Thursday a different quiz will be made and posted on our web-page. All you need to do is follow the link, type in the Kahoot Game Pin, type your username so we know who it is and answer as many questions as you can. We will announce the Podium at the end of each week too!


This week it is all about the Battle of Britain so you will need to cast your mind back to the beginning of the year. Who is the ultimate Year 5 Quizzer?


Quiz Link -


Kahoot Game Pin - 01405917

Puzzle Time

This will get you thinking!

Can you join all 9 of these dots with only 4 straight lines without taking your pen or pencil off of the paper? You cannot go over any line twice. The answer will be revealed at the end of the week.

Don't forget if you would like to appear on our webpage to send in pictures or updates to


Creative Writing Challenge

For all you creative writers out there. Can you create a story related to the picture below? 

Think about:

  • Who has written the message?
  • Why have they written the message?
  • Can you remember the last five times you said ‘thank you’ to someone?
  • What did you say thank you for?
  • What effect does being polite to people have?

Try and include as much figurative language as you can to make your stories as exciting as possible! 

Don't forget if you would like to appear on our webpage to send in pictures or updates to


Ancient Egyptian Project Update

We are absolutely loving the Ancient Egyptian projects you are sending in! Amelia has been very busy making an amazing pyramid and Egyptian landscape. Logan has also been creating an Ancient Egyptian necklace and discovering some great facts. The spread wings of the necklace represent 'Protection' in the afterlife. It is so great to see such amazing artwork you are all creating at home! 

Don't forget if you would like to appear on our webpage to send in pictures or updates to 


⭐️ Bidbury Family Challenge β­οΈ

Week 2 - This week Mr Mahmud is setting the family challenge!

“I want you to get creative and get your art tools out! For this week’s challenge, I would like you to design and create an adult at our school.”

We cannot wait to see your creations! πŸ˜Š

Entries need to be in by 4pm Friday and the winner will be announced at 5pm.

Go Bidbury families !!! πŸ‘¨‍🏫🎨

Hi from Mr Dryden!

Hello Year 5! I hope you are all safe and well and have been making the most of the sunshine recently. Miss Allen and I have been asking you to send in lots of photos of what you have all been up to and I thought it was only fair that I share with you some of the things that I have been up to this week too! 

I have been going on lots of walks and runs (once a day) to help me keep fit and healthy and even saw some little ducklings whilst I was out on one of the days.

I have also been in school a lot this week where we have done lots of different activities. I have made some dream catchers and Miss Whippy showed me how to make some aboriginal art by finger painting. Although you might be able to tell I am starting to miss all of the football and rugby that's normally on! 

I have also been lucky enough to have a firepit and roasted my own marshmallows and made smores.

I have also been exploring my garden a lot more and the wildlife that might be there. I have found lots of mice and discovered an Owl that lives in the neighbours tree (although I wasn't able to get pictures of them this week I will try to in the future!). As well as that I have found a toad under an old piece of wood, lots of frogs in our pond and even a grass snake on our compost heap. Which makes me wonder, what can you find in your gardens or when you are out on a walk?

Remember to keep sending in pictures of what you have been up to to so we can post it on our class page for everyone to see!


See you all soon,


Mr Dryden

Miss Allen's woodland walk 

Yesterday I went on a lovely, extremely long, sunny walk with my family. 

On my walk, I passed some logs that were cut down from Oak trees (so obviously I had to take a picture with them). Then I came across a tree that had stunning carvings with a hole to poke my head through. After that I found a minibeast area with a snake, snail and minibeast trap doors. Finally before my long trek back home I stumbled upon a shimmering lake with so many tadpoles that the lake was becoming more black than green. I also saw a bridge with Chinese writing on, which I found out had been restored to its original design. 


Has anyone guessed where I walked to yet?    I'll put some pictures bellow to help you work out where I went...


My walk came to a total of 11 KM (consisting on mostly woodland areas, such a gem to have in our local area).

Has anyone else managed to go on a long walk? 

Sunshine learning

Thank you to all of you that have sent in what you have been up to recently! We have loved the updates.

From teaching brothers and sisters to bike rides, practicing woodwork, planting, to even learning about the periodic table! We are amazed by what you are doing with your home learning. 


Don't forget if you would like to appear on our webpage to send in pictures or updates to 

Home learning updates...

BBC Bitesize and Oak National Trust are both doing daily lessons for children of all year groups.

We have included the links to each of these below, along with a photo of the timetables they have created. Both sites have made three daily lessons for children including maths, English, science and other subjects from the wider curriculum.

We have taken a look at both websites and they are fantastic. They will not only help keep some structure for the children, but will also make sure they continue learning with relevant and fun lessons.

We encourage you to give them a try alongside your times tables on TT rock stars and reading on Bug Club (of course use any links that you have been using so far if this still works for you).



Let us know how you get on and please email us if you have any questions. 


Miss Allen and Mr Dryen

Miss West's Weekly Challenge!

⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️

Get ready guys and girls - it’s time for the Bidbury Family Challenge !!!


We are launching a family challenge that will take part each week.

This is a bit of fun to keep our wonderful school community in touch and so we can see all of the awesome work you are up to at home! This might be something cooking related, a fitness task, a team challenge, some art work … the challenge will change and be completely different each week!


We will set each challenge on a Friday and the winner will be announced via Facebook the following Friday. We are very fortunate that some of our wonderful LSAs are out and about delivering our free school meal food bags each week and so the prize will be delivered to your door as part of this journey each Monday🎁


To enter, simply upload your entry to the ⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️ thread on the Bidbury Junior School Facebook page each week so everyone can see the fantastic entries! Alternatively you can email your entries to if you do not have access to Facebook. 


This week’s challenge from Miss West:

A box isn’t just a box… What can you turn it into?

Be as creative and imaginative as you like! The box can be as big or as small as you like and can lay your hands on.

Work as a team Bidbury families and upload your entries to the facebook thread or send in via email.


We can’t wait to see your creations and would LOVE to see someone from year 5 win !!! 

Egyptian projects

Amazing craftmanship from Remzi! Looks like we might have a future carpenter in our year 5 team.  

Don't forget to use Bug club (reading) and Times Table Rock Stars (maths) laugh


More useful home learning links...

Over the weekend the Department for education released a list of suggested links to use  whilst you are home educating.


We have had a look though this list and think that these links would be most useful (of course in addition to the links we have already shared with you) 



In addition BBC bitesize will be publishing daily online lessons to help pupils expand their learning. 

The Year 5 team thought we would share some of the things we have been up to in the past few weeks.

Don't forget we'd love to see some of the things you have been doing too. 

Catch up! 


Hi year 5,

We hope you are all enjoying the lovely sunshine! We miss you all and your crazy dancing around the classrooms, and are looking forward to seeing you again soon.

BUT We want to know... What have you all been up to? We'd love to see what you have been doing at home during the 'Easter holidays'. Also don't forget to keep us updated on what you've found out about the Ancient Egyptians or any new skills that you have mastered.

Your parents can send an email to the office which they will forward onto us. The email address is: 


Parents/carers, we are aware that it can be difficult for you to explain the current extraordinary situation of Covid-19 to your children, many of whom are increasingly anxious or confused. We have attached an information book illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler, which answers many key questions in simple language appropriate to Primary School aged children. We hope you find it useful. 


Also thank you for all that you are doing during this time we know the children really do appreciate it (even if they aren't making it so obvious to you). Stay strong stay safe!


Speak soon Year 5 


Miss Allen and Mr Dryden 


Mummy Mia- Here we go again!

Once all of this is over and we are back at school, seeing all of your lovely faces again, our topic will be all about Ancient Civilisations, focusing on the Ancient Egyptians.

Below you will find a knowledge organiser to help you get a little bit of a head start. Can you complete any activities to do with this?

Can you create a diary entry for a young Egyptian Pharaoh?

Can you design a piece of Ancient Egyptian Jewellery or fashion design?

Can you paint your own life sized sarcophagus? 

Or create a poster about one of the Egyptian Gods?

Or any other activities that you can think of!

Remember it would be greatly appreciated if you could send in any pictures or videos of what you have all been up to at home to and, with your permission, we can post them on this page!

Hope to see you all again soon!


Mr Dryden and Miss Allen


Ancient Egyptian task ideas

Covid-19 Time Capsule

Miss Barnett has kindly sent us this time capsule pack for you to print off and fill in to keep a record of what was going on during this time

Interesting Links

You may be at home looking for some different things to explore and look at. Here are a couple of links that might be of interest to you. 

Been wondering what animals at the zoo are like when nobody is watching? Well you can have a look here as Edinburgh Zoo have set up webcams in different animal enclosures so you can see what they are up to.

A bit more locally, Marwell have also put some different resources and actvities for you to complete that you might be interested in.

Different authors set a challenge to be completed each day.

Ever wanted to know more interesting facts? Find some good ones here!

100 Challenges for you to try and complete at home.


Remember, send a picture or video of what you are doing at home to  and, with your permission, we can post them on our class page!


Mr Dryden and Miss Allen


Activity Ideas!


Hello, Year 5! I hope you are all well and safe and finding lots of different things to do to keep you busy. If you are looking for some extra ideas then read the PDF file attached at the bottom of this message. It has lots of different links and actvities to complete, ranging from ICT games, arts and crafts and mindfulness. Keep checking this page for different ideas and  things to do! Enjoy!

Mr Dryden and Miss Allen

Just Checking In

Hello Year 5!

We hope you are all keeping safe and well. We miss you all very much and are looking forward to seeing you again soon. School is not quite the same without everyone here! We have been wondering what you have all been up to? We have really liked seeing your grown ups post pictures of you exercising on the school's Facebook page. If you want to, you can ask your grown ups to send us pictures of what you have been doing at home, whether it is Joe Wicks in the morning or arts and crafts! They can send an email to the office which they will forward onto us. The email address is :


Parents, we are aware that some of your children may be anxious about Covid-19 and it can be difficult to know what to tell them. We have been forwarded a story about Dave the Dog which can be used to explain the current situation to children. The aim is for it to reduce anxiety about the virus and help children to stay positive. We have attached the link to it below. We hope you find it useful. 


Hope to see you all soon!


Mr Dryden and Miss Allen

Creative Writing Challenge!

Can you create an awesome and exciting story? Select an image from the pictures below. 

Where is this?
Where does it go to?
How would you feel travelling along here alone?
What would you be travelling in?

Where would you be travelling to?
How will your journey end?

Create a story based around your selected image. Remember to use similes and metaphors along with personification and any other kind figurative language you can think of to make your story as exciting and interesting as possible. We are very excited to read them all!



See you again soon!


As you are aware, all schools in England are to be closed from Friday 20th March 2020 until further notice. All of the Year 5 team are very sad that we won’t be seeing most of you for a little while, but we are sure you will enjoy the lie-ins and not writing the date and LO every day! 


Parents, we appreciate that this is a difficult time and you may be concerned about your child's education. We have created home learning books that will be sent home with your children today (20.03.20). You can get your children to use these to record any work they have done. You will also find your child's log in details for TT rock stars and Bug Club on the inside cover of these books. We have also linked various home learning resources below to further support you and your child at home. The school will keep you updated about the school closures and we hope that you all stay safe. 


We can't wait to see you all again soon.


smiley  Mr Dryden. Miss Allen, Mrs Rock and Miss Farthing smiley

Useful websites to help you learn at home: 


BBC Bitesize - 

This website is useful for you to lots of learning in all different subjects. There are also some online games for you to play.


Twinkl -

Twinkl is offering a free subscription whilst schools are closed. Your parents just need to use their emails to sign up and them you can access lots of different tasks. 


Bug Club - 

We have put your log-ins to Bug Club in your books that you took home. On this website there are lots of books you can read and then you will be asked questions about what you have read. 


Times Table Rock Stars - 

We have put your log-ins for Times Table Rockstars in your books that you took home. On this website you can practice your times tables. 


Nrich -

There are lots of problem solving and mathematical reasoning tasks for you to have a go at on this website. 


Literacy Shed -

There are lots of creative writing activities on this website and pictures to help inspire you! 


Oxford Owl -

There are lots of free e-books to read on this website and its free to register. 


Spelling Shed -

 You can use this website to help learn spellings by playing lots of different games. You just need an adult to sign up using their email address.

Wonderful Writing and working together

We have had the opportunity to Zen out during our Yoga sessions. We learnt about different breathing techniques, yoga poses and how to relax when we are feeling stressed.
This year the children take part in termly tolerance days. During this T-day the children found out about different family types, disabilities and religion.

Fantastic Forces

In our science lessons we have looked at different forces. To test the force of gravity the children were challenged to use a Ping-Pong ball and straw to test how gravity works.

WW2 dress up day and year group assembly

The school nurses came in to teach the year group about healthy eating

Remembrance Tea

Bonfire Disco

Year 5 trip to Milestones Living History Museum

In art we have been creating WW2 Battle of Britain silhouettes.


We have learnt to use water colour paints to create a sunset style back ground. Then we used black sugar paper to make our silhouettes. 


As you can see our results are stunning. 

Settling into Year 5

On the first day of our new year 5, the children were set a challenge of making a bridge using only:

8 pieces of A4 paper

3 pieces of A3 paper

5 pieces of card


and a large piece of sugar paper.


Working in teams they had to design and build a bridge that would hold 5 school books for 2 minutes. Both year 5 classes took this challenge head on and made some amazing bridges, all holding the books and lasting the full 2 minutes.


Both classes have settled in beautifully, forming lasting friendship's and beginning to think about their future ahead.