Year 5

Mummy Mia- Here we go again!

Once all of this is over and we are back at school, seeing all of your lovely faces again, our topic will be all about Ancient Civilisations, focusing on the Ancient Egyptians.

Below you will find a knowledge organiser to help you get a little bit of a head start. Can you complete any activities to do with this?

Can you create a diary entry for a young Egyptian Pharaoh?

Can you design a piece of Ancient Egyptian Jewellery or fashion design?

Can you paint your own life sized sarcophagus? 

Or create a poster about one of the Egyptian Gods?

Or any other activities that you can think of!

Remember it would be greatly appreciated if you could send in any pictures or videos of you have all been up to at home to and, with your permission, we can post them on this page!

Hope to see you all again soon!


Mr Dryden and Miss Allen


Covid-19 Time Capsule

Miss Barnett has kindly sent us this time capsule pack for you to print off and fill in to keep a record of what was going on during this time

Interesting Links

You may be at home looking for some different things to explore and look at. Here are a couple of links that might be of interest to you. 

Been wondering what animals at the zoo are like when nobody is watching? Well you can have a look here as Edinburgh Zoo have set up webcams in different animal enclosures so you can see what they are up to.

A bit more locally, Marwell have also put some different resources and actvities for you to complete that you might be interested in.

Different authors set a challenge to be completed each day.

Ever wanted to know more interesting facts? Find some good ones here!

100 Challenges for you to try and complete at home.


Remember, send a picture or video of what you are doing at home to and, with your permission, we can post them on our class page!


Mr Dryden and Miss Allen


Activity Ideas!


Hello, Year 5! I hope you are all well and safe and finding lots of different things to do to keep you busy. If you are looking for some extra ideas then read the PDF file attached at the bottom of this message. It has lots of different links and actvities to complete, ranging from ICT games, arts and crafts and mindfulness. Keep checking this page for different ideas and  things to do! Enjoy!

Mr Dryden and Miss Allen

Just Checking In

Hello Year 5!

We hope you are all keeping safe and well. We miss you all very much and are looking forward to seeing you again soon. School is not quite the same without everyone here! We have been wondering what you have all been up to? We have really liked seeing your grown ups post pictures of you exercising on the school's Facebook page. If you want to, you can ask your grown ups to send us pictures of what you have been doing at home, whether it is Joe Wicks in the morning or arts and crafts! They can send an email to the office which they will forward onto us. The email address is :


Parents, we are aware that some of your children may be anxious about Covid-19 and it can be difficult to know what to tell them. We have been forwarded a story about Dave the Dog which can be used to explain the current situation to children. The aim is for it to reduce anxiety about the virus and help children to stay positive. We have attached the link to it below. We hope you find it useful. 


Hope to see you all soon!


Mr Dryden and Miss Allen

Creative Writing Challenge!

Can you create an awesome and exciting story? Select an image from the pictures below. 

Where is this?
Where does it go to?
How would you feel travelling along here alone?
What would you be travelling in?

Where would you be travelling to?
How will your journey end?

Create a story based around your selected image. Remember to use similes and metaphors along with personification and any other kind figurative language you can think of to make your story as exciting and interesting as possible. We are very excited to read them all!



See you again soon!


As you are aware, all schools in England are to be closed from Friday 20th March 2020 until further notice. All of the Year 5 team are very sad that we won’t be seeing most of you for a little while, but we are sure you will enjoy the lie-ins and not writing the date and LO every day! 


Parents, we appreciate that this is a difficult time and you may be concerned about your child's education. We have created home learning books that will be sent home with your children today (20.03.20). You can get your children to use these to record any work they have done. You will also find your child's log in details for TT rock stars and Bug Club on the inside cover of these books. We have also linked various home learning resources below to further support you and your child at home. The school will keep you updated about the school closures and we hope that you all stay safe. 


We can't wait to see you all again soon.


smiley  Mr Dryden. Miss Allen, Mrs Rock and Miss Farthing smiley

Useful websites to help you learn at home: 


BBC Bitesize - 

This website is useful for you to lots of learning in all different subjects. There are also some online games for you to play.


Twinkl -

Twinkl is offering a free subscription whilst schools are closed. Your parents just need to use their emails to sign up and them you can access lots of different tasks. 


Bug Club - 

We have put your log-ins to Bug Club in your books that you took home. On this website there are lots of books you can read and then you will be asked questions about what you have read. 


Times Table Rock Stars - 

We have put your log-ins for Times Table Rockstars in your books that you took home. On this website you can practice your times tables. 


Nrich -

There are lots of problem solving and mathematical reasoning tasks for you to have a go at on this website. 


Literacy Shed -

There are lots of creative writing activities on this website and pictures to help inspire you! 


Oxford Owl -

There are lots of free e-books to read on this website and its free to register. 


Spelling Shed -

 You can use this website to help learn spellings by playing lots of different games. You just need an adult to sign up using their email address.

Wonderful Writing and working together

Wonderful Writing and working together 1
Wonderful Writing and working together 2
Wonderful Writing and working together 3
We have had the opportunity to Zen out during our Yoga sessions. We learnt about different breathing techniques, yoga poses and how to relax when we are feeling stressed.
This year the children take part in termly tolerance days. During this T-day the children found out about different family types, disabilities and religion.

Fantastic Forces

In our science lessons we have looked at different forces. To test the force of gravity the children were challenged to use a Ping-Pong ball and straw to test how gravity works.

WW2 dress up day and year group assembly

The school nurses came in to teach the year group about healthy eating

Remembrance Tea

Remembrance Tea 1

Bonfire Disco

Bonfire Disco  1
Bonfire Disco  2
Bonfire Disco  3
Bonfire Disco  4

Year 5 trip to Milestones Living History Museum

In art we have been creating WW2 Battle of Britain silhouettes.


We have learnt to use water colour paints to create a sunset style back ground. Then we used black sugar paper to make our silhouettes. 


As you can see our results are stunning. 

Settling into Year 5

On the first day of our new year 5, the children were set a challenge of making a bridge using only:

8 pieces of A4 paper

3 pieces of A3 paper

5 pieces of card


and a large piece of sugar paper.


Working in teams they had to design and build a bridge that would hold 5 school books for 2 minutes. Both year 5 classes took this challenge head on and made some amazing bridges, all holding the books and lasting the full 2 minutes.


Both classes have settled in beautifully, forming lasting friendship's and beginning to think about their future ahead.