Year 6

SAT's Week !!!

After months of hard work and preparation, on Monday 13th of May, Year 6 knuckled down and completed their SAT's. The children were an asset to the school, and showed fantastic resilience and determination throughout the tests.


To celebrate, they were treated to pizza and an afternoon of fun and games at Bidbury Mead.


Post SAT's treat!

Post SAT's treat! 1
Post SAT's treat! 2
Post SAT's treat! 3
Post SAT's treat! 4

The Wonder Garden


Children in year 6 have enjoyed studying and creating work inspired by Jenny Broom's, 'The Wonder Garden'. The children have contributed towards a learning journey display in the year 6 wing. At the end of the learning journey, year 6 published their work in class books. 


The Wonder Garden Learning Journey


Year 6 took part in a SPAG dating afternoon. Children had 1 minute to answer each SPAG question. This was a fun learning experience that will increase the children's pace when answering SATs style questions.
In science we have been learning about the human body! Year 6 have been identifying the main parts of the human circulatory system. To get a greater understand of what blood does in our body, Year 6 did an experiment with different ingredients to illustrate the elements that are contained within out blood.  
Picture 1
Picture 2
This term we have been investigating art created by David McEown. We have investigated how to build a picture up by looking at the background and foreground content. We have then created a picture using watercolour. As part of our art learning, we also created a biography about David McEown! Here are some examples! smiley



Year 6 have been learning all about the Antarctica and Ernest Shackleton.

We have written a setting description and researched Ernest Shackleton's expedition across the poles!



Year 6 boosters start this week. If your child would like to attend Monday, Wednesday or Thursday they start straight after school and finish at 4!

Biscuits are served!!

We welcome all and would love to see every single one of you there!!!


From the YEAR 6 team