Year 6

The Great Bidbury Sewing Bee


The sewing bees have been out and about in Year 6 this week designing and creating their own bags.

The children were set the tasks to study different types of material that would be suitable to make a bag with, would it be stronger enough?, would it rip easily?.

They also designed their bags by drawing a prototype first then set to work making the prototype using material and thread of their choice.

Even Mr Mahmud came down and gave sewing a go !

The children had great fun doing this project and we had some great results as you can see in the pictures below.




Science Day

The heart and circulatory system

Wow we certainly got some hearts pumping with this project, this was a great topic for the children to learn all about how the heart and lungs work within our bodies.

Does your height affect your lung capacity? Does the size of your the muscle exercised affected our pulse rate? These were some of the questions that we set out to discover.








DT Day

This term the children have been learning about how to construct a model car.

They designed their cars, made prototypes and then set to work using the hacksaws and glue guns to then put their plans into action.

There was some amazing results!


Amazing news we have discovered a new planet called Pandora!.

The children were asked to create an animal that might live on this strange planet their imaginations went wild . They had describe their animals in detail, what it ate, its personality and how it survived. Below are just a few of the creations that were designed and we hope you agree they are amazing.

David McEown Art

recreated by Year 6


This term Year 6 have been learning about the artist David McEown.Canadian artist David McEown has used the medium of watercolour for the past 30 years to explore and express many of the earth’s wilderness areas. His paintings from Antarctica to the North Pole are represented in collections worldwide. The children recreated one of David's famous paintings by using different techniques of painting in watercolours.

Below are some of the paintings the children created. 

World Book Day celebrations

Returning to school Monday 8th March 2021

Here is a social story to share with your children before they return to school on Monday to help them understand and cope with any changes. There are two slightly different stories, depending on if your child has been in school or home learning. 


We cant wait to have you all back Bidbury!!

10 tips to stay safe online

Home learning photos

It is so lovely to see some photos from our Year 6s learning from home. We love seeing what you have been up to! 


Remember you can email us any photo on along with your child's name and year group and these will be added to the website and Facebook page for everyone to celebrate. 

Safer Internet Day Tuesday 9th February

Internet safety day is probably even more relevant this year with a lot of our communication coming from our online world.


We plan to gather all the children, at home and in school, to watch the BBC live lesson at 11 am. In this 30-minute Live Lesson the children will learn about how we can stay safe, responsible and wise in an increasingly digital world, with tips and advice from some of the biggest personalities on the web.


Here is a link for more information about the live lesson:


For parents we also have a guide produced by the Safeguarding Training Centre to help parents support their children in identifying "fake news". 


If you have any concerns you can always come and speak to you child's teacher or a member of the SLT team.

Children's mental health week 1st-7th February 2021


This week is more important than ever. With the current everchanging situation it is important to remember to look after our children's mental health, as well as our own.


We have previously shared some links to useful and websites we think can help anyone who may need some resources or information regarding looking after their own child's mental health. These can be found on the Bidbury website under the tab, Useful Links.

This coming Friday 5th February, we are having a non school uniform day to show our support to this important campaign. All activities on Friday, at home and at school will be to support our children’s mental health and well-being.


The theme is "Express Yourself". We hope you can join us in supporting this campaign in school and from your own home.

Welcome back Year 6... well to online learning.


To Parents / Carers, 


Yesterday, the school announced a temporary school closure due to the current concerns surrounding the coronavirus situation. Therefore, Bidbury Junior School will only be open to children of key workers and those who are classed as vulnerable.  


As a Year 6 team, we will be ensuring that there is a full online provision for those children who cannot attend school. Please see below some work for the following 2 days (05/01/21 - 06/01/21) whilst we as a year team prepare the resources for Google Classroom. Alongside this work, you can also log into TT Rockstars and Bug Club. 

From Thursday (07/01/21), there is an expectation for all children learning from home to log into Google Classroom where their teacher will provide home learning provision and some face-to face contact time each day.


All of the staff in Year 6 are extremely sad that we cannot have everyone back 

in school after the Christmas break, however we look forward to all being back together very soon. 


Please contact the school if you have any questions. 


Miss Allen and Mrs Clarke

Google Classroom


Starting Thursday we will be doing our learning online using Google Classroom. 

Each day there will be lessons set including Maths, English, Guided Reading, French, DT etc. 

How our lessons might work:

  • You will have a task sheet (that you can edit and submit) 
  • An attachment for a lesson input - this may be: a video, voice recording with tasks modelled or a set of instructions (if it's a task you could complete independently)
  • There will be I do / You do modelling like we have in lessons. 
  • There will be different task levels (Challenge, Bigger Challange and Biggest Challange) this will be for you to choose to complete (choose the level that you would usually use in class) 
  • We will give you feedback to each lesson like an aqua aspirations questions (responding to marking - green pen)


Our expectations are that you log into Google classrooms every day and complete the tasks provided. You can complete the tasks in any order but needs to be completed by 3 pm each day.

A new days worth of tasks will be uploaded at 5 pm for the following day e.g. Thursday's work will be live at 5 pm on Wednesday evening. 


Below is an attachment all about how to use google classrooms. 




We have also found a video that sets out clear instructions.

Good Morning Year 6 

Tuesday 24th November 2020


We know that for some of you yesterday's news of our isolation came as a little shock. However, please try not to worry too much, we will continue for the next two weeks to carry on in some sort of normal.

Miss Allen will still be in school should you need anything, she is a phone call away. Mrs Clarke is at home  still providing us with lessons just as Miss Allen will be too.



So for the next two days, we have put up some work on here for you to complete - whilst Miss Allen and Mrs Clarke get our Google Classroom set up (who would have thought 2020 would be the year we spend some time learning online). 


The work will consist of some Maths, Science, English and Guided Reading tasks.  


On Thursday morning we will be starting our google classroom style of learning. 

We will post on here later today how to get onto google classroom for any of you who are unsure. 


Miss Allen & Mrs Clarke smiley


Homework Reminder

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, this year we have moved our homework online. This means that we would like for you to complete both TTrockstars and BugClub reading. 

These are both fantastic ways to improve your time table knowledge (for rapid recall) and your reading skills (both for reading stamina and comprehension - answering questions). 


This also means we can track your progress and understanding.


Make sure that by each Monday morning you have completed: 

  • At least 6 quizzes based on the books/ pages that you have read on BUG CLUB
  • Times Tables Rock Stars for at least 20 minutes a week.


[Parents Please could you encourage your children to earn as many points as possible, on Times Table Rock Stars.]  


If you have a problem with accessing either of these websites please let us know. 

Maths Challenge

Each week we will be posting a new maths challenge to continue to deepen your understanding. It will be problem-based and something to work on at home as part of your homework.

Remember to keep playing your Times Tables Rock Stars and reading on Bug Club. 

Next week's challenge in Maths will be around addition, which will help to consolidate our learning from the past few weeks.


Challenge will be added every Monday afternoon 

Bug Club on iPads

A few people using Bug Club on iPads have reported problems accessing the site. Here is a picture showing how to solve this!


Mayan Day

Last week in year 6 we had a Mayan day. All the children had to the opportunity to take part in a game of 'Pok a Pok', experience tasting different Mayan foods, such as corn tortillas, guacamole, chilli chocolate and chilli hot chocolate. They also had a try at making their own Mayan themed masks. 


Why don't you have a go at making Mayan hot chocolate at home by adding some cinnamon or cayenne pepper to your hot chocolate. 



Year 6 PPA Autumn 2 Timetable




Dear Parents / Carers,


Homework for this year will be completed virtually on Bug Club and Times Table Rock Stars.

On bug club your child will be asked to read a book and then answer a series of reading comprehension questions about the text.

Times Table Rock Stars will test your child’s speed at recalling times table facts, which will help towards recalling times table facts quickly ready for SATs arithmetic tests.


Each week Year 6 will need to:

  • Log into Bug club and complete 6 quizzes based on the books/ pages that they have read.
  • Log into Times Tables Rock Stars for at least 20 minutes a week.

Please could you encourage your children to earn as many points as possible, on Times Table Rock Stars.  

Your child should have bought home a pink card with their login details displayed.


Any questions please let us know,

Mrs Clarke and Miss Allen

Fun in the sun, rain, wind, up 'Mount Butser' and in the woods...

Last week, we had an amazing two days on our Trip to Queen Elizabeth Country park. Whilst we were there, we had to brave the unpredictable weather and test our survival skills. 

We were challenged in the woods to work in teams to create a den made from the materials the woods provided us with. Our dens needed to be waterproof and strong,  and had to be big enough to fit all of our team members inside. (Below are pictures of our dens)


In the afternoon we completed one of our Bidbury University tasks to 'climb up a mountain' therefore we renamed Butser Hill as  'Mount Butser'. We did an amazing job at being super resilient and most of us made it to the top. (maybe with the incentive of doing a TikTok inspired dance once we reached the top. (Pictures and videos below) 

TikTok inspired dance day 1

Still image for this video

TikTok inspired dance D2

Still image for this video
Nessy app

⭐️Nessy is a great app that offers help with children who are dyslexic or struggling with spelling.⭐️

This is also a resource we can use in school to help the children.

⭐️This month they are offering a FREE download in awarness of Dyslexia month, so make sure you get yours! ⭐️

School Council

⭐️ We are opening up the opportunity for our children to be involved with our very own Bidbury school council. This is an opportunity for children across all year groups to apply. If your child is interested, please encourage them to be involved.⭐️

And... We are back

What a great first week. We have loved having you back.

You've all been working hard in our PDL lessons (Personal Developmental Learning).

This week we have looked at a range of topics such as:

  • Keeping safe in school through our new Covid rules
  • Revisiting our school values and advising year 3 on how to earn each leaf (value)
  • Growth mindset
  • Self esteem and using kind words
  • Letters to our future selves talking about our goals and aspirations
  • What makes a good role model 


Next week will be looking in more detail about different role models and how as the new Year 6's we can be the best role models for the rest of the school.

Welcome back Year 6! 


We hope you've had an amazing summer holiday. We are so excited to welcome you back into school and are really looking forward to begin all the great thing we have planned for you. 

This past week we have been busy in school making your classrooms a safe, colourful and fun place to learn. We thought that you may want to have a sneaky peep at them over the weekend, so have put a few pictures below of our book corners. Can you guess which book corner belongs to which teacher? 

We know you may be a little bit worried about coming back to school but we have lots of things in place to keep you happy and safe, which we will talk you through on Monday.


Have a lovely weekend and we can't wait to see you! 


Miss Allen, Mrs Clarke and Mr Devine laugh

Year 6 leavers video

Dear Year 6,

For the last 4 years we've watched you grow, succeed and flourish at our school and we couldnt be more prouder of every single on of you.

I know this has been harder than ever leaving our school in the current circumstances but we wanted to create this video for you all to celebrate your time together in these difficult times and your journey with us these last four years.

We know how amazing you'll all be in Secondary school and cant wait to hear all about it when you come back in the Autunm term for your get together.

All us teachers wish you all the hapiniess and success in the world and know that you'll always be our CHAMPIONS!

Remember you stayed home to save lives!

Keeping being amazing Year 6, we'll see you soon!



Whiterose Maths 


Crookhorn Year 7 challenges

Reading Comprehension


Year 6 - get stuck into this short story called 'The Cave'. There are lots of questions so you are able to unpick and understand the text fully. Remember all the different top tips and strategies that we practised during our GR lessons! 

W/C- 13/07/2020

The Arrival

Last week, we completed our Writing unit, The Arrival. Children had to create their own narrative based on this graphic novel with no text!


Jessica Horton has created an excellent response- We're sure you'll agree she is 'secondary- ready'!

W/C- 06.07.2020
White rose maths

Mr Marsh has a challenge for you


Let’s start next week as a positive and active one!

Mr Marsh has a mission for you all!

Can you complete these daily challenges? We’d love to see photos of all of you getting involved.

Send your photos in to 


Olympic Primary week

Hi Bidbury Families!🙌


Here are some ideas to get the children moving this week. These can be done in the comfort of your own home. Please make sure you send us your photos or attach them to this post and we can send them to HampshireSGO :).

Can't wait to see your photos!




Mr Marsh

Weekly Update from the year 6 team!

This we have been working very hard in school whilst battling with the heat to stay cool!

We have made our own geometric shapes in maths, spent time researching countries in the afternoons and challenged their history knowledge! In guided reading we are getting through ‘Pog’ and we are hoping to finish it before the end of term.

As this week has been so hot the teachers have been spending time outdoors and Mrs Clarke’s planning went to good use as her little boy had such a brilliant birthday!

We will be continuing to make phone calls to see how you all are and we can’t wait to catch up.


Miss Cawthorne, Mr Devine and Mrs Clarke

History challenge from Miss Clarke!

This week in school, Mrs Clarke set the children a challenge all to do with their history knowledge. All the children tried to draw their own historical timeline, placing the following events in chronological order.


Have a go and see how accurate you can be.

Place these periods/ events as accurately as you can:


  • Ancient Egyptians
  • Romans
  • Vikings
  • Tudors
  • WW1
  • WW2
  • Great fire of London
  • Ancient Greeks
  • Sinking of the Titanic
  • Guy Fawkes failed plot


Once you have plotted these research and check how accurate you were.


Draw a timeline to explain your own personal history starting from your birth until today. Include all significant events and dates.

Home Learning project

This week’s home project is ‘The five senses’. You can explore your five senses in a range of creative projects!

Don’t forget to send in a picture or two of what you have made!

White Rose Maths

W/C- 29/06/2020


The Arrival

Yr 6 have been working hard this week, writing pages and pages of their own narratives based on our text driver, The Arrival. The only problem is, the Arrival has NO TEXT as it is a graphic novel! Over the last four weeks, the children have been exploring the pictures and planning their own amazing stories. Watch this space as they will complete this unit early next week!

Well done Ellie!smiley

  Ellie has sent us some photos of what she's been doing during lockdown.

  She has been baking each week which she has been delivering to friends and family and leaves on the doorstep for a treat for them. 

  She's has been reading about the constructed spine out of egg boxes and pipe cleaners and named and studied the make up of blood. For the underwater project she has drawn a coral reef and made a submarine out of recycling. She has also done a lot of research into Ancient Greece and drew the Temple of Athena Nike.


Fabulous work Ellie, well done!
From The Year 6 teamsmiley

Covid letters
Science and Geography
W/C- 22/06/2020

Home Learning project
W/C- 22/06/2020


This week’s home project is ‘All at Sea’. You can delve into the underwater world, looking at making a junk model submarine or even an aquarium!

Don’t forget to send in a picture or two of what you have made!

Guided Reading
W/C- 22/06/2020
W/C- 22/06/2020

Whiterose Maths
W/C- 22/06/2020


Year 6 – take a look at the video links and worksheets below. This week is looking at the relationship between fractions and percentages. This moves on to fractions of amounts. Remember to be resilient, you may not get it first time but think of those strategies you learnt to be able to tackle a problem.

A message from the Year 6 teachers!


Hello year 6!! 

We know that some of you are back in school and it has been great to catch up. We wanted to, however, post an update for those of you who are at home. 

Although most of our days are now back in school, we have also been busy in the evenings! 


Mr Devine has been creating his own art pieces at home and lets not forget looking after his chooks! Miss Cawthorne has still been putting her cooking skills to the test creating all sorts whilst also embarrassingly dancing along to 80's music. Mrs Clarke's son is in for a treat as she has been preparing for his 4th birthday! 

And finally Miss Oastler is now officially on maternity leave so has been looking after little Alfie to ensure that he keeps on growing big and strong! 

We are missing you all loads. If you are at home make sure to send up in updates to as we love hearing what you get up to! 


The year 6 team smiley

Moving into Secondary School

Our online safety consultant Lee, has put together this PDF document to help Year 6 children get ready for the transition into Year 7.



Diversity week


Bidbury families let’s get involved!🌟

Animal adaptations! yes

Choose an interesting animal that you would like to investigate. One with big teeth or soft fur? You decide.

Draw a large picture of your animal, or make a model out of junk modelling or clay. Now start thinking about all the different parts of its body. How do they help it to survive? For example, a polar bear has sharp teeth and claws to catch its prey, big paws to balance on ice and snow, thick fur to keep it warm, a sensitive nose to find food etc.

Add labels to your drawing or a fact book with your model to show how your animal is adapted to its environment.

This could link to your mythical creatures that you invented for Art or a completely new animal. 

White Rose Maths
W/C- 15/06/2020



Take a look at the bitesize lesson below to learn all about how to say your hobbies and places around school in French.


Once you've had a look at that you can immerse yourself into researching your own holiday to France - remember to think about where you would like to stay and how much it would cost cheeky


Hello year 6!! Our precious little boy was born June 8th at 09:25am, weighing 4 pounds 7. I was only 32 weeks pregnant so he was a little earlier than expected. He just couldn’t wait to meet us any longer. Both Stuart Petrie and I are very much in love. Baby and I are recovering together in hospital and are doing well. We can’t wait to meet you all and see you all soon! 
Welcome to the world...

Alfie Jack Oastler Petrie 💙💙💙

🌈 Miss Oastler would also like us to give a very special little shoutout to one of Bidbury’s very own key workers - Lynn who is Tristan’s in Year 5’s mummy. She is a midwife and has been looking after Miss Oastler incredibly throughout these last few days which has been so lovely having a friendly face nearby! Thank you 😊 🌈


Year 6 virtual leavers video!
Important information 

In the summer term, as a school we usually have our year groups photos. We are sad that we cannot currently offer these to parents during these difficult times. However, we have worked with Fraser Portraits to come up with a solution and have used the pictures that were taken in the autumn term to create a virtual group.


We understand at Bidbury that these images are very popular with the pupils and parents, so please contact to request your proof card id to view and order your year group photo.


White Rose Maths- Week 8
W/C- 08.06.2020
Guided Reading- Week 8 
W/C- 08.06.2020

English- Week 8
W/C 08.06.2020




We know that a lot of you spend time online and social media so it is important to remember how to stay say online, especially when you may be spending more time talking to friends due to the current situation. Thinkuknow have been releasing weekly e-safety projects for home learning. Take a look at previous weeks if you haven't already. This week's project is about sharing photos and videos online. 

White Rose weekly activities


This weeks White Rose maths is all linked to fractions and simplifying them.  Remember to look at the video links as these will help show you how to use bar models to help simplify fractions. We did this together at school so try and remember the strategies we used and draw the fractions out to help you! 

Hampshire's weekly projects

This week's project is 'Caring about each other'

It is all about looking after one another and includes activities such as designing a charity and even creating a home for a pet. 


Amazing art

Tegan has been researching the artist Jamie Taylor and has had a go at re-creating some of his artwork. This is her beautiful butterfly!


And Kali has sent in some lovely pictures of the teachers. We can't wait to see you either!


Hampshire's weekly projects

This week's project is 'Get moving!' 

It has some great projects from designing a future car to creating your own space rocket. It explains everything that you need to do and what you will need. 

Remember to look at the HIAS website for any of their other project ideas

White Rose - Week 2


This weeks White Rose maths is all linked to angles within shapes. This leads on from the lessons last week. Remember to look at the video links as these will help show you how to calculate angles inside different shapes. This week there are also two problem solving lesson, think back to our maths lessons in school - problem solving takes time! 

⭐ Bidbury Family Challenge ⭐ 
This week’s challenge has been set by Mrs Mason! 🎉
Mrs Mason would like you to create your own clip to respond to the staff ‘Champion’ video as she loved it so much! You can be as creative as you like! 🎵🕺🏿 
Please send your entries in by 4pm on Friday. We cannot wait to see what you create! 😊

⭐ Bidbury Family Challenge ⭐ - well done Eveline!!
Thank you for your wonderful bakes. They all looked so yummy and tasty. We can’t wait to taste some of the baking that you have been practising when schools reopen 🤣
This week’s winner is Eveline in Year 6 who followed Miss Oastler’s recipes set as part of their home learning! We absolutely loved the TikTok videos to show how she made them. It looks like you have a had a wonderful time making them as a family effort. Take a look at last week’s challenge to see the 3 Tiktok creations that Eveline made! Well done to Corfield family! 🍪

What I want to be


Hi all,


I hope you are all keeping well and busy. I thought this week it would be nice to focus on some PDL home learning. There is a unit of planning that explains what you have to do. It is called "What I want to be" and there are some fun activities you could complete at home, my favourite being "design your own poster about what you want to be when you grow up", this links well into our aspirations at school. I would love to see some finished posters so we can display them on the website. Again I will be making contact with those of you that I have not spoken to yet. Take care and stay safe.


Miss Oastler and BUMP!!


Don't forget to take a browse of the Hampshire moodle for lots of English and Reading ideas as well as the wider curriculum.


They have also set some project ideas - this week it is Spring into Spring and your chance to get creative! 


Update from Miss Cawthorne blush


Hello year 6!

This week I have been focusing on finishing my coursework but to relax in the evening I have been doing a spot of baking! 

This ties in nicely with this weeks family challenge, perhaps you could use my attempts as inspiration yes

I made pretzels and homemade pasta (which I dried on a clothes horse cheeky

We are all missing you loads and can't wait to see you again. 



⭐Bidbury Family Challenge⭐


This week’s family challenge is all about dusting off your aprons and getting your hands dirty in the kitchen! We would like you to get cooking together as a family. This might be a family recipe that you love to make or it could be you stepping out of your comfort zone and trying to cook or bake something new! It would be great if you could upload the recipe and instructions too to create a bank of ideas for other families in our school community to try! 😊
We cannot wait to have our Facebook page filled with pictures of your wonderful creations 🧁🍪🥧🍲🥗
All entries in by 4pm next Friday!




At school we have been playing lots of Kahoot Quizzes, so we all thought it would be a great idea to create our own Bidbury Junior School themed quiz. Our quizzes will test what you remember about our school from the teachers to places around the school. 

We would LOVE for as many of you to play these quizzes!

Remember to use your name as the username so we know who has played.

Game PIN: 04545602

White Rose Maths - Weekly lessons


White Rose have produced weekly maths lessons for you all to complete. Before trying each lesson there is a video link that explains the tasks and models strategies to solve each problem. We will be uploading the lessons and video links each week. We will also upload the answer sheets so you can all check your work! Week one is all about angles. 

For those going to Warblington


Hello! Warblington have filmed a virtual tour of the school to support you through your transition. It helps you familiarise yourself with the layout and some of the faces you will see when you go there. Check it out on the Bidbury Junior Facebook page.


Are you ready for a challenge?


We know that a lot of you love to get practical so we thought you would enjoy these set of challenged that Dyson engineers have designed specifically for you. They are ideal for home and are made to encourage your young, inquisitive minds to get excited about science and engineering.

Take a look at these challenge cards and see how many you can cross off and complete! You can use the following website to help and see some videos of the Dyson engineers giving it a go


Remember we would love to see what you have been able to achieve or what you have learnt from the challenges if they didn't quite go to plan.


Take a look at this 'Ventura mini challenge' - you can even enter their competition for a chance to win a prize!

For you, our amazing year 6's heart

To our amazing year 6's on your 'would-be' SATs week. We know that there are going to be a mixture of feelings today, some will be relieved that you don't have to sit them and some will be feeling upset that you were unable to show all your hard work and determination. Whichever you are feeling today, remember that everything you put in before lockdown will put you in a really good position to go to secondary school and that resilience and determination you showed will help you throughout your future. 

We cannot wait to see you when you return to Bidbury - we are all so proud of you! blush


A Poem for Year 6 children - class of 2020 🤗 🌈 


Today is the day that SATs would have started,
The classroom set up and the tables parted,
The rules on the board, the display walls all covered,
Your workbooks away, out of sight in the cupboard,


Instead you are home, you’re doing your bit,
Protecting your families from getting sick,
It’s important right now, we’re in lockdown you see,
Being apart of world history,


You’ve all worked so hard, you should be so proud,
You’ve practised your SPAG and times tables out loud,
You’ve learnt algebra to the Nth degree,
And now the tests, they will no longer be,


Some may be sad that they can’t take the tests,
“Hip hip hooray,” I’ve no doubt said the rest,
Whilst the tests are on hold and you stay home this term,
Remember that tests can’t measure everything you learn,

And I don’t need SATs results to tell me,
How hard you have worked, it’s easy to see,

'Lockdown' Year 6, let me shout it out loud,
You’ve made all your teachers so very proud,

So please continue to learn, fill that brain up full,
And remember, we think you’re all wonderful! 💕


Update from Ruby

Ruby has had a call from Miss Oastler and shared some of the things she has been doing within the local community. Ruby has:

  • dressed as a dinosaur and waved at elderly residential setting.
  • made lemon drizzle for the residents
  • delivered postcards to her elderly neighbours to offer help

Ruby you are amazing and you have really been helping out your community. 

Home learning

As we are entering another week of learning at home we thought it would be useful to signpost you to some new material that has been shared with us by the Hampshire Advisory Service. It is a valuable resource and it is easy to follow at home. The english units follow the structure that we use in school so therefore you all in year 6 should be familiar with the task format. 

On their website they have a lot of links to different areas of the curriculum, from Maths and English to RE and Geography. 


Below we have attached some links from the Upper KS2 section. Let us know if you need any help with accessing any of the materials. Reading Writing spelling Maths


How to keep your child reading at home. Some fun ideas to support reading at home during this time:


Have a look at the new reading unit titled, "Secrets of the Dragon World

It explains exactly what to read and what activities to do!


We watched this link on the BBC recently, and thought the poem was really thought provoking. Have a watch and see if you can re-create a similar poem.


Update from Cohen

At home, Cohen has been completing some of the maths  challenges. Well done Cohen we've heard you showed great resilience when you didn't get it first time - super work!

⭐Bidbury Family Challenge⭐
This week’s family challenge is all about taking a step back and focusing on enjoying the beautiful world around us in our local community. We would like you to enter a photo that captures something beautiful and natural. This might be found in your garden, in your home or something that you spot whilst out and about exploring as part of your daily exercise outing. 😊
We cannot wait to have our Facebook page filled with pictures of our local area ☀️🐛🦋🐝🌻🌸🌺🌷🌈
All entries in by 4pm next Friday!

Ellie's lovely update

Ellie has been doing lots of research on Ancient Greece and creative writing using the Hobbit and has so far written from Bilbo and Thorin Oakensheilds view point. She's been growing some plants for a few weeks now and has just put them out in the garden. Ellie has grown Pansies, chilli peppers and lettuce plants from seeds and tomatoes and cucumbers from small plants so are looking forward to seeing them grow. She has also made a doll by hand!


Niko has been busy thoroughly researching ancient Greece. He is really interested in the adventures of Odysseys and has made a brilliant presentation all about it. Its lovely to see all your hard work presented in such a clear way! 

Hi Year 6.

Hope you are all keeping well. It was lovely to catch up with some of you over the phone, and I will be continuing my phone calls this week, so watch this space!! A little shout out for Eveline, your cookies looked amazing!!!😍



Further to the other VE day ideas already on our page take a look at these fun resources to keep you busy. I particularly like the bunting you can create yourself. You could hang the bunting to show your appreciation, I know I will be 😊. There are video links so you can watch and learn all about VE day and of course some reading with questions and answers. We would love to see any pictures of your celebrations.

VE Day!

Friday marks the 75th anniversary of VE day (Victory in Europe) your challenge is to create something to commemorate this memorable occasion. You could design a poster, host a tea party, design some medals, write a message in Morse code. Remember we would love to see what you create!

Planting challenge


Hi Year 6. 
Miss Oastler has been learning how to garden. Here are her tomato and sweet pea plants that are growing at the moment. 
Have you tried planting anything? If so then send in your pictures with a short description of what you’re growing. If you haven’t then why not try something new like me and start gardening and growing your very own vegetables or flowers!

⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️


This week’s family challenge is a little bit different and is a scavenger hunt. We would like you go on a hunt around your house and find an item for every letter of the alphabet. These items can be as random and creative as you like and how you choose to present your findings is completely up to you! blush


We cannot wait to see what you manage to dig out!

All entries in by 4pm Friday May 8th!



Yesterday and today Kieran has completed a science experiment using egg shells. He chose 5 different liquids and soaked the egg shells for 24 hours and then looked at the reactions. He created a chart in his book to document the results.


Eveline has been putting her pro baking skills to the test, following Miss Oastler's cookie recommendation and has been enjoying taste testing them cheeky - they look delicious! Not only that but she has been busy working on her time capsule and creating her own Greek vase - thank you for showing so much focus at home! 


Tegan has also been showing amazing independence getting through her Greek project work, she has completed some research and then designed a mythical creature and an ancient vase featuring her creature star snout. She is hoping to make her vase come to life with clay and we can't wait to see how it turns out! 

Hi from Mrs Clarke


It has been amazing to hear about all the incredible things you have been doing at home, so I though I would share what I have been up to as well. I have tried to get out and enjoy the sunshine as much as possible and my two dogs Echo and Neo have loved all the extra walks! I have been able to spends lots of time with my children building dens in the house and playing dress up. My son has recently learnt his numbers to 10 and can now say the alphabet up to E so we have been doing lots of songs to help him. I have also had time to redecorate his room which is all digger themed as it is his current obsession! I am missing all of you and can't wait till we are all back in school.



Keep safe all and I will update again soon. 

Cohen has been very busy researching and making a comic strip all about his favourite sports person Muhammad Ali. His comic strip shows the key events within his life - wow! We never knew that such a great athlete was motivated by someone stealing.

Superb work Cohen!

Hello from Miss Oastler!


Hi Year 6!! I don’t know about you but I have missed your baking during life skills every week so I’ve decided to try and do some baking myself. Here are my step step pictures and the finished product. I have left the simple recipe below and look forward to seeing your baking pictures. Missing you all, Miss Oastler and BUMP!!!

Great to hear that Kyi has some new additions to his family. Meet his new rabbits. He is enjoying taking care of them at home and are good company during this lockdown...

Hi from Miss Cawthorne!

Hello year 6! 

I thought I would share an update, apart from doing lots of work at home for this year and next year, I have also spent some time at the weekend playing cards games and losing at monopoly (but being very resilient!). We know that you will all be working hard and it is important to have some time over the weekends to relax. Let us know if you have found any fun activities you have tried over this time. Missing you all! Miss Cawthorne blush

⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️

Week 2 - This week Mr Mahmud is setting the family challenge!

“I want you to get creative and get your art tools out! For this week’s challenge, I would like you to design and create an adult at our school.”

We cannot wait to see your creations!

Entries need to be in by 4pm Friday and the winner will be announced at 5pm.

Go Bidbury families !!!

Update from our Head boy!


Oliver has been working hard since the lockdown began. This week he has started using the Oak daily lessons for English & Maths and he is really enjoying this. He has also been doing different project work, PE and yoga. 

Take a look at some of the amazing projects Oliver has completed; a volcano project which he then presented to Henry & Annabel, an information poster on Ancient Greeks, a mythical creature, a video of ‘the day in the life of Oliver’ and a stop motion video with positive post-it’s. Such amazing work Oliver, we are all super proud with everything you have been doing! yes


The day in the life of Oliver

Still image for this video

Ellie has been really enjoying researching the Ancient Greeks and has just started on The Hobbit. She has completed her own Greek vase and created a poem all for you all to read. 


Jess has been creating some more amazing pieces of work, this time her drawings of mythical creatures, one pencil drawing and one in colour. 

Bump update!! heart

Hi Year 6! Hope you’re all keeping well and staying safe. Missing you all immensely and can’t wait to see you all again. 
I thought I would update you all on the BUMP! It’s growing quickly and I had a lovely surprise today and received Faith’s baby present on my doorstep from Miss Cawthorne! Thank you so much. It made me smile very widely, as you can see. 
Stay home, stay safe and save lives. 
Miss Oastler and BUMP!

Jess has yet again blown us away with this poem 'When The World Went Silent' - she has beautifully captured the changes in the world the moment, we are so proud. 


We would love to see if anyone else could write a poem about what you are up to during this time. Remember to take a look at the poetry society website for ideas and competitions!



The English team at Hampshire School Improvement have been busy putting together home learning resources to support Hampshire families during the school closure. These learning resources include reading, writing and spelling learning journeys and link closely to how we teach English here at Bidbury. They are great to use as all of the books that the learning journeys are based on are included within the resource.


A number of the tasks included in these journeys are ones that the children will be very familiar with as they are what we use in our English and Guided Reading lessons. Miss West and the rest of the year 6 team would love to see some examples of any of these English tasks that you complete so please be sure to send them in!

Online Safety Support from ThinkUknow 

CEOP are generating weekly 15 minute support packs for parents during lock down.

Go to the ThinkUKnow website to find out more about how to keep your children safe online during this time.

In addition, they send out a newsletter which has the latest advice about online safety!

Mr Devine attempting to do the reading challenge in his garden with his daughter but getting interrupted by his chooks!! cheeky

Jessica has been keeping super busy, reading in some very unusual places and positions!

Not only that but she has been keeping up with kt roo for fitness at home! 



Eveline has been putting her computing skills to good use. She had made an incredible video to wish Mrs Mason a speedy recovery. Click on the link below to see what she has done!


She has also been getting creative and designed her own mythical creature - half unicorn half dragon! 



We are loving seeing what everyone is up to - make sure you send in what you can to to keep us updated. Keep your eyes peeled and we will be posting what we are doing during this time too! yes


Mr Devine, Miss Cawthorne, Miss Oastler and Mrs Clarke blush

Update!! yes


You may have seen during the government update on Sunday that yesterday the government two launched online learning platforms to support the children when learning at home. BBC Bitesize is one of them that now has daily lessons on there for children to access.

Take a look and let us know how you get on! laugh

Well done to Jessica who has been painting stones in their garden with her siblings - she decorated some specifically to celebrate the NHS as well - amazing!


Keiran has been taking on Miss Oastler's reading challenge and settled in a spot in their home office/gym starting on his new David Walliams book, Slime! 

Year 6 Writing brief 21st April 2020

Letter or Diary entry


The Hobbit is one of the most famous fantasy adventure stories of the twentieth century. Books like Michelle Paver’s Wolf Brother have been inspired by the themes in this book. yes

In the scene below, Gandalf the Wizard, invites Bilbo Baggins to join him on an adventure…


Your writing challenge is to write in the role of Bilbo, either as a diary entry or a letter, expressing your outrage at what Gandalf has requested you to do.

Watch the clip to explore Bilbo’s character. What adjectives would you use to describe him? Is he a bit childish? Lazy? How would he feel? Nervous? Outraged? What might he miss from home if he has to go on a long adventure? What arguments might he use against going?

Try to ‘think’ like Bilbo as you plan and write your dairy or letter! mail

⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️

Get ready guys and girls - it’s time for the Bidbury Family Challenge !!!

We are launching a family challenge that will take part each week. This is a bit of fun to keep our wonderful school community in touch and so we can see all of the awesome work you are up to at home! This might be something cooking related, a fitness task, a team challenge, some art work ... the challenge will change and be completely different week by week!

We will set each challenge on a Friday and the winner will be announced via Facebook the following Friday. We are very fortunate that some of our wonderful LSAs are out and about delivering our free school meal food bags each week and so the prize will be delivered to your door as part of this journey each Monday. 🎁

To enter, simply upload your entry to the ⭐️Bidbury Family Challenge⭐️ thread each week so everyone can see the fantastic entries!

This week’s challenge from Miss West:

A box isn’t just a box ... What can you turn it into? Be as creative and imaginative as you like! The box can be as big or as small as you like and can lay your hands on. Work as a team Bidbury families and upload your entries to this thread.

We can’t wait to see your creations !!! 😊

Upload them to the Facebook post on our school page or email them to:

Who sank The Titanic?


It's time to play detective, your job is to look at all the evidence provided and decide who you think is at fault for the sinking of The Titanic. When you have made your decision it's time to justify and debate your opinion. Write up your entry and send it to us, it would be amazing if we can start an online debate between the whole year group. 



Following on from your mythological beast creations, take a look at the next few ideas on the document below to get you creative!
We know that you really got into thinking about what we could do to help stop plastic pollution so we have created a project considering how we can protect our world from all kinds of damage. Take a look at the document below!

Year 6

You can read anywhere!!!


I want to see who has been reading and where you have been reading. The strangest place gets a prize on our return back to school!!


Please do send in your pictures and I look forward to seeing, what you have been reading and where you have been reading!


It would be great if you could read the rest of POG by “Padraig Kenny” and once finished write a book review!


Take care and look after yourselves. Looking forward to seeing you all again.

Miss Oastler and BUMP! J

Stop Motion


We know lots of you love to use technology so we have an exciting project for you!

Your challenge is to create a stop motion video. 

This could be on: 

- The staying safe online scenarios (see picture below) 

- Documenting a "day in your life" during this time 

- Creating your wolf brother story 


Use the attached storyboard template to plan out your stop motion video. You can include audio and music if you would like to. The Stop Motion app is free to download and is available on Android and IOS.


Click this link for help with Stop Motion.


Remember to send them in so that we can see how you are doing and put them on the website! - 


Take a look at this stop motion video we made earlier. Now this was done in 15 minutes so I am sure you will create ones far better than this!

Top Tips:

- Make sure you keep your camera as still as possible

- Use lots of small movements between each picture to make it look like the objects are moving

Still image for this video

Hour of code - go to the activities tab to look at tutorials all around how to code and create lots of different animations



If you like poetry take a look at the poetry society website, there are lots of ideas  for home learning but also exciting competitions you could enter!

Creative writing! -

Take a look at these collections of pictures with creative writing prompts. Use them to inform some amazing pieces of writing at home!

Miss Barnett has kindly sent in a lovely time capsule for you all to keep a record of what is happening during this time. Take this opportunity to be really reflective and apply all those skills we have thought about in our PDL lessons. 
Take a look at the book linked below, it explains all about coronavirus and is an accessible way to read about what it is and how you might cope with being at home a lot more. 

Tegan made a start straight away on her ancient greek project - we can't wait to see the finished product! 


Please make sure you are all sending your updates to: so we can see how everyone is doing!

Well done to Cohen for making a diabetic fruit cake.

It is lovely to see how well they turned out and he has even started to make his own book with the recipes he is making - amazing! smiley

Art Project laugh


Take a look at the document below and get creative! Remember to send in what you have achieved yes

Glorious Greeks!


Our topic for the summer is the Ancient Greeks, we have uploaded a Greek knowledge organiser that has some of the main key facts. Using this information, we would like you to have a go at creating your own Greek project. You can be as creative as you want, some ideas could include:


Design and make your own Greek model/ art work - buildings, pottery 

Create your own Greek fact file/ book

Write your own Greek play

Create your own fashion designs of Greek clothing/ jewellery 

Create and make your own Greek menu

Create your own Greek God 


Remember we want to see all the amazing work you have been doing at home, so email us with pictures of your projects so we can share them on the website! yes

Keeping in contact smiley


We hope that you are all well and staying safe. We are missing everyone very much and we would like to see what you have all been up to so far. 

If you would like to, you can ask your grown ups to send us in a picture of what you have been doing at home.

The email address is:

Keep your eyes peeled for more projects being posted for you to try at home!


Take a look at this home learning guide for how to structure each day and has lots of fun activities to get stuck in with. 

Year 6! laugh

Here are some websites you could visit to make your learning at home a little more fun. Hope you are all keeping. Stay safe and all the Year 6 teachers cannot wait to see you all soon!!


Khan Academy

Especially good for maths and computing for all ages but other subjects at Secondary level. Note this uses the U.S. grade system but it's mostly common material.


BBC Learning

This site is old and no longer updated and yet there's so much still available, from language learning to BBC Bitesize for revision. No TV licence required except for content on BBC iPlayer.



Free to access 100s of courses, only pay to upgrade if you need a certificate in your name (own account from age 14+ but younger learners can use a parent account).



For those revising at GCSE or A level. Tons of free revision content. Paid access to higher level material.



Free taster courses aimed at those considering Open University but everyone can access it. Adult level, but some e.g. nature and environment courses could well be of interest to young people.



Learn computer programming skills - fun and free.



Creative computer programming


Ted Ed

All sorts of engaging educational videos


National Geographic Kids

Activities and quizzes for younger kids.



Learn languages for free. Web or app.


Mystery Science

Free science lessons


The Kids Should See This

Wide range of cool educational videos


Crash Course

You Tube videos on many subjects


Crest Awards

Science awards you can complete from home.


iDEA Awards

Digital enterprise award scheme you can complete online.


Paw Print Badges

Free challenge packs and other downloads. Many activities can be completed indoors. Badges cost but are optional.



All kinds of making.


Prodigy Maths

Is in U.S. grades, but good for UK Primary age.


Nature Detectives

A lot of these can be done in a garden, or if you can get to a remote forest location!


British Council

Resources for English language learning


Oxford Owl for Home

Lots of free resources for Primary age


Big History Project

Aimed at Secondary age. Multi disciplinary activities.


Geography Games

Geography gaming!


Blue Peter Badges

If you have a stamp and a nearby post box.


The Artful Parent

Good, free art activities 


Red Ted Art

Easy arts and crafts for little ones


The Imagination Tree

Creative art and craft activities for the very youngest.


Toy Theater

Educational online games


DK Find Out

Activities and quizzes



This is more for printouts, and usually at a fee, but they are offering a month of free access to parents in the event of school closures.

Wolf Brother Narrative!


We have been so impressed with our Year 6 writing and have nearly completed our WOLF BROTHER unit: to help you write your own narrative, start by reading the attached WOLF BROTHER task, which explains the expectations for CHALLENGE, BIGGER CHALLENGE and THINKING DEEPER.

You also have a Success Criteria to help you remember some of the key features that will make your writing magical. 

For writers doing the CHALLENGE, you have a copy of the final chapters and a CHALLENGE PLAN to help you structure the key events. 


Enjoy! We look forward to reading your narratives soon. 

Maths Challenges! 


Calling all year 6 students! Take a look at these Maths challenges below.

Remember as these are problem solving you may not get the answer straight away - be resilient - you may need to try more than one method to find the solution!

School closure

As you are aware, all schools in England are to be closed from Friday 20th March 2020 until further notice. We appreciate that this is a difficult time and you may be concerned about you child's education so we have created these packs to support you and your child at home. The school will keep you updated about the school closures and we hope that you all stay safe. 


We hope to see you all again soon.


Mrs Clarke, Mr Devine, Miss Cawthorne and Miss Oastler x

Websites to use for home learning

Wonder Garden


In English this term we have been looking at the book Wonder Garden. We immersed ourselves in the rich vocabulary describing The Amazon Rainforest, the Chihuahuan Desert and The Great Barrier Reef. After thinking about our own island inspired by the book, we wrote persuasive letters asking researchers to come and explore our amazing islands and ended our topic publishing a final piece reporting all about our islands. The children used everything they had learnt throughout our journey and created some outstanding pieces of work. Take a look at some examples below:

Magnificent Myans


Our History topic took us all the way to look at the Myans. We investigated all about how their civilisation began and everything from what they ate to how they dressed and how all the different cities had a different leader. To finish it off we had a look at their art and created our own Myan art designs. Take a look out our work:  

Fantastic Fractions!


During our Maths time we have been absorbed in learning all about fractions and realising they're not as scary as we first thought! We have been adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. We have now moved on to multiplying and even dividing fractions. 

If that wasn't enough we have been getting to grips with practicing our arithmetic skills each day so that we can be really confident with our times tables and the four operations (addition, subtracting, multiplication and division). 

Year 6 Poetry


Mrs Mason brought out the year 6's creative side and got them thinking all about poetry. They came up with some fantastic poems about how you would describe colour. 



In our Geography topic we have been learning all about biomes. We researched the different types of biomes found across Australia and had great fun getting inspiration from David Attenborough! 

Here's a couple of our amazing fact files:

Guided Reading


In our Guided Reading topic we have been engrossed in the story of the Nowhere Emporium. We investigated new vocabulary and explored how each character might think or feel throughout the book. We used lots of our top tips for SATs to help us unpick and really understand the text. 

PDL - Plastic


We have immersed ourselves into researching how plastic impacts on our environment. Year 6 were shocked at how much it can affect our marine life and were passionate to reduce their own plastic consumption. They created leaflets advising people on the dangers and how to reduce plastic pollution, this was all inspired by the book 'A Planet Full of Plastic' - Neal Layton. 

Maths - Multiplying and dividing


In Maths we have been exploring and becoming really confident with our multiplying and dividing skills. We have not only applied this to solving number sentences but also unpicking word problems - even some that Mrs Clarke thought would be unsolvable for year 6! 

Guided Reading: Eye of the storm


During guided reading this half term, we have been reading all about storms and how Warren Faidley (photographer) captures tornadoes, hurricanes and lightning. Wow! They have used the book to unpick new vocabulary, make inferences about how he feels whilst chasing these dangerous storms and they finally created an exciting fact file displaying all of the new things they have learnt over this topic. 

English: Survivors


Year 6 have produced some amazing extended pieces of writing across English this half term. They have created an exciting instructional text on exactly how to survive in the jungle. They all came up with some really interesting advice! 

After this, they researched all about sandstorms and created an amazing, informative text displaying how they occur. If they hadn't been busy enough, year 6 got stuck into making a balanced argument all about whether tourism is good for the Grand Canyon. Take a look at some of their superb final pieces below! 

This week year 6 represented Bidbury at Fort Purbrook, taking part in activities all about being a great junior citizen. They took part in workshops around  animal welfare, the police service, the fire service and many more. They all participated amazingly and made Bidbury proud!

Year 6 have come back after half term refreshed and full of energy. They have put all put  effort into setting themselves new targets for this half term and taken part in assessment week to see how far they have come already. 

In PDL year 6 have been thinking about our school expectations and what their ideal school would be like. Everyone put so much effort into their writing. Take a look at some of the amazing outcomes!

The last couple of weeks we have really got to grips with place value in maths and have now even started exploring negative numbers. In our classes we have been using the game 'Tug of War' to figure out how to cross the zero boundary and then we have applied this to help us solve a number of different problems. 

Year 6 have produced some brilliant pieces of work in English, where they were able to showcase everything they have learnt so far. Amazing work year 6!

On Wednesday 25th September, we were lucky enough to have visitors in for a careers fair. All our students took part in finding out all about different types of careers and what skills were needed for each job. The kids thoroughly enjoyed this experience and some have new ideas on what they would like to be when they are older! 

This week year 6 have been in full swing getting involved in their survivors topic. During English they delved into the story of Craig Hosking and his crew who flew into a volcano. Their task was to create a news report all about their survival story. Everyone performed their role play and showed amazing resilience and respect throughout. Take a look at some below!  


Kyi's re-creation of the Mona Lisa - Well done!

Welcome back year 6!

All of us in the year 6 team have been so proud of how well everyone has returned to school, eager and with smiles on their faces! 


In year 6 we have been busy already having visited Queen Elizabeth Country Park to launch our new 'Survivors' topic. The children got stuck in den building, making sure that their shelters were secure and waterproof! Have a look below to see how well they did.