Year 5’s visit to Winchester Science Centre

On Wednesday 30th April, Year 5 visited Winchester Science Centre. We got to try lots of different activities, all related to different Science topics.

Our current Science topic is Earth, Sun and Moon and our favourite part of the visit was going to the Planetarium (although we have no photos of it!) We learned how far the Milky Way is from the Earth, and that you can see five of the other planets without a telescope. Our favourite fact was that the Planet Uranus is named after the Ancient Greek God of the Sky, which links our History and Literacy topics together!

Below are a few photos of the other activities at Winchester Science Centre. We really enjoyed our visit, and didn’t know Science could be so much fun! We hope to go back soon!

Cassie-Rose and Toby

Website 5 Website 1 Website 2 Website 3 Website 4 



Year 5 musical rainstorms!

Year 5 have been experimenting with the sounds of different instruments in Music, and created their own rainstorms!

Below are their sound clips – which do you think sounds the most like a storm?








Year 3 visit to Butser Ancient Farm

On Wednesday 15th May, Year 3 went to visit Butser Ancient Farm.  This was to help us with our topic of Invaders and Settlers.  We visited a Roundhouse, had a go at ‘clunching’ and learned how to make a Celtic fence.  We later visited a Roman Villa.  It was great to experience life as the Celts and Romans did.  Below are a couple of pictures of our day.  Click on the link below to see some more images of our time at Butser.



Year 3 Butser Ancient Farm Photos

Year 4’s Tudor art gallery!



Since before half term, there has been a large notice letting us know that an exciting new development was coming to the Year 4 wing! It read:

Tudor art exhibit coming soon!

We were all very excited to find that it was art week after half term, and we enjoyed designing and creating our own Tudor portraits of Henry VIII, William Shakespeare and several of his wives! Finally, the gallery was ready. Years 4 and 5 gathered in the wing ready for the grand opening hosted by our special guest, Mrs Facer.


We are all really pleased with the results, and look forward to our parents visiting our art gallery if they can!



Year 4 have made our own torches!

Year 4 have enjoyed our D.T. lessons learning how to make torches out of plastic bottles and electric circuits.

We worked in groups of 4 or 5 people and found out how complicated torches are! We thought that it would be really hard to make our own. 

We learned that insulators like plastic do not let electricity through but conductors like metal do let electricity through.

Did you know that a pencil sharpened at both ends would let electricity flow through it? 


First we cut the top off a plastic bottle and then we made a circuit out of a battery, wires, bulb and switch and put it into the bottle. We made a hole in the bottle for our switch and we put foil around the bulb to reflect the light.

We had to make our own switches and most of us used a paperclip to make the switch. We used a bit of wood and some drawing pins to connect it to the circuit. Some of us tried making switches out of teaspoons and they worked just as well!

The switches were difficult to make because the crocodile clips kept slipping off the battery. We also found putting tin foil onto our torches was difficult because we wanted it to reflect the light and we wanted it to be perfect.

We had fun making our torches!

They are on display in our classrooms if you would like to see them!

Written my Mrs Clark’s Literacy set

Year 3 Dental Nurse Visit

Mandy is a dental nurse. At the end of the Spring Term, she came into school to speak to Year 3 about keeping our teeth healthy.

We chewed a disclosing tablet. They were disgusting and they made our teeth and tongue go all red! The dark red areas show where there is more plaque on our teeth. Mrs Heath and Mrs Fisk were very impressed with how clean our teeth were.



Then Mandy showed us how to brush our teeth correctly.






World Book Day

Bidbury’s Brilliant World Book Day

A wonderful day was had by all on Thursday 7th March as World Book Day arrived at Bidbury.  We had a great day dressing up to fit different book themes and took part in lots of activities linked to books.  From performance poetry to script writing, the day was hugely enjoyed by everyone including all the visitors who came in to see what we were all learning.  We even joined in with the ‘Biggest Book Show on Earth’ watching authors and illustrators inspire and advise us on becoming better writers.  The event was hosted by Tony Robinson and we heard Anthony Horowitz, Lauren Child and Cathy Cassidy to name just a few of the authors who spoke streamed live from an event in London. 



Tie-dyed tshirts

Year 4 tie-dyed tshirts in Art lessons as part of our Africa topic. We used marbles and elastic bands to make lots of different effects and dyed the tshirts either red or yellow using a washing machine. We think that they look great!

Here are our tshirts!

World Book Day – Creating playscripts

On the 7th of March year 6 had great fun dressing up and participating in activities based on the book ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty. Throughout the day we wrote poems, performed plays and wrote diary entries. Many of the children now have experienced what life was like in the Victorian era. As we all know, the Victorian era was a very hard and difficult time for everyone; it was a great subject to work on. Here are some comments that pupils have said about the day: ‘I really liked writing and performing our drama’, ‘dressing up was really fun and a great understanding of how they dressed back then’ Click on the link below to listen to some of our amazing work.

 Louis and Tom

Izabella Chloe-Megan Louise Lyu

Connor Josh Troy Tom Lewis Jake

Chloe Rebeka Letitia Daisy

Chloe Rea Lucie

Chloe Katie Ella Grace

Ben Matthew Josh Oliver Sam

Sam Katherine Tyler Kane 


Year 6 Fairground Attractions

Year 6 combined their study of electrical circuits and pulleys to produce a motorised fairground attraction.

Here are pictures of the end products:



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