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Finding out more about our school's curriculum

If you require any further information regarding the curriculum at Bidbury Junior School, please get in touch using any of the contact details found on this link:  http://www.bidburyjuniorschool.co.uk/contact-details/


Making our curriculum accessible

At Bidbury we aim to help all children to benefit as fully as possible from their education.  Children work mainly within their own class group, receiving a high level of first quality teaching, participating in intervention groups and accessing 1:1 support where appropriate.


Arrangements are made for pupils who have medical conditions so that they can access all areas of the curriculum through individual support, adaptations or modifications to all school based activities. These children usually have an EHCP which specifies the type and level of support required to meet their medical needs.  


Please click on the links below for more information about:

SEND Policy - June 2023.pdf .pdf
SEND Information Report - November 2023.pdf .pdf
Equality policy - November 2022.pdf .pdf